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high end spiritual mentorship - based on mediumship guidance - fast clearing and healing - quantum leap light code activation - to be fully initiated into the path of the rose - and to be a next level divine feminine leader


2 APRIL 2024




What is the Golden Chalice Prosperity Programme?

The Golden Chalice is both spiritual mentorship and spiritual initiation with mediumship guidance, fast clearing & Divine Feminine Leader Light Code Activations for those ready to fully step up within to be a divine feminine leader who self leads, for those ready to go much much deeper now. It all starts on the inner so this is a total inner reset to aid you in your next step forward, to activate your mediumship to your own whole new level, activate light codes, dive into the ancient galactic rose temples, activate the feminine wisdom oracle light codes, remove any of your outdated old empowerment blocks, meet and work with many spiritual masters and your own guides, be fully initiated into this very ancient sacred path of the rose

this is a complete head to toe inner intimate immersion to focus on your own personal uplevel in every single arena of your life, so you can fully shine your light in all aspects of your life, expect exponential growth

Who is this for?

This is for anyone drawn to divine feminine leadershipsome of you may have already  worked with me and this will be a continuation of our work to the next level, you may be new to my work and looking for mentorship and guidance to go to the next level, perhaps you are already be ordained as a priestess in another lineage, or qualified in various healing modalities, or you may be new to the path and looking to uplevel for yourself and step further into your soul purpose.


This is a personal uplevel we are all unique and in different places. Perhaps you already have a spiritual business and are ready for an expansion, or perhaps you have a dream and need to actualise it still. Where ever you are, you will have some understanding of the divine laws of prosperity and law of attraction already, such as energy magnetises energy, so we do the inner energetic alignment first, which then informs aligned action. With this understanding we will go into a deep immersion together so that you may re align on the inner to 




This is your chance for a total reset, to really go there on the inner and get crystal clear

How does it differ to other coaching programmes?

This is spiritual mentorship and mediumship guidance to clear out old blocks fast and receive advanced new feminine leadership code activations. We work in ways that many new mode fast track modalities and coaching offer, but the difference is that this is connected to the sacred path of the rose and transmitted with the divine feminine spiritual masters light coding working with the great white sisterhood and great white brotherhoods of light to help you really align to your divine mission like ever before. It is a sacred path. So we aim for the balance between meeting that pursuit for upleveling with latest tools, techniques for quantum activation, but always with something much much deeper than that, taking us into the roots, the depths of the soul, and into what are we really searching for.


We will be working in many different ways and many themes and will arise within this held container and I will guide you with what is needed in each moment drawing on my priestess and lightworker vast tool bag but also channelling in whatever comes through direct from spirit and guides present, so allowing for surprises in new energies and upgrades for we live in fast new accelerated times and they will be bringing in new energies for anyone here who is intending to be a next level divine feminine leader and Light activator so you will be taken exactly where you need to go.  Every session is different. The guides will orchestrate the whole thing and in Her Light we trust, open, surrender.

What does the container look like?



You can do a one off activation session or join a monthly container of 4 sessions, which take place live by zoom. These will be tailored to you: you can choose a full month immersion in one key theme or you can choose which of the 6 themes and have an entire session focused in each.  

Or you can choose the full 6 month program with an entire month in each of the 6 themes for a complete quantum uplevel in prosperity &  Divine Feminine Leadership. You will learn so many tips and ways of working which you can also use with your own clients and this will be a complete inside transformation.


You can choose to join a monthly theme of your choice or immerse in the entire 6 month container for total quantum uplevel in prosperity and divine feminine leadership. the groups are kept intimate.

What are the monthly themes?


These are the 6 key areas and the pillars of prosperity.


These key themes have come forth to follow a specific process in upleveling in all areas for divine feminine leadership and follow a specific order for a reason. We will work with the whole picture as well as specific topics that arise depending on your unique soul signature and mediumship guidance that comes through. Other themes may arise for your unique path we will adapt to meet those (for this is the way of the feminine)


The 6 pillars of prosperity include - 

MONTH 1 the opening month, grounding: body temple & health and healing codes

MONTH  2 love & all types of relationship radiance codes

MONTH 3 creative flow & soul purpose codes

MONTH 4  prosperity, money and abundance codes

MONTH 5 priestess & mediumship codes

MONTH 6 the closing month, divine feminine leadership: empowerment & sovereignty codes

There are bonus extras as and when things arise, which might include various reiki initiations, light transmission audios on various themes, ceremonial audios etc We work primarily on the inner frequency but also there may be some guidance, exercises and homework for action steps on the outer


What happens in one month on the 4 calls?

If you do the whole 6 month programme we have an entire month in each area for a complete inner reset for divine feminine leadership. Each month has a different theme and each one follows on from the next so there is a purposeful step by step progression. The following is a framework for what will happen each month. Note that since we work with energy and will meet whatever arises for each container, each call may differ at times.

THE 1ST CALL IS CHECK IN AND TUNE IN. The first 60 minute call of the month brings opportunity for some sharing of where you are on BOTH the inner and the outer, with spiritual mentorship and mediumship guidance. We look at intentions and anchoring, where you are, where you wish to go, soul purpose etc This is a chance to throw everything into the pot. I will guide you and we will do some inner work to find your find your heart intentions. Spirit will start to prep you now for our next session....the gate is open...

THE 2ND CALL IS A DEEP AND GUIDED HEALING WITH THE CAULDRON OF LIGHTthe second 60 minute call is focused upon healing anything ready to go now. We go into the inner with mediumship guidance. The cauldron of light is the foundational priestess visualisation method that clears out and recodes emotional trauma and beliefs. This works in ways similar (but different) to clearing and repatterning methods such as nlp, eft, matrix reimprinting, hypnosis,  also drawing upon methods such as past life regression, inner child work, breath & yogic techniques, crystals and reiki, whilst working with spirit guides in the ethers with spirit guidance. I will guide you using mediumship, and it will be different every time depending on what comes through. We work together and with our spirit guides but I will guide you throughout...Afterwards spirit will continue to prep you for our next session...

THE 3RD CALL TAKES YOU INTO ENERGETIC AND QUANTUM FIELD ACTIATION WORKING WITH LIGHT CODES. Once again we go into the inner with mediumship guidance in the 3rd 60 minute call where we awaken and align the new light codes, working with the spiritual masters and galactic temples, allowing for the new energies to come in and upgrade fast but always to the highest level for our highest good at this time and in the gentle deeper powerful long lasting ways of the feminine - we go deep into the inner and we fully activate you.... we work together and with our spirit guides but I will guide you throughout...

ON THE 4TH & FINAL CALL OF THE MONTH YOU GO INTO THE ALIGNED ACTION PLAN AND MOVING FORWARD. Mentorship in the final 60 min check usually includes action tools for moving forwards on the outer as well as the inner, but anything can arise since each session is unique and dependant upon if we are working with a theme that month (relationships, business launch, creative flow prosperity etc). In this session, we may also use such things as oracle and divination tools, reiki initiations that you can attune into and pass onto to others, ceremonial or audio light transmissions as bonus for homework etc etc... it could be anything and everything since it is all unique in accordance to whatever comes through in our time together...






There will be some optional homework exercises

What if I just want to do one month or one call?

Even though the 6 month programme is designed as a step by step formula and process, just one month in a key area you are working with can bring huge results.

You can either do one month focused in on a key area of your choice, by joining in the theme of choice as below, with option to continue or not, or instead you can have 1-4 aquantum light activation calls in the key area of your choice.



What if I want to do all 6 months and have missed the start date?

To do the entire 6 month programme in a group program the next start date is 2 April. If you have missed the start date and wish to do the entire 6 month programme, please contact me for a secondary group starting later in the year or for your personal private one to one immersion.

Is this in a group or private?

You can choose either. You can do private work or if you are joining a small intimate group you join at the start of the 6 month immersion OR for the month of your choice in that theme. Groups are kept to small numbers, around 5, and highly recommended because they bring reflections to the space as well as connection.

How much is the investment?

For quantum prosperity divine feminine leadership activations, it costs £222 for a private one off quantum prosperity activation session by zoom,  £888 a month for private uplevel immersion tailored to you. If you do the full 6 months immersion the total is £5000 for a private whole all over quantum divine feminine leadership uplevel


To join a monthly group it costs £555 a month or £3000 for the full 6 month group quantum divine feminine leadership uplevel


This is an investment and it is energetic - what you put in you will get back multiple times. Many other coaching programmes are far more money that that and yet in my opinion don't go nearly as deep into the core quantum energetics, which is where the real shifts happen, so this is a special offer. This is a commitment to self and it is for those ready to really commit to doing this now. Once one makes a commitment like this, magic really does happen. This is an investment in yourself, you get a complete life changing reset on the inner in all 6 layers of prosperity and you will go super deep into each layer and emerge fully aligned within as a next level divine feminine leader. This is a chance to really focus in on this for your personal transformation and leap.


Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, I offer payment plans. Payment is usually taken by paypal at the start of the month, paying monthly, but some people like to pay in full at the start of the course as an action of commitment to self. Whatever works for you. No refunds can be given once payments have been made and the work commenced.

Dates and times for the zoom calls


You can book a private immersion whenever you wish using the links below.


The next intimate group will commence in April 2024.  There will be 4 live calls a month, one each week on every Tuesday of the month, starting on the first Tuesday of the following 6 months: April, May, June, July, (no calls in August) September, October, November.


Times will include midday 12 pm UK time (7am EST, 11pm sydney) and 8pm UK time (3pm EST, 7am sydney).


Note that these are subject to change depending on time zones of attendees, open to conversation. I try to meet all needs. If you cannot make these times but are keen to work with me then you can still proceed and we can look at options.

are you ready to invest in your quantum leap

into divine feminine leadership? 

if yes, simply email me direct and together we can get started with your activations

or purchase your place immediately with the link below

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