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Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Venus is a planet for purification before one enters what is known as earth realms

One may feel Venus in the ethers, it exists in higher frequencies so it is of light, manifest of light

There are beautiful gardens, temples and palaces on venus and one of the most key at this time becoming resonant for those awakening to the rose portals of the Christed Feminine are the rose Venus temples

The connection between these vast halls and some of earth peoples has been pre destined for this time for portals reopen

There are many temples of the rose here on Venus that hold purification and Christed rays

The rose Venus temple is one of many circles of roses and so each of you will connect to it in different ways because there are many circles and many roses and many petals even to one rose

In one temple such as the one you work with there are many temples within, or halls if you so like. Each one has a purpose and a resonance and there is no end to these most sacred places

Some of you sit in certain temples of a particular resonance

And you may find you work with one for many years or lifetimes and you may find you also have time in others as well

Each one brings in a different quality or hue

The rose Venus temples are held and looked over by the Goddesses of the light that you call many names, from Venus to Aphrodite to Isis to Artemis to Ishtar, and many of these beautiful Goddesses of one thousand and more names, beautiful in soul and from a spiritual beauty, are also connected to other realms and stars too, for we journey to many realms

You may also find beings here that are not Venusians in origin but dwell here for purpose perhaps for many years, perhaps passing through, and so other star beings come here and there are stars and ‘planets’ that are very much connected to the temples of Venus some known and some unknown to you, for the christed rose rays flow to many places

Through out time there have been many working with the Venus rays on the earth, some consciously and some without consciousness, to bring the rays into the earth leys

All souls who do this work are connected to the many Venus rose temples, even if they sit in different places within the temples so experience them differently

So more famous roses many be those such as Marie Antoinette or Mary Magdalene, the many marys of the rose through time, who have held this light of the divine feminine essence and built beautiful sacred vortexes and then there are many who work more quietly from their own homes and gardens, and many brothers work with these divine rays too. those of you who are connected will connect with the rose and the star and other symbols of these temples

There are many other great purposes for the Venus rays but today we speak specifically about the rose rays that emanate from Venus

For the time has come for these connections to re emerge

Now during your times of lemuria these portals were open and flowing but they had to become more invisible over time and many were desecrated or attacked in some way. many took the rose underground literally into middle earth, or else hidden in ethereal temples. at this time more of you remember your predestined sacred work to hold this light on earth to reopen the portal of the feminine christ and the Lemurians and many of you gathered once there and gather again in the ethers to continue this work that you once vowed to do

It has not always been easy for so many of you to uphold this light but your soul knows you are held and protected and looked after and so you are and so you shall be

There are other realms and stars opening and rising their energies on the earth now that are also vital to the light rising of the earth each one has a purpose and the rose Venus temples are but one mission, some of you dedicated to this mission alone some of you may be just for a short time, and have other missions to complete here as well

Each one has a unique soul mission and is not comparable to the other

There have been periods of time where there have been bigger waves and influxes of this light into the earth and 2017 to 2018 was one more recent one and another in 2023 is incoming

It is absolutely vital that the Christed feminine holds this light on earth right now especially regarding recent genetic experimentation regarding the womb that is comparable to atlantean experimentation and each of you recall this in soul memory and so this is why you are dedicated to holding her light through your womb portals and beyond

Each of you has your own role to play in this and many of you holding this light may even experience womb sensations and affects in your own personal ways due to holding the light and transmuting things within you rose portals, your wombs and hearts

Womb work and connecting womb to heart is of upmost important for you drawn and you can simply do this by imagining a rose within both areas and then connecting them. this has great power. the light of the rose has great power as does your visual mind.

When a true rose meets another true rose she shall know her and she shall see her

So now to take a look around and open the portals within you as well as in any places around you

We have mention the simple practise of the rose visualisation and that is enough

For those of you who wish to do more you may make your own rose portals in your homes or gardens, simply by making crystals girds how you are drawn and declaring it in prayer to be a sacred light portal for the feminine light of the rose Venus temples to enter the earth, we shall hear you and we shall come and work through the portals you open, both on your lands and also in your heart and wombs, and a great beauty shall unfold through and within you

And so to come to the rose Venus temples here on Venus we invite you to simply imagine and ask, call in any Venus masters and see who comes, and then ask to come to a rose temple that is aligned to you here on venus and you shall be brought here and imagine beautiful lights circling around you and when they clear you shall find yourself in a temple that is there for you right now.

Those of you who work or connect with Ishtara (who is channeling this), for example in the rose Venus temples she holds here, may come specifically there to the one you work within with her, (such as the priestess or high priestess reserved for those doing that work with her) or other light temples she holds for those who she works with herein, and for you there may also be some which are uniquely your own or that you also sit in with other soul star beings known or unknown in human form, unrelated to Ishtara. And those who do not work with Ishtara as yet will find either an invite to one of her temples of light there to connect with, or your very own rose temples elsewhere and they shall call you. You may find another like Ishtara who also holds light temples there, for there are many, or you may open your very own. And only those pure in heart may enter.

Let your mind go and instead we ask you to come here through the heart

And be surprised as it unravels through miracles and events of flow

You may not come here at all and find yourself in quite another place and that is fine too

Sometimes you may come here and be somewhere quite different to before and other times it will be always the same

Many of you affiliated with these places have had struggles and you may find it emotional to come ‘home’ and you may also find affects within you body, feelings may arise and you may also feel hurt, pain, grief over the loss of the light on you planet and also for how much pain took place when she was divorced form her light and the temples went into hiding. It is an enormous grief to process at times but the rose light is the most beautiful medicine to bring you into peace and restoration so you may simply imagine rose waters being poured into you for restoration or you may ask for deep healing to take place here and you can do this before a rest or sleep.

Like the ancient temples of Mesopotamia or the mer temples in Egypt long long ago well before historical accounts, you may find the rose temples to be sensual and beautiful that fill you with such a divine light of Aphrodite within womb and heart that you start to be activated in your inner feminine beauty which is a mirror of spiritual beauty and grace

You may find you need periods of solitude and be drawn to gardens and waters and to sit in places of calm, being more sensitive to energies and things that are denser, like music that is off key

For as you come back into restoration you can no longer abide those things that are off key

You may also find yourself needing periods of solitude due to the immense hurt and pain of alienation both to the main energies on earth and in people around you but also from being so far away from these temples of grace, you may crave company of those who are in grace and find it very difficult to be around those lost in competitive and ego energies that are so many so hungry and lost

And yet the temples always restore so you can come here and sit and give your troubles for restoration to the rose light and to the flowing waters of the goddess here and she will restore them and give you grace

Many have soul recall either conscious or unconscious and build beautiful monuments, temples, architecture, paint and carve sculpture, that evokes the grace of venus and these things are sacred; from a simple rose oil made by someone’s loving hands, to famous paintings or carvings of marble of Venus and of those who held or channelled her light

Some perhaps may pertain to being one from these most sacred places and look like they are, such as pop stars, but they are not, for look beyond the physical and feel the inner energies that radiate. others may have no knowledge of the halls of Venus and live simple lives but radiate her light.

Many souls are connected to many places and only a few at this time are here to shine the rose of Venus in a certain way. and as we have said there are may different ways and temples here on Venus.

Remember now that venus brings purification and so as you shine the rose in womb and heart it purifies both you own temple as well as the energies in and around you which can bring up some residue to clear out at times.

You can come here for purification in other ways, you may feel white light and crystal quartz energies as well as the roses and pinks. The purification chambers are pure light and it may be more difficult for some of you to see any form within them fo they are mystical and watery, and hazy to many, like light and colours washing through but of highest white light dimensions and you may go and sit amidst these energies and they will purify you and wash you

And like the waters, here aso you find the goddesses of the waters, the Mers of light, and they carry the waters in their vases ready to wash you anew

Blessings to all, the light portals of Venus are now open and her light flows into your world….open to her and be born anew....

for those of you who seek guidance in working with these energies

you can download audio transmissions and guidance

and the aphrodite light ray attunement is

or you may be called for private activation with Ishtara Rose

by emailing her direct


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