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Updated: Feb 15, 2021


After several dreams recently, in my reflections and meditations I have asked MM and Raphael to share their knowledge with me upon the serpent's role in enlightenment. I was excited to recently pick up a copy of William Henry's The Watchers which amongst many other authors, confirms all I have received from MM direct for some years now. He shares there the image below of a 16th century coin associates Christ's crucifixion with serpent alchemy and the ascent of resurrection. He becomes the snake ascending, or the snake within him has ascended. This beautifully illustrates the esoteric and alchemical sacred teachings that so many of us are aware of either from study or from meditation.

It is said that when a snake ascends, it becomes a feathered being, a feathered serpent of illumination has wings and is seraphim, or angelic.

The serpent depicted as a female mirror of Eve in Notre Dame cathedral

You will know that Mary Magdalene is often painted with a feathered cloak or else with long hair to depict that she ascended on the hill above her cave in St Maximin.

Birth of Creation by Tino Rodriguez

2, Illustrations from the Nuremberg Chronicle, by Hartmann Schedel (1440-1514)

3, Himmelfahrt der hl Maria Magdalena (Donauschule um 1510)

4, St Mary Magdalene borne aloft by angels. Sforza Hours. Milan, circa 1490

5, Lo Spagna, c.1450–1528

6, Mary Magdalen and angels, end 14th century (?), from the Hanseatic city of Toruń in Poland

Mary Magdalene and Yeshua were anointed to receive the Chrism to enable their ascension. Where as Yeshua removed her demons, it was Magdalena who made him Christed by anointing him with her Chrism oils and perfuming his feet (genitalia symbolism) with her hair (light).

Let us look at the 144. The 144,000 angels around God are said to now have human form at this time of revelation, to take mankind to the ascension age and to the Christ consciousness and lead the way to the second coming, and/or they are the 144 who are to choose to ascend themselves. Myths of 144 also include that Lords of the Flame brought 144,000 souls with them to Earth from Venus.

Revelation 14:3–5: and they were singing a new song before the throne and before the four living creatures and before the elders. No one could learn that song except the 144,000 who had been redeemed from the earth. It is these who have not defiled themselves with women, for they are virgins. It is these who follow the Lamb wherever he goes. These have been redeemed from mankind as first fruits for God and the Lamb, and in their mouth no lie was found, for they are blameless

Throughout history the snake has been deemed by some as evil and by others as symbolic for the winged angel of seraphim. Seekers on the path will all know how the Egyptian cobra crown represents one who has been made sovereign through illumination, through alchemical mastery of the chakras. It is called the ‘Uraeus’ which means ‘the risen one’ reserved for the rightful rulers who have mastered ancient sacred wisdom. Indeed the Uraeus is seen on both Pharaohs and the Amun Wives and it is believed that ancient Egypt was a matriarchy - the Amun wives were the priestesses who chose the pharaoh.

Throughout the world, this snake known as kundalini is also be depicted as 2 snakes - from ancient yogic teachings to the Mayans of the Americas to the Egyptians, the ida and pingala (male and female or yin and yang) must rise the sushumna central channel to meet up in perfect balance, to create illumination, enlightenment, freedom, ascension, resurrection, the seraphim form, and state of mastery. This is fundamental teaching worldwide in most sacred scriptures.

The caduceus symbol of medicine showing the ida and pingala rising up the sushmuna as 2 serpents, and also depicted as one

For some the snake represents the reptilian with the forked tongue associated with a more evil type Anunaki race.

For others the Anunaki are descended from Sirius and other stars such as Pleiades, and seeded Lemuria giving rise to all the key ancient races of the entire world from Celtic lands such as Ireland, Mesopotamia and the Africas, to South America to Australasia and beyond to the East... and the serpent race are the ancient Goddess cults that the Catholic church has done so much to destroy and eradicate and to demonise.

Example of a Serpent Goddess, Newa

Angels with Serpent, Evelyn de Morgan, 1870

I decided to look further at the word seraphim.

The ‘ser’ bit comes from ‘serpent’, and ‘raphim’ refers to ‘raphaim’ (giant offspring) in the Book of Enoch and some Jewish texts refer to rapahim as representing spirit. The Archangel Raphael, is a similar word. The prefix 'APH' (as in APHrodite) in Latin means "away, off, apart". Funnily enough in latin, the word 'dite' is 1. to set down in writing. 2. obsolete. something set down in writing. So Aph-rodite would mean away from something that is obsolete. She is birthed from the white foam of water. She is of the ethers. And Aphrodite is Mary Magdalene, as shown in the Birth of Venus that is so obviously magdalen and here is a sculpture made at a similar time entitled Mary Magdalene of the same Goddess that gives us the clue - so obvious when one realises. I first realised this many years ago and so was later pleased to discover other authors also come to the same realisations as myself that I had been sharing in my own work for some time, and further confirm this.

The Birth Of Venus by Eugene Amaury-Duval

So the question remains, depending on which camp you are in, 1.Is the serpent of satan the devil? or 2.Is this the church's exploitation of the word & concept? The word "Seraphim" is also meant to mean “fiery serpents” again highlighting this question, that seraphim is confusingly seen by some as evil and by others as the highest form of angels.

I propose that the snake is of course both. On the one hand the snake represents all that is evil, the demon of low vibrational and toxic shadows.

Yet the snake is also a medicine and ally, because if you master the snake then you will rise to become sovereign.

The Priestess of Amun Djedmutesankh was buried with this miniature gold uraeus (rearing cobra) tied to the forehead of her mummy

The Goddess, like the seraphim, is known as the serpent, because she has mastered her lower states and fear, to rise to become sovereign. She has conquered the demon. The seraphim (angel and or fiery serpent) is the medicine for in conquering her she becomes her too.

Pallas Athena was the Goddess Athena who killed Pallas and then took her name.

Likewise the Goddesses and Gods master the snake and so become one with her.

Snake represents all the underlying subconscious fears, including sexual repressed desires, that lurk below in the shadows, constantly there, never leaving you, always in the background, tracking you down. And these will alway lurk in tightly closed boxes lifetime from lifetime following you through the never ending chain of reincarnation, until one day you open the box to look and traverse the 7 gates of the underworld.

There are 7 candles to a menorah, because there are 7 chakras and each chakra is a wheel to clear out. Hence the 7 demons (7 gates of Ishtar Isis) that Magdalena mastered on her way to her illumination.

So the subconscious must come to light as the snake winds her way from the root up through the 7 gates. And the hidden fears and emotions of hurt, abandonment, pain, worry, sexuality, fear, must all be released and come to light.

So this is all about mastery of the snake, mastery of fears.

So yes she is indeed both evil and light. Serpent is indeed the winged angel seraphim of the highest order.

She comes as the Golden Cobra because the gold represents sovereignty, the crowning that happens as the illumination takes place. Only the divine rightful rulers may sit rightfully on the throne, that is one who is either bloodline - offspring of the angels such as the Raphaim, or one who has raised their energy to reach illumination and ascend through the divine wisdom of serpent.

Snakes shed skins as they help us peel back the layers as we rise and journey through the 7 gates of the underworld.

So the time of the serpent was the time of the Goddess era and this was demonised just like the Goddess herself, as a form of enslavement and disempowerment. Some might see the snake ones as being the reptilians. Indeed a snake’s a forked tongue symbolises duality - and perhaps this shows us how 'the forked tongue ones' are those who are caught in the fear, the lower states of lower vibrations, taking on the dark qualities ... rather than mastering them to ascend.

The poison of the snake can be taken as symbolism for a death that takes one into ascension mastery beyond the wheel of reincarnation. Thus death by snake poison (Cleopatra) lends to the idea of the poison being an elixir that helps one to transcend the lower states of duality (forked tongue) in order to ascend. Interestingly, the snake bite is poisonous yet its venom is also used in medicine to save someone’s life. Knowledge and initiation can be illuminating for some and repellent to others. For some it takes them to divine realms, for others it opens a pandora's box of pain and we all oscillate between these many states as humans and seekers.


I now bring in Raphael and share his light as I share these channeled words form my own guides, so you may feel his vibrations.

The pure ones are rising and this is all about that

There is much misunderstanding of the giants (reference to enoch)

The Raphaim are the pure ones of the Angelic offspring

The Masters who came to create children here on this planet

As shown in Egyptian lore through the Gods and Goddesses there

So that true divinity would always rule

Pure white

White crystal


Raphael is one of these pure ones who gave

His seed to all mankind to bless you all

And so his seed exists within you all

You all contain the seraphim light within

And thus you all contain the potentiality to ascend the serpent,

To master and to ascend

The gold chariot awaits

The feathered cloak of the rainbow

Is yours

Should you choose to accept it

White light frequency is the purest vibration that holds the key to this wisdom,

Through crown

Beyond mind

This is all you need to connect with

Dear ones

Now and always

Mary Magdalene ascending with the Angelic Seraphim lifting her up, as depicted in her cave at St Maximin St Baume

Contemporary Painting of Goddess with the serpent, by OlivosARTstudio

Further reading

Authors William Henry, Ralph Ellis,

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