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"Nation shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom, the edifice of the holy roman church will fall, a descendant of the house of Aragon will raise their horse on the altars of Rome" (Belibaste, 1321)

I wanted to share a more personal story today which is something I rarely do. One that refers to the Cathar Prophecy.

This time last year I was sitting in a funeral. It was the funeral of a well known figure, N, the owner of a well known and beautiful circus. Twenty years or so ago I worked for and with N and her beautiful circus as the costume designer and costumier and also as a mime artist in the show, as my original career was in costume, fashion, theatre, with many a story to tell. I loved exploring and creating different costumes and acts in and around mime and the creations really were exactly what I do today working as a medium but in a different form and I took it very seriously. I was in my late twenties and it was also a fun and explorative time. It was a massive chapter in my life, the performers and all the crew became family and had big influences upon my life and the circus was fairly small in those days so we all knew one another well. I met the father of my children there and (after our separation) I also reconnected with a performer from the show who became my French lover and who it turns out, was a Cathar through and through, living now as a hermit in the hills near Carcassonne knowing the Cathar region intimately. And he was my guide for a few years as I journeyed often to those sites with him, undertaking many ceremonies as High Priestess.

I had lost touch with some of the circus crew and had a difficult relationship with the owner, but always imagined that one day that I might even return, and I still knew the main star of the shows well. So when N passed so spirit at the start of 2020, I was unsure whether to attend or not but I spoke to her ex husband on the phone who I had once known well, and he said, please do come along. I felt I needed to go and pay my respects. So I went.

Funerals are always an emotional process and moment of reflection and the feeling of leaving alone at the end of it is rather a lonely and reflective one. This one was particularly big. For me personally it symbolised both an end of my french love affair as well as marking the end of my separation with my children's dad, and a big chapter that commenced in 2003. It was also sad to see old ‘family’ twenty years on, and of course to reflect upon the life and meaning and say goodbye, and thank you to N. For despite a difficult relationship, she had been a big figure in my life and given me a doorway and a great opportunity as was a charismatic personality of inspiration. So I wanted to pay respects, and complete any unresolved stuff there, for her, for me.

This was also a big one as it was a big packed cathedral, full of big names and people, and as a public figure known by so many, and it felt even more impersonal for many in the cathedral were people who perhaps did not know her so well and also she knew so many people superficially, as owner of touring theatre shows. There were performers from all over, friends, family, and celebrities. Afterwards I saw many people I knew from ‘back in the day’ amongst the great sea of faces.

The actual funeral itself was a great show. It had been rehearsed, choreographed and directed. There was circus band playing upbeat Irish jigs and people dancing, to more solemn tears as everyone cried to passionate solo song by a lead artist, (my daughter's godmother) to family sharing in speeches to even Helena Bonham Carter reading part of The Tempest.

N was passionate about horses and the biggest event was that at the end of the ‘show’ N’s great and enormous white show horse that she rode in the ring, walked up the isle of the cathedral in a great stillness and silence with the packed congregation bearing witness, and it raised its front legs upon the coffin at the altar at the front. It was quite a spectacle.

It was a glorious and fitting glamorous tribute to N, and all she had achieved and a glorious fitting and end to all I was also saying goodbye to and reflecting upon at that time.

It was only a little while later that I was thinking about the Cathar prophecies.

The one that we know is that 'we shall return in 700 years when the laurel turns green again' that year being 2021. Yet this prophecy has more to it, as explained here by Richard Stanley. Belibaste was the last Cathar murdered in 1321. Here Stanley explains at 11:11 (in perfect symbiosis) how Belibaste says in court before his death, "nation shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom, the edifice of the holy roman church will fall, a descendant of the house of Aragon will raise their horse on the altars of Rome". It is only in response to a question that Belibaste then proceeds to say this will be after seven centuries when the laurel turns green again. Stanley goes on to explain this prophecy in more detail in the video.

I thought recently how interesting that I was there witness to this white horse raising its legs up on the altars of Rome. How symbolic. For Gloucester cathedral was first recorded in 681AD and dedicated to St Peter the ultimate symbol of Rome. Sometime in the early 11th century, this became a Benedictine monastery. The first abbot was Serlo appointed in 1072 by William the Conqueror.

I also noticed how strange it was to see that the Vatican a year later January 2021, went into a blackout and this video was seen of cars shortly after the blackout leaving the Vatican buildings

I love to imagine this great white horse raising it legs and reclaiming her power

I love to see the white deer restore her head to her body and break off the chains around her neck

Whatever happens this year, we can be sure that the prophecy has come true for Cathars are remembering their previous lives, having visions and dreams en masse

And they are finding one another

Who are the Cathars?

They were called the Albigenses, the heretics, the Cathars and the pure ones but at that time they had different names for themselves. Yet they are indeed the pure ones, in that they shared the pure teachings. They were the men and women who followed Notre dame, Magdalena, the Goddess light. They said that the God of the Roman church was not the God(dess) they knew and the Jesus of the Roman church strung on a crucifix was not the Christ Light of the Yeshua that they knew who lived to a ripe age and they did not celebrate those instruments of torture. Magdalena was not a prostitute but the wife and equal of Yeshua. For men and women, priests and priestesses of the ‘Cathar order’ were equal. They were ones following the so-called true teachings of the real Christ derived from the original religions of the Essenes and Mandeans that came through Egypt to France with Magdalena and also before through the Isis cults. Their teachings were protected by many until Eleanor d’Aquitane died and then the genocides began. Genocides which also led to the genocides of many women as witches.

Yet they did survive through people like St Francis who took on different robes but shared the same teachings and light, albeit with the church’s blessing. The teachings survived through (some) of the templars, through (some) secret societies, through (some) art, although in the murky occult (hidden) worlds, many of these societies were infiltrated, and then no one knew who or what was what. That then leads to today when conspiracy groups mistakenly state that certain Gods or Goddesses are evil because either Rome said they were, or because they associate with with ‘satanic’ witchcraft cults or nazism, who simply take the beautiful symbols and then invert them and thus simultaneously and cleverly make people think they are evil. Examples may be the number 13 or the pentagram, beautiful symbols of divine feminine, or the Egyptian Gods. If something is occult it doesn't; mean it is evil. Please if you are in any conspiracy groups, go with the energy or words rather than the words themselves for there is a great and worrying misunderstanding of spirituality and infiltration in a lot of these groups which ironically reminds me of the Cathar and witch hunts of Rome, degrading and demonising the goddesses, demonising the ancient and beautiful truths...

And so it is that the LIGHT of the Cathar teachings survives in another way too, beyond societies and orders and scrolls and paintings -

The teachings survive through dreams, meditations, visions, past life memories, activated mediumship of the inner worlds as people wake up.

As such, ‘they’ may do all they can to prevent the spiritual waking of many now, but it is too late. It has begun.

2021 marks the Cathar prophecy because it is now in 2021 that so many are waking up en masse, as Cathars, as ancient ones, as starseed, are priestesses and priests of druidic and Lemurian and other places and realms.

The wake up began a long time ago and each year it gathers momentum but this year 21 is the gateway to 22 - and so the lockdowns only serves to aid that process, for so many now turn within.

It is an energy flooding the planet. The 144 are here and the LIGHT ARMY IS RISEN 21 a year after witnessing the potent symbolism of the white horse raising herself upon the altars of St Peter in Gloucester Cathedral

Please enjoy this blessing prayer for the Cathars here

This is me twenty years ago when I worked for the circus and then last year attending the funeral xx


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