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and MM, Momentus Mori

artist Nel Verbeke

We hear it all the time that this is the end times, or the beginning times, the times when the old crumbles for the new to come, the age of aquarius, and time of the prophecy and ascension. But sometimes I feel we may not grasp or embody that and how true this is, how real this is, not just some fantastical concept, but actually very very real.

I had a dream, a sort of clock of numbers and chapters through wheels of life and cycles and then, it stopped. just after 12. (3) about to enter into 13. (4). Then I woke. It was that moment of the pause. The clock stopped, north, 12, and a gasp, and woke up.

In the silent night there was the beautiful pause. The pause of the winter, the pause of the north, the pause of that which is no longer happening and that which has no longer begun, no past, no future, just a silent present, of blank canvas. Nothing.

I had been recording my Aphrodite Temple activation audios and was channeling through the energies of mabon-samhain-yule and what is called momentus mori, which means 'remember you must die' and this is a death of the world as we know it, to birth that which has not yet come, and what is birthed depends on us.

This moment is that time.

And what a time to be alive.

This is a call to do this thing, to do the inner work, to create the matrix as you wish it to be by mastering the realms within, or even to transcend beyond it.

To decide.

For it is a choice.



These are those times.

As we know, there were key times in cosmic events, such as 2012. 2020 was actually the gateway to 2021 which was the ultimate 2012. 2021 was the big deep shift after the chaos. Now in 2024 it is time to harness all of that.

These years of the 20s are a mere blink of the eye in the moment of the 12 into the 13. the stopped clock.

There is a saying (attributed to various people) that 'even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day'. You will be on track even if you do nothing. Maybe especially if you do nothing but instead enter the silence of the pause.

MM momentus mori (remember you must die) is a very positive time.

It is actually a time of the harvest, bringing daily reflection, meditation, or journaling about life's transient nature. It is a time when veils are thin and the sun has set and it is mid night, before the sun has risen, so a time of reflection of the passing summer / project, time to re collect the beautiful energy and discard that which no longer serves or works. In yoga you have done all those wonderful asanas & built up the energy, and now you are winding down in the relaxation and meditation to harness the light and fruition of your efforts

So it's about gaining perspective and dying in order to live more intentionally, to grasp the abundance in each moment now, the future and the past do not exist there is only the present

and bringing that abundance that one is always striving for, more love, more money, more this more that, as a feeling of deep fulfilment in the very now of this moment ... despite those goals not yet achieved. And so aligning to them as if they have been, because when you do achieve them in some future (or not), by then it will be the past and you will be onto the next future. And so it is that in this moment you have achieved your past (or not). The stopped clock.

Momento Mori is traditionally associated with skulls and clocks and so forth, and also mirrors, for the mirror brings reflection. It duplicates reality, and transforms it. The mirror shows up illusion, when you look in the mirror you only see reflection of your own subconscious beliefs from deep within you projected without upon the looking glass. It is a scrying oracle into other realms. It symbolises how different planes mirror one another, as within, so without.

At this moment of mori, before the birth, in the 20s, it is in our hands. To see the bigger picture in each moment. To come into present in each moment, outside of the clock, or as the stopped clock. To see through the mirrors.

I wish to share this wonderful piece of art, a copper mirror by artist Nel Verbeke, that sums up APHRODITE energy who is associated with copper, gold and orange. Her Light was held by many marys as we know, and by MARY MAGDALENE (MM) the red haired mermaid who holds the mirror and the skull, as symbols that the amygdala (anagram of magdalena) light activations open the pineal to transcend time and mirrors.

For Her light is more powerful than anything and has the power to transcend all, but most especially to carry us through these portal times.

New Aphrodite light activations in temple opening 12th April

copper mirror by artist Nel Verbeke


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