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This is a 50 minutes Light Transmissions with Mary Magdalene and her 12 priestesses, to clear out and extract negative wounds and energy (demons) from your chakras and then ignite them with bright Light. There is no such thing as a demon as in a negative 'entity', but there is negative 'energy' deriving from fear and wounding within, or reacting and resonating to toxicity around us. It is time we stepped up to own our shadows, that are within us and not without of us as separate to us.


This is more than a simple chakra clearing.

It is both a healing and a powerful transmission that is an ancient ceremony and initiation.


This will transmute old wounds, belief systems and stories that you have run again and again all through your life, perhaps even from your childhood, or from previous lifetimes, and also that have run through your ancestral lines, that live in your very dna, and also run through the collective. You will then bring in the new resonance, the new belief system and be able to start to create new stories.  The work we do bypasses the conscious mind. We are working with Light to remove shadow and blast it with Light, so the audios are filled and sealed with the beautiful Light of Goddess.

The bible says Mary Magdalene was a 'sinner' who had 7 demons removed from her by Jeshua her beloved partner. Yet she was not a sinner and she also did energy work for Him. They worked together as equals. And this ancient ceremony has been performed in varied ways by priestess and priestesses for thousands of years in all ancient civilisations. The bible says she went from sinner to saint in her life, yet let us be clear. She was always a saint. She was an Egyptian Priestess and she was also Egyptian royalty. It is complete nonsense that she was once a sinner. Mary Magdalene was never a sinner. Just like none of us are sinners either and never have been. A saint is "a person acknowledged as holy or virtuous". Mary Magdalene was therefore more than a saint, she was living embodiment of Goddess, fully one with Aphrodite Venus Isis Ishtar Asherah, God's wife, the Goddess Mother. She says that this is the same for us. She is a mirror for us. Like her, we have all believed unconsciously or consciously, that we are 'sinners', buying into programs of low belief systems & emotional wounding from self shame, lack of self worth, not feeling good enough etc etc Yet we are now living in a time where we are free to become saints, to access that place within where we shine and radiate the Light of Love, for She is within us. There is a place within each one of us where we are all holding the Goddess within, we are all sacred. So just like we now realise the truth of Mary Magdalene, we are free now to realise that she is reflecting the truth of ourselves. Ia MahoYaLa IaMaHoY IaMaHoYaaah

Blessings to Mary Magdalene, Her time has now come for us all! Rejoice in your self love! Step up now, rise up to the truth of all that you are!

You will receive a simple instruction sheet on how to create ceremony and the 50 minute audio Light Transmission. Do let me know how you get on as I love to hear from people.


"I just wanted to say that I purchased the Mary Magdalene Chakra meditation last night and all I can say is WOW, I truly loved the energy and light from it. I appreciate all your work and the effort you put into it while keeping it affordable , such beautiful energy, light and healing. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You🧡" Kathy


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