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This is the purchase page for one month in Aphrodite's Temple.


It usually costs £380 per month but is currently on a 35% discount at exceptional value of just 222 a month.


You will receive 3 x live powerful quantum leap journeys and activations via zoom spread out through the month. 


If you are doing all 8 months over one year the cost will remain the same for each month even if it returns to 380 in time, you will also receive extra bonus materials such as a priestess manual, sabbat introductions and activation audios. 


ONE MONTH to bathe in her Light anytime you wish 


8 MONTHS SPREAD OVER ONE YEAR to ordain as an Aphrodite Rose Priestess. If you intend to do all 8 please let me know


After purchase please ensure that I have been notified of your purchase by emailing me and I will send you all your link for the zoom call.


In the meantime you can immediately download the disclaimer after purchase to get started.


Please note in order to attend circle you need to have paid in advance or set up an agreed payment plan. If you are doing the pirestess you can pay in full for the year or monthly. Please note no refunds can be given after payment is made and the monthly temple work commenced. Thank you for your understanding.


2nd image painting by Lisa Azzano


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