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the beautiful stone of the heavens and the waters, lapis lazuli.

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This initiation brings you upon the lazuli (blue) path by aligning your 3rd eye pineal gland to the lazuli eye of Horus with Lazarus Prince of Light, guide on Sirius and Ishtar Rose as the audio channel. Oh beautiful blue ray of the heavens and the waters! This lazuli ray brings wisdom, knowledge and aligns you back into your soul nobility. Blending Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, God and Goddess, the saints of the blues from the Marys to Krishna, and is one with the sacred waters. The Path of the Lazuli is the path of the waters, and the star path of the blue, it connects to the whales and dolphins, aligns to the Blue temple of Sirius containing a portal to one source light, and connects with other star guides of one source Light outside of Sirius such as Plaiedes and Venus.

The name Lapis Lazuli comes from a variety of words meaning "blue" (azure) or “heaven”. 


The Latin "lazulum", stems from the Arabic "lazaward" and the Persian "lazhward" constitute the Lazuli part and means “Blue”. The word ‘azure’, meaning blue, is also derived from ‘Lazulum’.


In Latin, Lapis means “Stone”. 


And so this stone was named after its colour -- a brilliant deep blue. The blue is due to the sulfur content in the Lazurite, and it is often speckled with small flecks or streaks of a yellow or gold colour from its most common mixture with Pyrite (Fool's Gold) or white streaks from its mixture with Calcite or other minerals. 

In many cultures, across the ages and the continents, we find that lazuli, or blue, is considered most sacred and holy, and it is often connected to the planet Sirius, the sacred blue star to which Egyptian temples were aligned to and often symbolises the Divine Feminine frequency that Divine Masculine also brings in.


Of all the semi-precious stones, lapis lazuli was the most highly prized by the ancient Egyptians where this stone was associated with royalty and used it in ritual. it was known to be a very very powerful stone and lapis set in gold in the shape of the eye was said to be most powerful of all.  The Egyptian Book of the Dead describes this powerful magical amulet in the form of a carved eye made of blue.  It is given to Queens and Kings to hold their sovereignty, and I am talking spiritual nobility, given by spirit.  A stone of heaven - its dark-blue coloration is the indigo of the night sky (and 3rd eye chakra) while the white-gold flecks represent the stars (and the awakening light).


Lapis was used to express heaven in most Egyptian artwork. The word for throne is derived from Iset, (Isis). Heaven was called Iset Weret, the Great Throne, and Iset Hert, the High Throne or High Place. Heaven - the place were the Goddess dwells and Isis was often carved from Lapis Lazuli. This throne of the heavens was often painted in hieroglyph in lapis-lazuli blue. The hieroglyphs for water and the ankh of life were frequently coloured blue, as was the skin of many of the life-giving Deities associated with Heavan and/or water, as seen also in other cultures such as the blue skin of Krishna.  Lapis was also made into powder to open the 3rd eye in ceremonies. Cleopatra used this in her eye shadow.  Later on the very expensive blue pigment of ultramarine made from grounding lapis was used by the best renaissance artists such as Michelangelo to paint the most sacred objects such as the blue of the Virgin Mary’s cloak or the blues of the heavens in frescos. The very pigment itself held sacred and magical powers. The ultramarine blue pigment made from the semi-precious lapis lazuli stone was mined far away in Afghanistan and cost more than its weight in gold. 


Sapphire later became popular as a stone to open the 3rd eye and throat chakra healing, yet when the Romans talked about sapphires they were referring to lapis lazuli - ‘saphirus’ is the Latin term for ‘blue stones’. The Greeks, who came to rule ancient Egypt after the conquest of Alexander the Great, would adopt the sapphire as the gemstone of Apollo—their own god of oracular wisdom and knowledge. They said that sapphires would “open the third eye.” Hebrews, after having been enslaved by the Egyptians, developed the notion that the Ten Commandments, wisdom from God, were written on sapphire tablets. And ‘knowledge’ was written on and kept in seals made from Lapis. Still today royals wear sapphire or lapis, examples of this in the British monarchy such as Diana and Kate. 


Yet spiritual and soul nobility is of the soul. It is gained from spiritual growth. It cannot be bought or owned by just holding or owning a lapis or through marriage or title. It is earnt by those initiates who walk upon the spiritual path and it is a blessing from the God/dess. It is in your soul essence and when you are starlight you know. And yet the lapis blue can also aid awakening if that is what you seek with truth in your heart, and if so, it will aid in knowledge and speaking and knowing the truth for it awakens the 3rd eye and aligns you to the Light - and that will enable your to birth into starlight, to become spiritual nobility, for sovereignty is in the Light. The crown is the halo of the blessing of God and we all have access to that.

According to christianity, Lazarus is said to be an abridged form of the Hebrew name Eleazar, meaning "whom God helps" or "God has helped.” yet I receive that his name is derived from this word Lazalum - Blue. 


I also feel an association between the name Lancelot and Lazarus, said to be derived from “lance l’eau” - to throw in the water, or spear of water. Water as we know holds the essence of Goddess and is liquid Light.  The water priestesses are rising and as they do the Sacred Masculine comes to hold them. And this blue Lazuli ray from Sirius is like a ray send by Divine Masculine to carry forth the waters, and this ray contains the blues of both the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine, said also to be carried through the waters themselves by the dolphins and whales from Sirius.


It is Lazarus, Divine Prince of Light, who comes to me now to bring this transmission and so I bring him forth.

“I am Lazarus and I hold the Blue ray. This is the ray of all the blues for Lapis means blue and so contains all hues of blue from indigos as seen in the lapis lazuli to navy blues and royal blues to sapphire blues to heavenly azure blues. I am in Sirius in a great temple there. See it as blues and whites. There is gold too. I hold this ray. I come to you now to bring in the Lapis and the blue lapis ray every deeper to those few of your who find this path and you will know if it is for you. It is the call of the Lazuli, the call of the blue - I bring in the sacred divine blue as Prince of Light to you as sacred Divine Masculine that holds the sacred Divine Feminine and allows her to enter your spirit so bright and beautiful. She is in the waters yes and I am indeed the spear of water, the ray of water that helps her shine in so bright. As the Prince of Light, I support and hold Her Light and wisdom of the waters, and so this, the Light of the Blue, is holding the Light of Sacred Union of oneness of Light and oaf all knowledge.


This path of the lazuli now that you come to read about is an initiation. You will be initiated though our star light channel Ishtara to hold the blue ray. As you know the blue ray comes in many ways to you all and many of you are connected in your own unique and wonderful ways and not all of you as blue rays need this transmission, only those of you who know it is for you, called by spirit, will come here.  The blues from this Sirius temple hold the rays of the water animals too - the dolphins and whales, who are also our 'lance l’eau's and antennas, both anchoring in and beaming up, the light, star light, through Sirius portal. As you will be too when you hold this most sacred ray of Lapis blue. The Marys, Lord Krishna, Isis, Jeshua the Christed one, there are so many of us here in Sirius. We do not all originate from here, many of us have come from varied Light Stars, yet here we have been housed and ‘home’ed for eons as it is our safe and beautiful home where we may all come together and this is where our lodge is formed.


As Lazarus I am keeper of the Lapis Lazuli crystalline ray. I will initiate you into holding this ray and this stone within you through the star channel of Ishtara. The lapis will be placed into points in your body, and here you will feel it affirm and hold your awakening energies as you arise to become the spiritual nobility that you are. It will help ground the energies if you will.  


This is very powerful high vibration. The eye of Horus mirrors your pineal gland. Of awakening. The Egyptians would carve the eye in blue, for blue mirrored the “heavens” and it is the colour of Sirius. When you connect your 3rd eye to the blues of Sirius you will wake. You will wake to the Light. For this is a portal to the Light. Do you understand.


This channel will place the brilliant blue eye of Horus into your 3rd eye and waken your pineal gland. As the blue is placed in other areas, you will align within to these energies of Sirius and also to all the hues of the blues. Holding ever deeper the blues and golds and whites, of the Christed ones, of the Divine Mother and Divine father. Blue ones that assist include Krishna, Jesus, Bababji, Mataji, Isis and the Marys. They oversee and yet it will be myself and my star light channel who will bring it down unto you. And of course your own soul who will do the work as you decide to open and receive and come here.


Yes you may do this yourself. If you decide to and it is right I will come to you. Listen for me or other blue guides. Or if you need our star light channel Ishtara to initiate you with me, spirit will also tell you.


Once the Lazuli has been awakened within you to bring in the blues, you will awaken to your spiritual nobility in a deeper way than ever before, you will be initIated within your pineal gland and your sight will come, your spiritual wisdom will deepen and you will be firmly set upon the PATH OF THE LAZULI.”

It has to be said that those of you reading here are connected already to this most sacred blue, and you may do this initiation yourself to deepen the ray into your 3rd eye, in the many varying ways that spirit calls and guides you with.


Yet you may feel the call to receive this particular ceremony with Lazarus Prince of Light and myself Ishtara Rose, to initiate yourself fully into in the Ray of the Lazuli with the transmission in this 45 minute audio.



HOW TO PURCHASE? This is the only transmission you need to apply for and cannot purchase & download directly online. Please email me at just to share a little about how and what led you here so we can connect in person first, before I send you the audio transmission to do in a sacred ceremony on your own in your own time, yet with myself and Lazarus holding space for you from distance. If you prefer to receive in person in SW of UK then this can also be arranged. It costs £88 to receive just by audio as it is a very high frequency initiation with preparation. If you are open and committed to doing this, spirit will then prepare you for the ceremony and I will also send you an information sheet with the audio to prepare in your own ways.  I also request that afterwards you feedback to me by email how it has been, and with the time and date, so I may do blessing meditation for you with Lazarus. 


Or try out a free activation into the blue ray on my youtube channel.

These are optional choices, and you may also go straight into this powerful Lazari Ray initiation and bypass the other stage. Your intuition will guide you.

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THIS BLUE 8 / 12 TEMPLE VENUS ORACLE STAR is from Denderah ceiling (now in the Louvre) in the colours it would have been in originally, and for me represents the paths we all flow through upon our way home to wholeness and to love. The second image is the eye of Horus atop the cross for the eye is the top of the ankh, (the essential Goddess bit that was cut off the cross, if you like).   This is symbolic of the pineal gland, the freedom into all seeing, and a secret code symbolising the ankh eye and/or yoni shape, as the key to enlightenment in this painting of Last Judgment, Fra Angelico. 

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