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Aphrodite & Her Roses

I had a vision of a harem. It was the word harem that came. But it was so pure and sacred. The women were seen as Goddesses. They were looked after and nourished and held in luxury so they could shine. They were regarded as so very sacred as embodiments of the Goddess. And indeed they were. For in this harem they were immersed in every single moment in Her Light, and as such they were healers, bringers of miracles, prophetesses, bringers of Light, they were the very sacred essence that was fundamental for a thriving civilisation.

To be in this harem was of the highest divine mission. 

Often they did not mix in the every day world, and they appeared to the public at times for sacred ceremonies and looked like divine beings with bare breasts as extensions of their hearts. That is what I am shown. This is not about sexuality, that is not the focus. This is about divine sacred holy feminine grace. PURITY OF HEART. Her Light through them was the true source of the divine King's power, he could not be a true King (aligned to divine powers of Light) without Her Light through them and he worshipped them, and Her, as holy with the highest most sacred respect. Her Light is not there to be given away to any man, it is there as a very sacred holy path, her holy fire and grace is for her, and only a truly divine man may be with her grace when she has fully activated it within and returned fully to her source.

Then the falls came and they were cast out and destroyed and kept small and dis-empowered in many ways. Many harems then became vile places of debauchery and slavery, with horrific practices. But the original women goddess priestesses of the light now start to recall who they are and take the first of many steps back to Her Grace and to their empowerment as Her Light starts to shine within them once again. The portals are rising and some of us are indeed living portals. (This is channelled through it is not from egoic mind, if you feel or see this in dreams you know what this refers to and it is hard to put into words, it has to be experienced in a deep state of meditation) There are many different lineages of these temples. This one that comes here is very pure, very graceful, very beautiful. It is Light, it is the Mer, it is the pure waters. In the centre is a water fountain. Please note that this is not about tantric sexuality, the focus is on feminine beauty and grace within as a sacred path of the Goddess.

Perhaps you have been on the path a long time, you are already a divine feminine leader or priestess and just wish to dive and be held in her Light holding and fill with her beauty and activate those light codes, to come home, to renew, to check in for a month. Or perhaps you want to deep dive for 8 months over the year and ordain and certify as a priestess. Perhaps you just know you are meant to be in this circle with us but don't know why. Everyone is welcome. This is about the light of the soul of those who know they are meant to be here. 


We are the daughters of the ancient ways, we are the sisters of the rose and the oracles of the rose, and we are the priestesses drawn to these energies the light of the rose… some of you may be ordained as priestesses already in various lineages, some of you may be new to this. Many of us have been working in solitary ways and many roses identify with the Rose Goddesses and saints such as Mother Mary of gentle beautiful love as well as Mary Magdelena because She is now rising after years of being ostracised and mislabelled as a whore when she was a beautiful Queen and wife of Yeshua. So in your life you may perhaps like Mary Magdalene have likewise struggled with alienation, being the black sheep, ostracisation, being at odds with the culture in which you live, feeling different to others, misunderstood. You may also have been challenged in your self worth, self love, self belief and self esteem, as a result of the dominant patriarchal ideals... perhaps you are a soft Mother Mary whose gentleness is mistaken for weakness so you have been taken advantage of as an empath struggling with codependancy, & have been sent challenges to overcome this in your life. Perhaps you resonate with the brightness and power of Aphrodite and her LOVE radiance to exude feminine grace....sometimes you may feel the Egyptian, Greek, Persian or Native Goddesses who each bring so many colours, rays, aspects, and frequencies to aid ... there are so many mers, mermaids, roses, goddesses, saints and there are so many brothers of the rose who hold us.

As a rose who feels the divine feminine energies in all her wondrous forms, it is now time to rise in your self esteem and empower yourself for who you are, like never before. To find your rose sisters and sit with them. You may have perhaps had dreams, visions, callings to the rose, the Goddess, to the Marys...

If this resonates then please come and take your place with us in this circle of remembrance and let us once again reconnect after lifetimes of being cast out of temples, to recreate the temples once matter where you are on the path, you will go to the level you are ready for, unique to you, and we do not compare with another but with open hearts and no judgement, regardless of age and stories, we stand side by side supporting and elevating each other as sisters of the rose....

Join us in temple anytime in 2024 - enquire here -


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