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MARY MAGDALENE WAY OF THE ROSE click on the image to buy the paperback direct from or click on the link below for the audio version read by Ishtara.


A lovely simple channeled book by Mary Magdalene through Ishtara Rose of 156 pages, The Way of the Rose is the way of the Marys - the Divine Sacred Feminine ways of the water goddesses from ancient temple lineages. Mer, or Mary, is a title relating to the priestesses from these water lineages and the rose is their symbol. This book was brought through Ishtara Ammuna Rose by Mary Magdalene to share her Light. MM talks about Her life in France some two thousand years ago whilst introducing the way of the rose teachings with simple exercises

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SACRED BIRTH POWER MANTRAS click on the image to buy direct from An in-depth 3 part large A4 book and programme outlined in 236 pages for pregnant women wanting to create their sacred birth, first written by Ishtara around 2008 and published under the name Manifest Sacred Birth, now revised for new times.

Discover your own Sacred Birth Power Mantras direct from within your inner realms, clear out any inner fears, and learn tips to remain fully in your clear intuition and alignment, so that your birth experience can be both blissful and empowering. If a birthing womb-an is in a ‘sacred' relaxed place, she hears her intuition easily so she is able to open her light womb up wide. When she cannot hear the inner voice, she acts from a place of fear, she is ‘scared’. It is this fear which blocks the birth hormones from being released and prevents her from opening up her womb easily for beautiful clear birthing.  The meditations, exercises, reflections and tips in this book aim to help you both clear away any fears and discover your fast acting Sacred Birth Power Mantras so that you can remain in your clear intuitive, empowered, sacred bliss throughout all birthing stages and situations.

PURCHASE THE AUDIO VERSION click on the image to buy the audio version read by Ishtara Rose.


Mary Magdalene Way of the Rose audio book is 4 hours running time, in 3 parts.

Parts 2 and 3 contains 9 unique channelled guided meditations interspersed between other channeling by Mary Magdalene.


This unique audio is available to purchase for £22. Or you can purchase the paperback book itself above (from and amazon).

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