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The Last Judgement by Micheangelo

I want to talk today about samsara - “the indefinitely repeated cycles of birth, misery, and death caused by karma” - in relation to this time of revelation or apocalypse when nothing is as it seems and we do not know who is who. Everything is murky and twisted depending on news stories and it can be very confusing.

This is meant to be a time of the rising of the crown - and of revelation.

Yet what should be a revelation and rising into ascension, is being turned into a time of apocalypse and fear by both the patriarchal forces - and the groups that fight them.

Just like the loop of samsara can pull you back in in every single living moment, so can the battle between living in apocalypse or revelation.

I am going to discuss this important topic by using a real life example to illustrate and act as metaphor for what that all of us who identify as Lightworkers, Light holders, Magdalenes, and Rose Priest/esses etc are navigating right now.

Last week I joined a large spiritual Magdalene group and I also joined a large conspiracy group run by a famous spiritual / political / conspiracy woman who works with the likes of Sacha Stone, and also I have watched interviews with Sean Stone (notice these names ending in stone that are SS) who speaks out about NWO (new world order) and has interviewed teachers such as Kaia Ra.

I have now left those groups because I had unpleasant and important triggers that have taken me a while to work through. These triggers relate to my own inner child and past life woundings around the sacred teachings being lost, a wound we ALL feel here to some extent and wounds we are ALL here working on clearing within our own personal stories in our lives.

In the political spiritual conspiracy group they call the vx ‘Miss Maxine’ as a code (they like codes) and it is interesting as the ca bal (q anon term for ill um in a ti and also an infiltrated group) also likes codes. Secrecy & Codes are necessary to stop groups being shut down but they also breed paranoia. I made a post to request that they do not use the sacred symbols of MM for Miss Maxine which is something of low res and also that Max (meaning great) was the protector of MM. I invited new alternatives asking for suggestions. I deleted the post as I felt uneasy but then felt it was important to speak out on this so I reposted it. It was seen by a few roses in the group who gave helpful comments of alternative codes that could be used and I had private messages of support from quite a few people. The leader though did not see it and denied the power in her comment. I felt that to be very interesting as she is a spiritual medium and she knows the power of words and symbols, and works with coded message, so I wondered why was she not open or willing to listen to this request?

I then had someone make a long and clever comment psychoanalysing my post to dissect my language and prove that I was an ego maniac and they knew my game. As I read it and then re read my post, their word were very clever. But they also had a nasty accusatory ring and did not come from love. My words may not have been as intellectually sharp and rational as theirs, but they were from my heart. It would be easy as an outsider to read their comment and think it was right as it was so rationally psychoanalytically well written to prove that I was an ego maniac. But what was their incentive? To prove that the words MM could be used for a vx and that my call, to ask people not to use these words and invite new suggestions, they said this was a call of ego. But where was the ego there? Their incentives were thus to shut me down as a channel, and make me out to be a fraud and make me question myself and others question me and my call to honour the letters MM. When I read it, it was so cleverly written, for a moment I thought ‘oh god am I am ego maniac?’ and had to check in with my ego. Which is a good thing in a way. So their comment worked, it even fooled me (for a split second only) into not liking myself and give up on my light work forever. I came back to, and I simply replied “I am a flawed human but just speaking from my heart” and then 5 minutes later I deleted the whole post, blocked the person and left the group to protect my boundaries healthily.

And what was my incentive and drive for this post? To ask that the words of MM not be used to describe a vax. And how was I left feeling by that comment? I felt demonised in the same way that MM was. This comment was very cleverly and intellectually written to support demonising the words of MM and also to demonise the person who drew attention to that. It was so ironic that this heartfelt post calling for love for MM was attacked in that way.

Who does that? They may have been a troll purposefully doing that, or they may have been misguided and paranoid demonising everyone. Interestingly they had made a comment on another post to attack me saying word to the affect of ‘it is in the eye of the beholder and thus I was the one who was seeing the dark’ and against twisting my request not to use MM coding for Miss Maxine.

These people are not Roses.

This has been a brilliant event as it has given me opportunity to reflect and speak out on something you must all be aware of.

This gave me the chills in nasty way as I saw how people (whether paranoid and fighting the machine or purposefully out to destroy) operate in clever twisting to accuse and turn things onto someone so the other becomes a demon or wrong in some way. All well written and provable/rational / intellectually very sound - but when you look at the energy behind the word, there is no love, the resonance is low. Perhaps a reflection of how they feel about the world and why they are so busy fighting the enemy. And these people are rife in spiritual groups speaking out about other spiritual people.

They are fighting the ‘baddies’ but demonising the light.

They are using the very terms such as gaslighting, narcissistic, that turns another human being into a demon when they may not be. They use these words whilst doing that very thing, and well disguised. Probably in most cases without consciousness because they are so busy fighting the demon, and shadow projecting, but also in some cases because they are seeking to destroy.

I have issues with q anon which my own guides tell me is infiltrated, because it demonises people. When you demise someone to be evil, you can do anything with them with full support from the masses - witch hunts. Genocides of Cathars. Genocides of Jews. Genocide of women and the Magdalena. All fully supported by those fearing the demon. In the story above in this conspiracy group this is what happened, as someone who is pure of heart making a request form my heart, I was slated and demonised as an ego maniac by someone fearing the demon. Conspiracy groups are full of people fearing and fighting the demon and in doing so they (consciously or unconsciously) demonise the Goddess.

In these groups whilst many conspiracy people and key figures are speaking out with public profile gaining support of hundreds of thousands, they keep on pushing the story of the ‘evil’ wolves out there, and the light workers and light holders, who understand the patriarchal power and secret group and truths of vax, watch and join these groups. Yet in these groups they also magnetise many people of very very low vibration. They are not Roses.

I joined a large Magdalene group with thousands of members. And whilst it was lovely to see so many of the Light in there waking up, there was so much nonsense about Magdalena and so many teachers recommended who are not clear ( ie Dan Brown Da Vinci etc) that I had to leave. This is to be expected in new groups with thousands of members who cannot all be far along the path, so they look without for truth rather than within, but also it reminds me of that comment in the film Withnail and I “They're selling hippie wigs in Woolworths, man. The greatest decade in the history of mankind is over. And as Presuming Ed here has so consistently pointed out, we have failed to paint it black.’ (Danny, Withnail and I) This is what happened with yoga when it became so popular it became about having a hot body rather than a spiritual path. Mass popularity can often mean the sacred teachings get filtered, lost, nonsense is spoken.

Whilst it is beautiful so many rise, and ultimately what we wish to attain, the spread of Light, it is also important to acknowledge this can mean that the sacred teachings can be watered down. Whilst it is important we are all our own teachers and gurus now, it is always important teachers exist to maintain and hold the depth, to help us navigate and come back to our wisdom and worth within, remembering a good teacher is one who takes to your power within and can guide you to do that. And whilst it is important the teachings are spread and accessible widely, it is also important they are quiet and 'secret' to maintain their sacredness to be honoured, revered, respected in deep reverence as the holy of holies.

So these are confusing times for we want to celebrate mass awakening, and we no longer want secrecy for reasons above, but at the same time we want to keep the teachings sacred and protected and be discerning & aware of false teachings.

In the masonic and templar stories there were 2 factions. Those who were of the light and those who were not. Likewise with the church and the patriarchy and the turning of MM into a whore. So it was very hard to know the truths as there were so many stolen treasures and documents from the crusades that went missing with the templars, and then forged ones as well. Some secret societies that were later formed were to serve the light and some were not. They all had access to the magical books. Crowley and co used the knowledge in self serving distorted ways and many celebrities and elite followed his ways. Where are these secret cabal and elite now today? Are they re-inventing themselves and speaking out publicly against the NWO playing double games? Are the scientologists setting up spiritual groups with celebrity beautiful people with the shiniest teeth you ever saw, spitting out information from sacred texts? My own answer to these questions is affirmative. You look within for your truth.

There is a vax and a mask and thus a secret agenda, supposedly, possibly, and very highly likely. Every government has a secret agenda whether they pose to be democratic or not. There is a patriarchy falling, but who is kept afloat by the media, and who is the patriarchy, who are these sinking rats who are reinventing themselves? Many are surely good people who are hoodwinked and not yet woken. Then I also see how in these spiritual and political groups people are also demonising the Goddess and the sacred teachings. I.e. In the secrets of the cabal videos that have been watched by thousands world wide, the name Ishtar is suggested to be a ‘evil’ goddess of child sacrifice. Yet all Roses know that Ishtar, Isis, Magdalena are all aspects of the Goddess of pure Light.

So it seems that q anons and conspiracy groups who fight the patriarchy, as well as the patriarchy themselves, are demonising the Light.

We have seen this during the Cathar genocide, dare I see that it is happening again?

It is very important that this is named and seen.

It is very important that we see the trauma we are currently facing. If one is in mainstream narrative then there is a very real trauma of disease. But if one is outside of mainstream narrative, and what is named as ‘awake’ then there is a very real and deep trauma of dis - ease - that is in keeping with the time of the Cathar genocides and in keeping with the times of the falls of Atlantis and is in keeping with the witch hunts and the falls of the temples and if you are a priestess of the rose you will be feeling all this very deeply in your psyche.

Up until last year many roses were afraid to speak out and I used to say “we are so lucky as now we are in safe times to be priestesses” but now I see how unsafe many priestesses are and feel right now, for good reason. I am naming this rather than denying it and making out it is all okay when it is not.

There is a trauma that we all feel now because if you are not into masks, and see them as symbols of slavery, it is VERY traumatic to go into the world and see the masses including people you love such as your own family, in those masks.

It is traumatic to know you may be pinned down and violated with a fluid you do not want in your body, a violation akin to rape, or have to do face risking that to ever travel and be free again.

It is very traumatic to think about a future of AI and transhumanism.

It is traumatic to see things and speak out and have your friends, family, clients etc ostracise you for it and have to silence yourself or else be labelled a nutter / conspiracist / freak etc

It is very traumatic to then enter groups to find support for this trauma and instead read many low level posts - or be attacked for speaking out.

No one feels safe because there is a demon out there and no one knows who it is. Is it the NWO, is it the secret societies, is it the spiritual teachers who are fake and which ones are fake, or is it the virus itself. There is the overwhelming heightened sense of trauma and unsafety that everyone is feeling and no one knows the truth but everyone seems to know their truth and think the others are deluded, which is also very isolating.

So there is an overwhelming paranoia.

Are they safe? Are they telling the truth?

Who were the templars and were they of light or dark?

Who are q anon and is what they say true or false?

What is the truth of the NWO and the vx?

Are the very people who fight the NWO part of the NWO? (accusing people of the very thing they are to cleverly twist like the person that comment did) and how confusing is that.

Someone wrote to me about the loop of samsara and this apocalypse right now is like that.

We can get caught in these groups and the posts and it pulls us into a low vibe. This is the apocalypse.

Or we can come out and focus on the Light of the Rose. This is the revelation.

Will you dwell in apocalypse or revelation?

The apocalypse is within the loop of samsara which pulls you back in, in every living moment, so you constantly have to come back again and again to the Light. and the revelation

It is very important to focus on the Light of the Rose and it is very important to be very aware of the loop of samsara.

It is very important to read posts and comments by your heart - what is the feel of them, what is the ultimate incentive and drive and aim of this post and comment? What is the energy of this comment? where does it come from?

It is very important to find the truth within, and not without. To look within yourself for what resonates about Ishtar the goddess, for example, and not look to texts and videos made by those who supposedly fight the patriarchy, in the same way one might not look to the mainstream media for answers.

I have come across masons who are of the Light who are in their hearts, who are pure and true. And those who accuse them of evil acts seem to be the very ones who are dark in vibration.

(and this is the argument being forcibly pointed at me in the conspiracy group - that I was evil because I saw MM being used for Miss Maxine as a evil thing)

I have also come across masons who are of the dark and of low vibration and sick, and those who accuse them of that are in the Light in vibration simply speaking truths.

Nothing is as it seems. There is no black and white.

I want to name this time of apocalypse as a very traumatic time indeed.

We are clearing lifetimes of trauma and yet simultaneously attempting to rise into wholeness and ascension and sovereignty…. And light.

So go easy on yourself.

Your compass is the light of the rose - within you.

So come back to that again and again and again.

The light of the rose.

Does a post or comment or book or opinion, does it shine with light energy or murky energy? If it is murky, it may be because the person is simply human and shadow projecting, which we all do at times, and so do not demonise them. Or perhaps there is something deeper happening. Who do you want to resonate and commune with and who do you prefer to avoid?

Which posts and groups will you be a part of and which ones will you leave well alone?

My incentive in this article today is to validate this time of trauma, to name it, to see it, in order to help you spot it, so you can come away and instead rise and return to your light and truth within and return again and again to find those groups and posts and people who ARE roses and follow the Light of the Rose within

Love you all and in the name of the Goddess,

Ishtara Rose xxxx


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