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Osiris tells me that Green is the colour of Resurrection


Over a decade ago I had a very vivid dream which I cannot completely recall now, but I was woken very 'blown away' after having been in deep conversation with Osiris. Now at that time I had not fully discovered Egyptian mythology and I had actually never even heard of him. I spent some time with him and then I awoke saying his name again and again. The way I was repeating it was also very different to how many people say it which was another reason to research who this was. I was saying it as in OZ-UR-IS (‘is’ as in “is going”, with “UR” as in “urrr I don’t know”). The only thing I recalls is his prophetic statement “the truth of my death will become known”. I then went and looked him up. To this day I cannot say his name any differently.

Osiris has now returned to me. Although, well, he never actually left.

I will not repeat the story of his death here as most of you will know it or you can look it up. I have thought about his death often and I rather like Drunvalo Melchizedek’s interpretation that he crossed 3 levels. When he was first alive he was walking around in 1st level of consciousness. Then when he was killed he was separated from himself. This symbolises second level consciousness and the one we are all in now - we are unconscious and split with fragments all over the place from past lives, trauma, generally being asleep, indoctrination etc etc Then he was put together by Isis he was made whole again and went into the 3rd level of consciousness which is immortality, ascension, enlightenment, 5d consciousness etc and where we are all headed now.

I always felt the truth of his death that was to become known, would be the real reason that his brother Set murdered him. Perhaps alluding to the awakening of the great illusion and hypnosis that humankind has lived under in slavery ever since the great falls. The reason he was (like we all were) split into many fragments.

I now also realise that of course the truth of his death alludes to the necessary death and resurrection that we must all go through on the path. Jesus became the new Osiris undergoing resurrection, just as Mary was the new Isis.

Osiris comes back to me now when we are in those times of resurrection. It is not an easy path realising you are split all over the place in fragments, and piecing yourself back together. Sometimes it is easier just to be split and asleep. (We have seen the matrix). In ancient Egyptian times and in the times of the Incas and in other great and far more advanced civilisations than ours, it was understood for it to be completely necessary for the initiate to undertake various complex initiations in certain temples designed especially for this, and these were not always very easy initiations, they were about facing your deepest fears and so on. Now we no longer have these temple spaces, and for those who walk the path and set intention as initiates, spirit brings life events.

Life itself, normal waking life, is your temple space.

Now it is very important when one is in the temple space to realise that you are the result of all your thoughts. For in some of these temple spaces the very thing you think instantly manifests. Well this is the same now for initiates IN EVERY DAY LIFE. Everything that crosses your path is a direct link to your thoughts or to inner hidden belief systems within. You all know those times when complete coincidences happen, you were needing something and it turned up, you were thinking about someone and they phoned, you were meant to go somewhere and the flight was cancelled and then well then it turned out that….we cannot tell good from bad as bad luck leads to good luck. Well these coincidences are not just coincidences but they are real manifestations from spirit, showing that you can manifest, like attracts like, magic is simply a siddhi power from the mind (or a helping hand from spirit)

So the first 3 things for initiates to step up to realise and live by are -

  1. You can create anything with trust and belief

  2. Everything that happens to you today is a reflection or result of your inner belief systems or ancient traumas / positive experiences, lodged within in some way

  3. We are on the path to delving into releasing any inner belief systems that hold us back from ancient traumas in whatever way we can so that we can collect and heal the fragmented parts of ourselves, to become a better and whole empowered self, whilst also realising and letting go to the understanding that we are enough and perfect as we are right now. The hidden belief systems that hold us back almost always are the ones that do not realise how beautiful we are as we are right now.

It is okay to feel trauma and separation, in fact the more you deep dive the worst it can be at times. Feeling it means you are releasing and going deep. However simultaneously, the Light gets brighter and the tools and gifts you receive form spirit become very special. Until eventually the duality no longer exists and you enter oneness. At this moment of conscious ascension during the death process, reincarnation is no longer necessary, but most souls come back anyhow in order to serve others, as we are all one and service is the greatest importance for our liberation.

These 3 things are a lifetime journey. Yet with the new wave of energy creating new consciousness, it is becoming easier now to walk upon this path.

This is what you learn to live during my priestess year long training, and really this is what you learn about on any spiritual path that draws you.

I bring in Osiris now.

The sons of Osiris are the sons of Isis, these are the men and the male side of women, these were split you see, through trauma. It is a necessary part of the plan. Many many people are still split and fragmented and with the new waves of consciousness it is very painful because they do not have the awareness for their healing: the split becomes more acutely obvious and they know not how or what to do about it. So this idea you have for example of narcissism that some of you psychologists say is an inherited condition, where they are born with the condition already set in the grey matter of the brain. These are people who have been split very badly and inherited the splits in their dna, and have no desire nor idea how to re piece themselves. They are focused upon themselves so much because they have no genuine self love nor worth, they are empty and mask this with ego-ic self love. You have many labels but you are all split to some degree or another. Not all of your labels come from the splitting. Some of the children with adhd and so on, they are displaying symptoms of the split because they are whole crystalline in soul but they cannot fit into a planet which is split in its energy. They are open so they soak up and mirror the energies around them.

Like Isis pieced together Osiris, with help of other masters, it is the daughter of Isis who will piece together the sons. The daughters are both the women and the female sides of men. She was suppressed during the fall and the ages of the split so she could not rise to make him whole. In fact her suppression caused the trauma for him to split and as he was split she became more suppressed and on the dance went. Now as the Divine Feminine waves enter in, her love and wisdom that calls you from the depths and in the whispers of your heart, this enables him to heal the broken parts, and in being more whole he may then step into his divinity and hold her and listen to her with honour, enabling her to rise and become empowered that in turn helps him to be whole and on the dance goes.

Those who kept the daughters in chains and the sons split, they are putting down their weapons now and returning to their planets. For they understand the great prophecies and how each of us has a part to play in the dance and the dance of the cosmos goes through light and dark and now we enter the new phase of light. They understand this time and know their role in the cosmic dance, so they return their weapons, without any fight they simply allow the slaves to walk free and unbind themselves. To return to their higher selves and become the sovereign divine beings that they truly are.

Let me repeat this, to seed this thought.

Those of the patriarchy are now willingly surrendering and leaving so that humanity can become whole and free, as we enter the prophesied age of light ascension.

Now returning to the daughters of Isis who dwell both in women and as the female side of all men.

These daughters are here to help the men, or male aspects of the feminine, to become whole. Then from there the male and female sides within can join and unite and become whole, no longer split within you. Likewise it is up to the women who are awake, or the men who have the female wake within them, to help those who are not yet woken. By shining the Light of the Divine Feminine.

They say it is not possible for a narcissist to heal and this is a good thing for a codependent empath to think because otherwise they will continue the destructive attempts to save others, when in fact first they must save themselves and walk away and not get caught in narcissist energy and games. And yet, as one person becomes whole and empowered and centred in their true self love, it sets a ripple for others to do the same, and the narcissist can no longer play games but must look at himself. Rather than attempt to save and heal the other, the light worker may keep on saving him or herself with self worth and self love and light, knowing that by doing this it also frees the other from the pattern. So the light worker always brings the attention back to themselves and their own wholeness. Really the very best thing you can do to save the planet is to become whole yourself. In becoming whole you set the energy in the collective consciousness and this allows others to become whole and frees everyone, yes even the narcissist.

So to serve humanity you serve yourself and share the message of self worth. Share the meditations to help others to become whole. Shine the Light. There are many who say you need to focus on the darkness of the split rather than smooth it over and this is very true, you must feel the emotions to heal them, you need to face fears. Yet a the same time you also need to focus on the Light. For what you give attention to grows. So whilst you must allow yourself to feel inner trauma, through the act of feeling it, it can disperse so you can feel the light.

You are invited now to see and know in your belief systems within

that all men and women are now healing and becoming whole

that the Earth is on a path to ascension

and every event now upon the Earth is a part of the healing

the waves of Divine Feminine of Isis energy allows Osiris, the Divine male to rise, the Divine Masculine rising then enables the Divine Feminine to rise and so on

from Osiris and Isis comes Horus - the new age that lies ahead

Many of your prophets have seen into the future of Gaia and they see beautiful visions

but just like you have to feel the trauma and rage to release it

so does the planet Earth

for the Earth herself is going through the same shifts and emotions that each of you are passing through within

We ask you now to bring in the Light

to bring in the Light

in whatever way feels good to you

whatever technique you wish

Remember whatever you give focus to grows and whatever you think you create

so feel those traumas, allow them breathe into them

and then allow them to shift into Light

Bring in the Light

Then return your attention and knowing that they are healed by the Light

see and know that they are healed and that all is well.

This is more powerful when you actually feel it.

Then you return to the Light again.

Give it all up to the Light and the Light will transmute it.

surrender to the Light.

Breathe in the beautiful rose of the Sophia

and allow the Christed Light to shine upon you and anyone who you have issue with

Give it to the Light

I end with the reminder that all is well.

The old ones of Set are now surrendering and willingly leaving and the new Masters of Lights are taking up the thrones, this includes you. Be assured that Light is coming in and all that happens upon your planet in your world events and disasters is part of the great and Divine plan to return to Light.

Have faith. Know and trust. Be aware of you thoughts. Notice your feelings. Trust your heart more than anyone else around you, your heart knows always.


This is complete for now, there will be more to come.


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