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introducing the brand new


this is a brand new online rose light temple space 

on an online community platform

with a phone ap for easy access

it is super easy to join

it is for safe connection and sharing with others drawn to the ways of the rose

for connection with rose oracle sisters, for lightworkers, healers, therapists, mediums, coaches, medicine women, rose shamans, gridworkers, priestesses, oracles, lovers of the rose.....

it is completely free for anyone enrolled in the rose light programs in way of the rose

and you will find private spaces on the platform allocated for your specific program. 

And if you are not enrolled in a program, you can still come and join the roselight online temple! 

I am offering invitation and opportunity whilst it is brand new, to join the online platform for a monthly donation of just £8 for access to the rose light circle platform community sharing, mediumship messages, support and so forth as well as your monthly light transmission on a monthly topic.


We are all new to the platform and getting used to it and seeing how it will flow together. As it grows it will also remain intimate, it is for real people to make real connections, to create an intimate aphrodite rose oracle community temple space.


Come and join us with this invitation and opportunity 

by simply filling out the form below


you will receive your log on link within 3 days of applying

if you need a hand or have not heard back please email


Thank you for your application, we will get back to you

If you do not have a respnse within 3 days please reach out to

It is appreciated if you can answer the questions so your application can be accepted. This is so we can keep the beautiful circle safe and be sure you are a real person applying to join this sacred lightworker community!


You should have your invitation to the rose light online temple within 3 working days, if not please reach out to to check the submission has been received. 


All chat and info within the group is completely confidential and held with respect at all times. Anyone who does not respect other members will be removed.  In this form you are asked to agree to this conduct of confidentiality and sacred respect, thank you!

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