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Hunger, the human condition.

Updated: Feb 14

Always hungry. Filling the gap. Perhaps smoking. Perhaps quitting smoking and eating. Perhaps quitting emotional eating and fasting. Running then ultra running or obsessive goal reaching. Yoga. Obsessive health. Spiritual practices. Overworking. Be it drama, sex, relationships, shopping, new things, new projects, new coffee shops. More things, then a new fad of minimalism. More money, the next goal never enough.

Until the root core is faced, it goes on and on, for hunger is the human condition. We are programmed in this by materialism mixed with trauma, capitalism needs you hungry. You were raised on adverts. Subliminal messaging fueling codependancy and lack of worth and 'not enoughness' : in music, tv, films, radio and today social media.

To look outside for fulfilment. More, more, more.

A false desire differs to a healthy desire, in that a false desire is based on filling up from without. Where as a healthy desire comes from a place of inner fullness and expression. Only healthy relationship with people, money, self can come from here.

In my prosperity programmes we go to the root cause to look at what you really want and why, what really drives you, befriending the emptiness and activating fullness from within.

Not from the mind, imposing itself on the body. Not from simply re-programming or re-coding the mind or subconscious with new beliefs with nlp mind control as most coaching does, to get what you think you want (but end up still dis-satisfied a year down the line). Not from a focus just on more money, more ways to make money or more ways to get more followers. Not from self improvement techniques (as if you need improving or fixing?) Not from law of attraction affirmations and subliminals and hypnosis for quick fixes to magnetise more of a desire, in hope of finding more happiness....Not from manifesting more false desires or swapping one for another.

Now all of these methods can be very powerful and they do work, they can get us more of this and more of that and help the process of manifestation, our divine birth right. But we first need to look at these siddhis and take responsibility for using them and use them properly. They are divine energy laws and divine powers. Sacred and divine. So instead of just manifesting more false desire using these techniques, we look at accessing healthy aligned prosperity as the foundation. So yes we do draw upon these methods to get these things in alignment with healthy desire, but first we activate the core foundation of fullness and prosperity within: we take it deeper, to deep within the deep inner core of the emotions, from false desire to the place of healthy desire, to what we really search for deep deep within, letting the subconscious and higher self speak though the quantum realms: the inner places deep within and doing it from the inside out.

So yes we use all those techniques but we go much much deeper into the root and the core, for what we are really searching for is within us already.

So aligning with that, we work with the mysteries and the higher and inner realms. Beyond standard min re-programming techniques and prosperity coaching (which def has its place) and yet into something deeper - into the mysteries and realms of sprit.

For truly prosperity is a spiritual path.

To reach prosperous joy we need to find inner satisfaction in each daily moment as a base energetic condition.

Understanding this hunger and our conditioning is one thing.

Embodying the understanding is quite another.

Going beyond even that into befriending the 'nothing' place of each moment

And then beyond that to finding the deep inner fulfilment as the resting state of being-ness, in each daily moment.

We are all human and it is a path, a journey. So let us let go of looking for causes and solutions for our false desires and traumas, letting go of the 'quick fix', and let us not judge ourselves or one another and let us not focus on being more of something in the hope that will bring joy. It is not about trying to be better, or to improve. It is not aligned worth to try to be better than what we are, or thinking to have something will bring joy ("If I have... then I will be happy"). It is not about trying to be better or something that we are not.

We are where we are, as a human race. All of us are in this.

So it is more about having compassion and gently spotting it, and coming back to 'enoughness' in each moment. Gently.

So yes it is a journey back to being enough right now in this moment as you are: it is a journey of self acceptance.

I therefore don't promise you will do a prosperity programme with me and it will sort you out and quick fix you, so that you will always be happy and satisfied and rich in love and in money. I can help you manifest a desire, but we will go deeper for deeper rooted prosperity. It is a life time practise in each moment. You have to take responsibility for that. I don't promise to have it all sorted, I am also on the same path. I simply share the keys I have learned, the best ones that I use and work with myself as I work through this human condition and the ones that I have chosen to work with after many, many years on the path as a seeker, to make quantum shifts into self presence and fulfilment in each moment.

In the end, true fulfilment, true prosperity can only come from the life of the sacred, the spiritual path.

Until that we are just reprogramming or swapping one false desire for another, but not reaching the core.

True prosperity has its heart in the spiritual path, it is the only way to befriending the feeling of nothing in each empty moment, to one where instead we can befriend this feeling and dive deeper into it until we find a place where we are full already, and not reaching out to fill.

Until then everything we do is an act of hunger and using things or people to fill, swapping one false desire for another. A life of slavery with no meaning.

Only when we are full within, only then life can be truly lived in joy, a life of empowerment and liberation. In each and every moment.

This is true happiness.

This is the heart of prosperity.

It is a condition. A human condition.

Finding a way to meet this and truly embody this knowledge in each moment - to take it from a concept to actuality.

I ran away from money because it wasn't spiritual. I saw how much unhappiness it brought. So instead I dedicated my life to the pursuit of Goddess (God) Love. One day I came full circle and I realised that God was money and money was God. You see it is wrong when they say a rich man cant go to heaven, because God IS abundance. There are more riches and more fulfilment in living the spiritual life than we can ever dream of.

The quest for prosperity will one day ultimately lead you to God

and the quest for God will lead you to abundance.

Money is the chase of prosperity, but true prosperity is inner fulfilment

and that can only come from inner abundance.

And that is the place of being that we all ultimately seek.

In the end prosperity is the path of self acceptance & realising you are beautiful as you are right now, prosperous fulfilment is in you right now already, but first we need to befriend the place of hunger and find peace transforming it into a place of 'wanting for nothing', ironically the root of all manifestation and prosperous fulfilment, and from there we can use the techniques to manifest healthy desire, and the abundance actualised and materialised, that you are so very worthy of, as a child of God

Blessings to all



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