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The Keepers of the White Flame gather, together and yet alone, because each one of us must work alone in our own unique ways. The energies right now call upon us to dive within more than ever before. To take time every day to connect within, to self, and to your higher guides whoever they may be.

Those who are on this path are being called to dive within now to access new information and truly the first step must be self presence. To sit with self within, to be alone with self, to find that light within and connect with it deeper and more now than ever.

This means something different for each person for we all hold unique codes. Please remember that you hold codes of light and this time is about going within to awaken them. This can be through prayer, through song, through dance, through intention.

Just staying in alignment within is enough right now to hold that light here on earth.

The feminine way is the way of the rose, for all genders, it is the way of being, of presence, of inner enquiry, of inner connection, of inner journeying.

Simply connecting, aligning, diving, into presence, is enough right now. To hold the light as an energetic beam on earth.

There are so many misguided fragmented energies leaking out and into the thought forms of many right now in spiritual communities, but we do not look without at these, we go within into self alignment, into the purest light, which is never doubted or questioned by the mind because we know it to be true and when we access this place within, there is no doubt, and a knowing.

There are many guides who one can connect with during this time of inner activation that everyone is called to do now in their own ways.

You have your own personal guides. I bring through the light of the feminine masters such as MM and also the great feminine goddess who i call Aphrodite who calls each and all to dwell in the temples of beauty and whose light MM held.

Now today I also bring you the 9.

"We are the great 9, unto all whose glory shall be restored. Who we are is not of such great importance, we are known by many names in many cultures. The great 9 of us are the ones who work and bring through much information to many under many different names, we are many but we are one.

We the 9 say this. The great light of divinity shall be restored within the human race upon this planet in time, and this is being done now. Those of you who walk in grace are accessing these 'codes' (as you call them) and you bring in the great divinity of the restoration. You recall your times of glory, you recall the times of the falls and we tell you that you shall all rise again and come out of what you call this maya of illusion or matrix, and become whole and restored. You know that time is now and you know it is happening and we tell you that all you need to do is simply to be present with in this knowing. Just this knowing is enough. By absolutely knowing this and walking in this knowing it shall unfold. but first you must absolutely embody this knowing within yourself and this is why it is essential that you all go within to know thyself. without question.

To walk in truth and grace and consciously recall your soul pathways and align to your higher self in each and every moment is more than you can ever realise. It means that we can work through you and channel the one great light into the energy fields of this planet.

We are the great 9 and we come today to tell you to behold the great wonders that shall unfold and through it all to trust in this one great light of this divine plan, this divine destiny of your planet.

We are the great 9 and we are being restored right now through the holy temples and through you.

We are the great 9 and we are many more and we are simply one.

We are the great 9 and there is a great and divine prophecy unveiling right now through you.

It is time to recall deeper.

It is time to behold the truth.

It is time to reach far beyond the veils of maya and the matrix and go far beyond that now, into the bigger picture.

Let go now of the falls and the fragmentations that are busy playing out

In stead come into focus on your radiance and your glory as you align now to your higher selves to deeper levels

As the temples are restored, and as the ancient codes that they hold are being awakened, you can feel this happen within your own very temple your own very vessel

Diving deep into the darkest corners of your soul you can reach in and take in the light and bring the ancient wisdom you hold up to consciousness now, that possibility is now available to you.

But you need to go within, within yourself, by yourself, to find this.

It all lies deep within you, it is all within you now. Just waiting for you to retrieve, to be found, and to access it.

We are the great 9 and we ask you to expand your radiance now

And when you go within you shall know how

And remember the simplest prayers and visual meditations hold the greatest power

Truth is being restored, it is a process but a process you know, feel and trust.

We repeat.




The invitation is to embody this.

Simple but incredibly powerful.

There is a great opening being unveiled now.

You are a part of this.

Go and unveil yourself.

Step out of anything veiled.

Come into alignment with self.

That is the call.

In each and every moment.

Blessings to you and to all "

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Unknown member
Sep 14, 2022

I just came upon your blog accidentally. I just finished an eight year journey writing a book based on a Romanian fairytale called The Wild Rose: Summoning the Restoration of The World. I am now going to read on. I have a question: In the Eygptian painting who are the nine on the boat? with appreciation, Laura Simms

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