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Updated: Feb 23, 2020

The word ‘apocalypse’ in Greek means ‘revelation’. We are now truly in the age of Revelation.

According to author Laurence Grander “the church did what it could to put people off the book of St John’s apocalypse by portraying it as a sinister work of foreboding and doom. By way of propaganda from the 1662 congregation for the propagation of faith, even the very word apocalypse has become emblematic of disaster”

(sinister is another interesting word, from the late Middle English meaning ‘malicious’ or ‘underhand and it derives actually from Old French sinistre and the Latin sinister that means ‘left’or 'left handed’, and was used as a derogatory term for the left handed people. In the Middle Ages, the left-hander lived in danger of being accused of practicing witchcraft, whilst the left side was associated with the feminine, or yin energies, whilst the right side was more to do with male, yang energy (then this curves round to mean the opposite in the brain, where the left brain is more analytical and the right brain is more creative).

Many of us are now truly in the age of both spiritual and political Revelation.

All of us are spiritually waking with the waves of ascension energy flooding in creating kundalini rising and ascension symptoms for all of us, but in different ways depending on how much clearing and healing work we have already done. The healing is ongoing but it gets easier as we gain the tools and the light codes are placed within us to reach new heights of awareness.

There is also a great political awakening. Now my work has always been concerned with spiritual awakening and although I see and hear a lot, I do not comment on politics and yet today I am going to touch on this more for the first time.

As most of you know or are becoming aware of, there has been a great deception by a certain elite that controlled the Church and governments worldwide, during the inquisitions for example it was clear they wanted to rid the world of all ‘left handed’ people, wise women, or groups such as Cathars who celebrated the womb Goddess energy. This commenced in the middle ages but really it has gone on since the beginning of time. There have been many falls - the fall of Lemuria, the fall of Atlantis, the fall of Egypt. In the last millennia we have been indoctrinated to worship a false Christ for his false death. Jesus and Mary Magdalene were together great prophets of love. Jesus was not the man that the church depicts who ‘died for our sins’. Mary Magdalene was not a repentant prostitute.

Slowly word started to seep out with important books (Holy Blood Holy Grail) and discoveries of scriptures (Nag Hamaadhi) and with the awakening that commenced in the 60s, and here we are now in the digital age.

The digital age has allowed us to really rise for we can all connect and share our information. And yet with the digital age has come much more disinformation.

Now those that would control are in panic for they are being exposed. The fake news press do what they can to cover up. Be aware that most journalists are unaware they are indoctrinated into a false matrix, just like most doctors are unaware they are indoctrinated to be sales men for a false and corrupt pharma. Many of these people must do all they can to uphold their beliefs for if they do not everything would crash around them. In the news recently we have seen Prince Andrew accused of pedophilia, and we may remember that Prince Charles was good friends with Jimmy Saville. Now this is absolutely huge. Yet instead the press focuses on Prince Harry moving to Canada? This is an example of distraction. Distraction is used all the time so other more important news flashes can be covered or laws passed yet reported in small articles at the back. Pedophilia is being exposed now in both Hollywood, thanks to whistleblowers such as Corey Feldman, and in the Catholic church, where there have been many rings exposed in UK and many countries, all reported only slightly. But these are huge. A few of these elite have been forced to be ‘sacrificed’ to take the attention off others, like Weinstein or Epstein. There are many other atrocities which will soon come to light, albeit even if at the back of a newspaper in small print.

Then there is conspiracy. Very cleverly the coin was termed and popularised by Sir Karl Popper popularised in the 1950s, so that conspiracy theories had a bad reputation. To characterise a belief as a conspiracy theory is to imply it’s false. More than that, it implies people who accept that belief, or want to investigate whether it’s true, are irrational. Yet "Yesterday’s conspiracy theories often become today’s incontrovertible facts. In the mid-1990s, journalist Gary Webb’s claims that CIA officials conspired with drug dealers bringing crack cocaine into the United States were dismissed by many as a prime example of a conspiracy theory. But the claims were true...." (read more here

So yes of course, most conspiracy has roots in so much truth. Yet because it is conspiracy the information is not always easy to find or credit. I have found conspiracy sites that contain so much truth and then others that state the truth whilst at the same time subtly twisting things.

For example, the church takes the wisdoms for themselves, and then twists it. Or the media takes the knowledge and shares it then twists it.

The church took the pagan ways, ancient sites, numbers (13), symbols, Goddesses, and claimed them for their own. Building their churches on ancient burial sites or temples, or else turning female empowerment numbers (13) or symbols (pentagram) into ones to be feared. They cleverly take the Goddess energy for themselves and own it.

Fear is of course the key ways to control the masses, as it keeps people in low vibration. Fear is spread through popular culture, the hypnosis emanating from music, film, computer games, social media. The amygdala is the gland that turns you into fear or flight mode and interestingly in meditation this expands and opens (Magdalene is an anagram of Amygdala, which is almond shaped). Fear tactics have been employed in the media for millennia, a current one is this virus corona. Whether it was created purposefully in a lab or not, it is being used to keep many in fear, for illness always keeps people in fear, and it promotes vaccination (another huge and dangerous hoax used to control). The Goddess became celebrated as the pure un-sexual Mother Mary, for women and sex are said to be sinful and so a Goddess had to be sex-free (and yet women were told to do as their men wanted to do with them, and their men unleashed their sexuality then also felt guilty for it). (* to add that, I do celebrate and worship the real Mother Mary as a High Priestess Queen holding the rose light).

Most of us have come out of these patterns yet contain residues deep down that we are still working on, such as in sexual fantasy or old beliefs lodged within the subconscious attracting certain people or events into our lives.

Now in certain conspiracy sites we will find this information being shared. Yet in others we will find it subtly twisted and written either purposeful to mislead or by someone who is unaware. These articles are very dangerous and can take you off track.

I will give you an example of something I experienced yesterday. Now I have been doing this long enough to know that when I experience something like this is for a reason and usually spirit sends it to me because I have to share my understanding gained.

I use the name Ishtar and I have been led to Mespotamia many many times as the origins of the royal tribes, also the origins of the almond and of the rose. The Goddess Ishtar was from here. So also were the Anunnaki Gods. Ishtar was said to be one of them. There are reports (David Icke) that the Anunnaki were the reptilian illuminati who came here to mine for gold, needing it for their planet, and thus turned humanity into slaves to mine it for them. I have noticed how gold has linked recently to many major light portals, in fact 2 that came in for me recently BOTH happened to have gold mines - Ural and Lastours. In these conspiracy theories, some ‘new ager’s then say that Ishtar was the same Goddess as Isis, Aphrodite and so on. They also believe the Statue of Liberty is actually Ishtar the Anunnaki Goddess. They also report the masonic usage of the eye in the pyramid and so on. They then conclude that because these are used by the illuminati, that it is all evil. They thus state that this is a satanic Goddess of the illuminati and one that the pedophiles and black nobility worship. Now hang on. These reports admit pedophilia and other dark truths of the ‘illuminati’ or church powers, they share an idea of reptilians enslaving humanity but then somehow turn the Goddess, and all Goddesses, and all symbols of the Goddess, into being evil? (because they are used by the illuminati). They also believe the Anunnaki need the gold for both their planet and spaceships, as gold conducts electricity. Yet I believe that they are missing something, and that gold can be used energetically for its high frequency and because it is an electrical conductor, so it is used by spiritual masters in spiritual ways. For I have ‘seen’ how in these places of sacred sites, there are doorways to shambala cities. The gold is about spiritual energy. We also know that Ishtar had to undergo 7 gateways, and she was said to have had to pass 7 tests of the 7 Anunnaki Gods, and we know there are 7 Rishis in the Bear star and 7 sister in the Pleiades stars (the dance of which is played out in the sacred sites in Landuedoc Pyrenees Northern Spain area as many famous people like Dali or Chaplin knew about) and that MM had 7 demons removed. Ishtar perhaps overcame the Anunnaki ‘sins’ just like MM did.

(AFTERNOTE - AN ALTERNATIVE VERSION OF THE ANUNNAKI BY EARLYNE CHANEY. Earlyne Chaney the great mystic (1916-1997) channeled information that the Anunnaki and their offspring the Anun were the Pure Christed Star people of Love who helped build both Lemuria and Atlantis. From there they went to build Egypt and then entered through secret portals into Middle Earth cities to disappear when the fall came by the darker brotherhoods. Indeed some tunnels wide enough to fit trains have been found that are 'never ending' (after 30 miles the end of the tunnel was not found and excavations abandoned and the tunnel entrances sealed). Chaney talks about the Aunuaki as pure and good beings from Sirius and other stars in greater depth in her book Revelations of Things to Come. I have myself been informed in meditation there are many groups of ets and stars that came in, some bad and some good and many branches broke of and intermingling and interbreeding happened etc with factions of groups breaking off and truths being taken and diluted etc, so it is very hard to generalise about one star race from the myths of time. Yet it is time now to step into clearing out any old attachments from previous lives from some races that may not serve your highest interests, by asking and seeing the attachments dissolve into light so you may step fully into the highest light of who you are. If you are reading and this resonates then please imagine these attachments dissolving to light and say a simple prayer to clear your auric body and become fully aligned to the light. I am also resonating with the words, ‘it all depends on which Anunnaki one is talking about as there are many factions’ So thus, “depending on what we mean by the Anunnaki. Most people who use this term for the ancient visitors are taking it from Sitchin’s work. Sitchin says that it means ‘those whom to Earth from Heaven came’, and that includes more than one species.”)

After my initial research, I was feeling a little freaked that I had a name of Goddess linked to Anunnaki who were (mistakenly) accused of being the dark ones causing the falls and enslaving humanity. Who were they really? For me this name has always been one that holds a great great Light and links to isis. It is not my birth name and I also love my birth name. I was given my spiritual name many years ago in a reiki treatment, and it stayed with me as it resonated and since then so much beautiful revelation and energy and synchronicity has unfolded from it. I have also been given the name a few years ago in a baptism of IshMarayMay but I stuck with Ishtara Rose as I have been using it a while and it seems complex to change it again. Anyhow as I was feeling into all of this, it was late at night and I had come out of this rabbit hole of research, and I went to put the dog to bed and was stroking him in the dark and hanging out with him, I gave him a little energy healing and sang some light language. And as I did, he suddenly looked over my shoulder as if someone had walked in and he was staring intently at them. He does this whenever I speak light language. Usually I know it is because he can see my guides. Yet after reading this about Anunnaki, I actually went into fear and felt freaked out. This is the first time I have felt this intense fear in so long. Amazing how the fear can spread isn’t it? That I was fearful of my spirit guides who I have worked with for so long, after reading a conspiracy site that turned the Goddess into an 'evil' Anunnaki figure head. If we take that one step further they are saying that the feminine is evil. Horribly twisted isn’t it? That these sites share the truths of the evils of the world and then somehow turn it so they make you go against the feminine pagan ways. That these sites pose as love and light spiritual ones, or as messengers of the New Age truth, or sharing the truths of the dark illuminati, yet they are the sites that leave one feeling in complete fear.

I have been called to share this as I know I was sent to experience this not just for myself, but many others too.

So this is one example of the fake news of disinformation.

Another example. There is a conspiracy group with billions of member worldwide, called Q anon which works for Trump, and it believes Trump is a very clever ‘messiah’ who is not right wing but left, and is destroying the illuminati bit by bit. They say that he may not be a perfect man but it takes a huge personality like him to take them on in very clever ways. Trump often alludes to Q and Anonymous. Trump is apparently playing their game by being who they want him to be but then cleverly slowly destroying the illuminati. The fake news who support the illuminati do everything they can to destroy him, by spreading disinformation about this wall, about children in cages ( a law actually created by Obama), about sexual allegations, even releasing blockbuster film with key Hollywood puppets about his sexual allegations - again twisting the truth and projecting it out. This group expose truths of the church and of Hollywood and fake celebrity puppets. It goes much much further and talks about things such as pre programming mind control, satanic rings and how Michelle Obama is really Micheal (the gender thing is all prepared), vaccination is definitely evil, climate change is a cleve hoax etc etc Some of these may be true, some of them may have been twisted truths, some may be completely false.

There are posts popping up on facebook about the spiritual new age people who are inherently evil or spreading lies, or …. basically clever posts to make one question your spiritual path and stop people waking up or mislead this newly waking up to false teachers etc (I was waiting for this to happen, it had to, the movement is getting too big). For example I read this one by a certain new age nice looking man who is a story teller and dowser, on facebook -

There is a virus in this World, a virus of the Mystic, of the new age. What is the latest "internet sensation", and what is the latest breakthrough on your inner journey? The latest "download", considered and believed as fact. Indigenous Sacred Teachings being tainted by new age wonderers, chanelling and seeking some higher purpose. Secret teachings being edited and distributed by the uninitated novice.These and others believing whispers from thier Ego to be thier intuition and a divine revelation, "a mission, a message, from God, of the Divine or Source". Then cunningly posing as some High Priest or Priestess or better yet a King or Queen! Or offering you to be a King or Queen! Childs play Psychology, do this and I'll gove you a biscuit. What better tasty morsel, and bated self proclamation….” etc (text unaltered)

Now this man may be well meaning, trying to protect people against false ego messiahs, but what is he achieving by this post? Is he spreading love or fear? Don’t people need to learn self love, belief, the ways of the Light? To trust in their whispers to know that they are inner intuition and not ego. In my mind posts like this serve only to help people disbelieve their inner voice. They do not encourage people but slate people. This post goes against the very essence of what I teach - believing in your whispers, believing in your queendom (we are all sovereign) believing in spirit, yes and believing you do have direct access to sacred teaching in you own heart. Yes we are all initiated novices and we all must start somewhere - by believing and understanding that we are the queens the Mers the roses that we are inner souls. Yes I believe the latest downloads are fact - even more fact than the media excerpts about world events. I believe the virus is the negativity that messages like this spread to make people self doubt. This message attacks and slates everything. There are many more coming. And this Kris man looks like a lovely new age thinking man. He has a huge following, we share 280 friends. There are images of him dowsing and meditating with neolithic stones.

This also reflects back for me again. I am a spiritual teacher. I am also a very human me making mistakes and being a single mum in the countryside doing very normal things. Yet when I share I channel from the Mers in particular MM and from my higher self and what comes through is very powerful wisdom. It is not ‘me’, it is them. It flows through me. I am sorry but that is the way it is, despite all attacks on that. I have a gift and I will own it. And I have dedicated my self to share the Light of MM. I know I do. I own that too. In owning my gift and abilities I am not proclaiming to be a guru or messiah or ‘holier than thou’ or any other derogatory label that is used against people like me. I am simply owning my gifts to share. I hope to think my students are also stepping up into their light to also be spiritual teachers in the same way I am. So they are not ‘under’ me but ‘with’ me. Any one who feels I am being ‘over’ someone I feel is projecting their own stuff upon me as I teach by empowering people with direct connection. In fact my whole course is set up to do this. I want to at times show people I am a normal flawed human with challenges, as online I worry that it looks as if I am being a guru. But in a way in doing that I am not owning my spiritual gifts. And I must. Goddess asks me to. So despite any accusations, I will step up to be the highest light that I am and own my light and ability to channel the light through me. And yet I am very happy to own myself as the wounded healer - the flawed human part of me - one who knows about healing as I have to go through it for myself all the time.

So this is an example of a post that is multilayered and seemingly interesting yet very destructive.

In this day and age it is very very hard what to believe and you must look between the lines at all times. Read with your heart and not with your mind. See what words stand out. Take the messages form spirit and discard the rest. YES LISTEN TO THE WHISPERS PLEASE. They are not ego, they are heart.

Please please please believe the whispers, believe in your heart, believe in yourself, believe in your own feelings.

My own current conclusion is this.

There are 2 frequencies - love and fear. Stay in the love. If you deal with any fear, be it only your own fears from your negative traumas and beliefs within that you need to clear out to hold the Light.

We remember that all we see in the world is an extension of ourselves and so when this comes to our awareness we send it love - ho'oponopono.

We may not ever know the turn in our minds, but we always do in our hearts.

My mind got concerned I had taken on a name of an ‘evil’ Goddess and I went into fear.

Yet of course my heart knows that I am channeling the love of the mother light and that the Goodies is pure love.

There is only Love and Fear. Choose Love.

I stay open when I read and listen to the news, I know there are deeper truths, I do not deny Q and I do not deny the BBC. I know both are true and both are false. I keep an open mind and just watch. And I know the truth is love and all else is separation.

The revelations are about to become even bigger. Things are coming to a head in this crazy twisted time.

I do not believe choosing to focus upon the spiritual path is a way to bury my head.

I believe it is a way to shine the Light that is most needed in the world.

So I will plough on and I do hope each of you who has read this will also do all you can to choose LOVE, and shine and share your Light with the world. the world needs the Light.

Praise and Blessings to the rose ways and to the beautiful Goddess of Ishtar Isis Aphrodite and Magdalena as a master for all the Mers (of who we are) who hold her light!

With love,

Ishtara Rose (IshmaraMay) xxx



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