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The mermaid left her beautiful sisters and water temple because it was her mission to take star frequency to Gaia, and she nominated herself to do this, her quest to reunite the female and male - Heiros gamos or Christos Sophia. She has the full support of all the star sister who still dwell under the ocean and in circle they shine Light and healing upon her, helping her with this mission that she does on their behalf too. As she walks Gaia she forgets at times why she is there. So many stories of illusion are repeated in life after life again and again, but now she is starting to remember. She cannot always piece it all together but she has moments of sudden realisation. At times she has felt so sad, so alone, so disconnected and miserable and has not been able to understand why. Now she is realising she is starseed, she is from the water temple. She starts to talk with her star sisters at night, and in the day she is remembering this starlight within her. She knows she is here to hold that Light, and as she starts to feel that star light within her more and more, she becomes more empowered. She needs time alone though to sit and feel her starlight within. The star home is so different to this place she is in. Sometimes she imagines she is swimming through the stars back to her star home, and she drinks from the beautiful fountain of Light when she is there. This is really important and it feeds her energy and fills her with the starlight she needs to thrive. She is learning to walk as a clear full vessel of beautiful starlight and fulfil her destiny.


This original Hans Anderson story is about a little mermaid who gives up who she is (and her voice and power) for a man she does not know. He sadly does not see her nor return her love. At the end she throws herself into the sea as she cannot find the courage to kill him (as she is told she must in order to return home) and she is transformed into beautiful rising water foam. Bearing in mind that the Mer Maid is the Water Priestess of the Mary lineage, I find this story symbolic in many different ways of how women have been treated and treated themselves. Not just women, but the yin passive female side of our us whatever our gender. It is a story packed with layered symbolism, yet above is my simple vision I had of a mermaid swimming & swimming back through the stars to her home.

last image by Danielle Noel for Rebecca Campbell, mermaid illustration by Charles Santore


I invite you to come home to yourself, as the fully empowered mer-maid and full vessel -

Or by simply by sitting in meditation each day connecting & filling with beautiful Star Light

Or go much deeper and train as a Magdalene Priestess of the Rose and come home into fullness at one with your inner starlight -…


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