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You may red about the Rose Venus temples here


It is I Aphrodite.

I come to you as pink. I come to you as the colour beautiful baby soft pink. Think also of the most beautiful rose pergola. Think of my Venus temple as a circle with 8 white pillars, and pink roses.

Think of Botticeli's Birth of Venus and you have I Aphrodite, an aspect of MM as MM held my flame and energy. As have many others before and after, such as Marie Antoinette, who built a temple for me especially.

I am the rose.

I am the beauty that you hold within.

I am your sacred rose in your heart

And I am you sacred rose in your womb and yoni opening

I am your sacred rose on your 3rd eye

and you hold my beauty in each of your points as well as in your palms.

I am the fragrance of Divine Femininity

I am the pink rose.

I am pure Love.

I am pure beauty. Exquisite beautiful pink rose light.

So I ask you now to feel my energy in this group. 

Those of you who read this will have connections to many roses and their colours and belong to many orders, but this transmission is of the pink rose and the pink. Although many other colours also feed into it such as the golds, whites and blues.

This pink is of Divine Feminine beauty, and it is the pink of deep inner self love.

Those of you here reading this please receive this beautiful light from this flame by listening the following audio.

Running time of full audio transmission 18:16

*note this is different temple circle and audio transmission to the Rose Venus Temple circle that is open for the MM training, and yet this is aligned to that one as they are of the same temple and the same lineage. This audio is presented to all students who enrol on the Way of the Rose course.



This is nice to also do along with the ROSE AWAKENING TRANSMISSION


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