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Pink Blossom


Clearing and Activation for the Divine Feminine Portal at Versailles with MM and MA 


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You may read about the rose venus temples here 

NOTE I am seeing all sorts of things being said about MA in the spiritual community atm. Just to put the record straight, in my own messages I get from and about her, she was NOT raped and she did NOT suffer at her death. She was obviously in prison and that was a suffering in that she lost her power, and there she turned to her light practices and to God and in this way she felt and was held, her end was fast and 'honourable' in so much as it could be, and she went to the light. 

Pink Blossom



THIS VISUALISATION IS HELD IN LIGHT AND ONLY LIGHT SOULS WITH HIGHEST INTENTIONS WILL BE DRAWN TO IT AND IT IS HELD BY ANGELIC MASTERS OF LIGHT IN EVERY DIRECTION. THIS PRAYER OPENS THE PORTAL AT VERSAILLES TEMPLE OF LOVE AND IN DOING SO THE NEW GOLDEN AGE IS MADE MANIFEST, THE DIVINE FEMININE RAY ANCHORS IN DEEPER, THE LIGHT GRID IS WOKEN, THE DIVINE MASCULINE IS ALSO HEALED, ALL TRAUMA FROM THE PATRIARCHY IS TRANSMUTED AND THE GODDESS RETURNS! Please set a sacred space to speak the following words out aloud pausing where you need to allow the energy to come in deeper and feeling into the visual images as you speak. please share your experiences with me if you wish either personally or in the fb group. With love Ishtara rose xxxxx





In manifesting the new Golden Age and the return of the Goddess here in Versailles, we clear the energy of the wounded feminine in order to birth the new light of the divine feminine

And in doing this we clear energy of the wounded masculine to birth the new light of the divine masculine

And to birth the new Light age of Unity and Oneness

Men and women are both affected by the patriarchy as we both carry the essence of the Divine Feminine within

In this space we now invoke Marie Antoinette and Marie Magdalena

Both women who were misunderstood and mistreated, yet both starseed roses who will now rise and be returned to take up their rightful places recognised and revered as the Goddesses they are

Marie Antoinette and Maria Magdalena we thank you for your work in opening this sacred temple at Versailles and we honour that

We tune in now to see a beautiful circle of Rose Priestesses standing in the Temple of Love

They were in fact standing in this circle in ceremony with Marie Antoinette not so many years ago and we connect to that very real moment in history right now connecting the timelines up

So we feel their ceremony and we connect to it

And we clear all the energy that must be cleared from that now

We feel Mary Magdalene present - We feel Mother Mary present - We feel Aphrodite present

And through these 3 Goddesses comes the Goddess energy of Isis Ishtar Rhiannon and through that comes the Goddess energy of the Great One Divine Mother

We now imagine Marie Antoinette in the middle of this circle of rose priestesses and see that there is an ethereal circle of many more priestesses of spirit holding her

She is with Mary Magdalene and in a way they are one and the same woman, they become one

And she also represents every single woman who has been affected by the patriarchy, who feels the programmes and patterning of wounds and trauma so deep in her psyche ready to all completely clear right now

and this wilL now unravel

at this most sacred time of the eclipse on the solstice, when the light is the highest and longest we bring in the brightest Light imaginable deep into the trauma and wounds to heal them and transmute them all

for all women for all men 

and as this happens the Divine Feminine will be birthed and this portal will be opened to the highest light imaginable and the Light radiance for this will set out waves across and through the entire planet waking up so many and waking up so much, people, plant, sacred sites and lands and rocks and animals and elementals

And so we do this now with a simple visualisation 

We see the image today of all that wounding, tight and curled up in pain, and it is in MA who represents all of us, she is lying under the dome temple of love, in foetal position feeling all of this pain. She is surrounded by her sisters and held. There are also brothers of the roses holding her, layers and layers of priests and priestess holding her like the layers of a rose. 

and she is in the centre, feeling it all

And then this incredible LIGHT enters the dome and fills her

and the light of the love of her brothers and sisters of the rose shines to her around the circle so that from every angle she is filled with light

And around that is a circle of light angels and ascended masters of light holding it all

And around that are other Light Masters of galactics from Venus and PLeiades and Andromeda and Sirius and Arcturus and Jupiter and much much more

And as it fills her, it fills ALL those who are of her same essence and tapped into running these same programs

And she unfurls 

And the pain flows and spirals up to the light 

All the pain, the wounds, the hurts, the darkness, the trauma, for all women, and for Marie Antoientte herself this is felt as the years being misunderstood and aLone and in grief, the loss of pregnancies, the separation from her beloved, the fear of the darkness, the years in prison, the fears of her abusers and isolation, the loss of her son, the accusations against Marie Antoientte, and we also feel now Mary Magdalene, the false accusations against her and the removal of her power, and form that we feel the deep deep pain and battering and abuse for all women, 

And it is ALL taken out as one energy and up and up spiralling up and up through the temple through the very centre

and is transmuted and transformed immediately in the source light

transformed into source light and love 

and it keep streaming up and out and 

As it does keeps being transformed and flies off like a million beautiful white birds free

so we see these white birds of light free flying off to shine the new light rebirthed 

……  so we have a few minutes of silence as we feel this energy of it all streaming up and out and being transformed into beautiful white birds flying free to shine the new light rebirthed …

and she unfurls and stretches like a true mermaid, a true queen, a true Goddess under and of and in the Light

The Light continues to fill her and She becomes stronger

and She unravels and unravels and stretches out taller and taller

feeling more and more beautiful within

feeling so strong in her softness within

The Love so powerful

stronger in her self love, 

stronger in her self worth, 

stronger in her self acceptance and self belief and the feelings of being loved 

She becomes so big and the joy enters her as she realises she doe snot need anyone to prove she is lovable, for she love herself absolutely

And still the light shines in

stronger and stronger

And in releasing her wounds, all those who abused her are released from this program and pattern too, 

And all those who she took responsibility for, she also releases them too, they are hers no longer

And still the light pours in and she realises she never needs to run any of those programs again, 

she does not need to go through any of that trauma ever again, 

for the times now are all about the return to the Light 

and so with this Light pouring in 

ALL past lives running with ALL those programs for ALL the collective of starseed roses are CLEARED.

and the Light POURS DEEP into her heart and there is a great and wondrous flash and in that one moment everything is transmuted and in that one moment the portal is opened and the divine feminine is birthed

It is all healed, all the trauma GONE and will never need to be repeated again

The old darkness is gone completely

And the new light is birthed completely 

And She is now completely plugged into NEW patterns of the Divine Feminine and so it is we see her standing so tall and beautiful as Aprhdite in her shell in The Birth of Venus painting by Botticeli and indeed this was Maria Magdalenea and it is Marie Antoientte and it is me and it is you it is all of us and this is the energy in all beings too, in women, men, animals, birds, plants, waters, landscapes, rocks….

And thus with this new energy She now manifest new realities new ways new people, inviting in those who are also starseed roses and can love her and support her and accept her and who get and understand her fully

And the world itself will manifest new codes o flight, new ways of interaction, new  possibilities and every arena will be aligned to the light from politics to healthcare and this is so

And in the transition any darkness is simple the darkness unfolding as it falls into Light to be transmuted so we utterly trust in the divine light that this is unfolding and know that this is so

And still in the Temple of Light the Light pours in and in and in

wave after wave after wave

And there is one great illumination

And now it is done

There is a HUGE pink rose of light vibration and it is set into the very heart of the Temple of Love and the Temple of Love is an ethereal holographic image in the spirit realms that is hovering above the physical one

This pink rose is set

The portal is open

Marie Antoinette is healed risen and whole again

Mary Magdalene is healed risen and whole again

Both of them have been restored

Both of them stand and touch foreheads in the centre of the circle and a great Light radiates out

they rise up and away together and one and whole

and the large pink rose is set now

and it will always be there as a light vibration shining out the light protected and held by angelic beings in a circle around it for all ways

and so light prevails now in all directions of time

Mary Magdalena, Maria Antoinette Johanna Josephina is risen

The Light of the Divine Feminine is here

The portal is one

The age of Light ascension is here

Her time has arrived to shine again

and so it IS!

Pink Blossom
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