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And so the cleansing continues...on and on, layers and layers. We must allow time to come up for air and light, into joy and radiance, as well as deep dive to clear when those old emotions or traumas suddenly rise to be seen, perhaps unexpectedly triggered by something or someone. But they serve us as opportunities to feel. But it is not always easy to not distract and catch ourselves, to stop to feel them, it is much easier and old habit, without even realising, to go immediately into distraction (eat, shop, another person, a drama, on the computer or phone etc etc). But when we do catch ourselves, and sit with presence, not to fix, not to resolve, but just to be present, then tremendous shifts can occur.

When trauma happens there is a sort of soul fragmentation where a part of the soul or psyche stays in that place, that moment in time. So it is stuck on repeat in that emotion of the past, attracting things of the same frequency or vibration.

Buried in the subconscious, so it is not conscious, it is happening quietly in the background. Somewhere.

So we need to find the trauma and release it to change the frequency. This is the same for anything, whether we want to heal dis - ease, or lack, or abuse patterns, or if we want to attract more of something, more abundance more joy more space.

The irony with that of course is acceptance at the same time. To be fully present with what is and find the joy space abundance in the present (with presence) without needing anything out there to fill and bring it.

For the source is within right now.

Just clearing away the trauma that stops, the trauma that blocks, the trauma that is stuck in some long forgotten past.

Is it this life or past life?

First look to this life. See the patterns. bring it to this life first.

But past life will show you repeated patterns.

And possibly why you chose the family with the ancestral frequencies and stories running in their blood, as lessons for your growth.

What past events are you stuck in?

And final question!

How can you align to your higher self who is clear of all of that, what does she look and feel like? Bringing her close each day.

This is the journey back to wholeness that we work with naturally as we journey the wheel of the year as a priestess, calling in all the lost parts. In truth it is the journey of any powerful healing modality or spiritual pathway, and it is a lifetimes work but some things help us do the work fast and the time is on now, the energies are around to support us to do this healing into wholeness and clear out all that old karma!

So it might feel like everything is falling apart and icky, things surfacing, but this is serving us if we so choose. There are so many modalities, teachers, courses and books out there to help us, and our spirit team and guides are there in each and every moment just waiting just waiting...


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