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These are a series of 12 Light Transmissions with Mary Magdalene and other guides and on the 13th moon you can repeat any one which you are drawn to or listen to the one below.


They were recorded in 2019 and 2020 at the time of each moon to harness the moon's energies, and yet they were specifically brought through for each of the 13 full moons of the year in 2020 and beyond so you can repeat them every year and each time you will receive something very different 


Each transmission has a very different feel and theme and they are my offerings to you to help you to cleanse and fill your inner waters.



You may listen in the week before a moon, on the moon day, then a week afterwards; or you may listen just once on the moon day. You can also listen any time you feel you want a little moon boost or a simple connection to tune in with Goddess Light. Perhaps you are even drawn to listen to an audio transmission for a particular moon at a completely different time of the year to the one that it was made for. Follow what draws you. of course the different hemispheres draw different seasons to each moon time too. These were made in the northern hemisphere, so for example if you are in the southern hemisphere you may be drawn to receive a December moon transmission in June, follow your intuition


Just like the moon affects the tides, it also affects our inner waters, our emotions. This is why the moon belongs to the realm of the Divine Feminine. Every full moon our own unresolved emotions have opportunity to surface in order to clear. So the purpose of these audio transmissions is to provide a gateway for your own process & a wonderful opportunity to look at the reflections around, and as you transform and heal your old buried emotions, these meditations serve to realign you into the Goddess Light.

Please set a sacred space and make a small altar and your own sacred intention before listening. These can only be used for light for highest good of all.


The 13th moon is the lucky moon transmission is provided free on youtube. This can be done anytime or any month of course, and it is also for a month when there is a blue moon, which is 2 moons in one month, because there are 13 moons in one year. This will also give you a taster of the other moon transmissions.  The lucky moon transmission was made during the hugely powerful moon of equinox September 21 and so harnesses those energies and is for any time for many future years to come.


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