Want to join the online sisterhood?

THE GOLDEN ROSE LIGHT TEMPLE is a small private facebook temple community space for those who follow the work of Ishtara Rose. Perhaps you follow the posts on facebook, have bought a light transmission, been attuned into rose reiki, or dived deeper into one of her courses. It is also for those wishing to do the priestess course to get a feel of the lineage.


It is therefore a private group reserved for Light holders, Roses, Magdalenes, Starseeds, Lemurians and Priestesses who identify with the Light of the Rose and want to flow deeper into receiving and carrying Her Light. 


Examples of things people might share are images, poems, questions, inspirations referring to her Holy Light, as well as any concerns or challenges that may arise whilst being a seeker on the path, for this is also a support group too and we understand that shadow work must be undertaken to hold the Light and this path of conscious seeking is not always an easy one.


We respect one another without judgement and with support to help one another rise up into transmitting the Holy Light in their own unique ways and receive one another, whilst speaking truth, with love and with grace.

Not everyone who applies is given access because I want to hold safe space for roses in the group. Therefore these 3 questions must be answered to enter the group and agree to respect the Light and one another at all times.

  1. How do you know about Ishtara Rose? In what capacity have you worked with her? ie received a reading, follow her on facebook, recited a attainment or transmission, or are on one of her courses.

  2. Have you read what this group is about and what sort of energy this group is here to transmit? And thus you agree that by being in this space you agree to energetically respect the Light and one another at all times.

  3. Do you identify with being a Light holder, Rose, Magdalen, Starseed, Lemurian or Priestess?