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This is not actually a reiki ray attunement but this is more of an activation of this energy that has been shared with me by spirit for healing around the following themes and yet it can be called upon to be used like an energy ray for healing for self and others. The attunement offers space for you to connect to its healing light.


​The ray is all about PURIFICATION

This comes in to aid any activation of womb gateway to divine mother within BOTH men and woman, and keep the energy clear (men will feel this in their etheric womb hara)

It is specifically for helping deep intimate connections to others (placenta)

to be crystal clear.

You can thus use it for themes around clearing karma when keeping clear healthy boundaries within your energy field in intimate connections, mother issues, womb portal connection to divine mother


 I woke up very early in the morning on a gateway date 12-3-21 with the words THE PLATINUM PLACENTA RAY. I have not consciously worked with platinum ray much and this came similar to that but as unique ray. It comes to purify CONNECTIONS which is what the sacred placenta is all about. Placenta is all about connections, especially to female and mother line / divine mother, and this womb portal can be activated by deep connections with another (man or woman) ie Connections between people that are deep and thus open the portal in the womb (or hara) that connects us to mother, divine mother. It thus also helps clear birth mother line from mother to mother via placenta. It keeps energy fields clear when intimacy here is born, so one's energy field is clear, ie one does not shadow project nor receive shadow projecting, one is clear and resolved about what is their energy and what is another's. This was not thought about - the words were given in dream time upon waking when processing emotions around this theme. And this is the result of that.


Silver Water Light. This is a silvery feminine ray that comes to help in intimate situations between people who have been energetically close in some way and need to ensure they are not shadows protecting or having shadow projections put upon them. It helps keep the energy clear. 


So it is also linked to work around clearing out energy cords and reclaiming power where you may have given it away and help you with your shadows in case you are putting them onto others, or vice versa. So the waters do not get muddy and stay very clear. It clears and keep things clear. Keep you string in what is yours when you deep deep work with others especially, or else afterwards. Like water it also reflects. Silvery water reflects. Shimmer with clarity.


It also helps as an aid to hold and define boundaries and worth, and keeps what is yours in your energy fields and what is another in theirs.


It is very linked to the feminine and womb portal and that is the placenta part of this. It comes as a ray but like a cord to strengthen and this is linked to placenta. The placenta is the cord that connects us to mother and the ethereal placenta cord connects us to divine mother so the platinum placenta ray strengthens this bond with divine mother and also clears mother line stuff.


You can feel in the centre of your womb portal this place where you seed your baby or dreams, with light coming in there from divine mother. This place is activated when you get intimate with another person heart to heart or hara to womb.

The healing around the placenta is healing mother line stuff too, you connect to you mother through placenta, and her mother and her mother. The matriarchal cultures know this and it all went through mother line. Matriarchal society is not female-dominant but one where man and woman work in perfect symbiosis in their correct and proper places. And it is honoured that the placenta is through the mother, the female line. So when we get activated in the placenta - hara gateway, this portal opens and a lot can come up. 


The placenta is so deeply sacred. She represents this holy lineage through woman to woman, mother to mother, and is the bond. She also represents the gateway to divine mother. The placenta is what connects you to others.  So this is about your deep intimate connections to others (placenta) being clear. When you connect deeply to another you open up this area of placenta in sacral chakra, connected to heart. When it is opened you also open your connection to Goddess Mother. This is why the gateway opens to co create between two people who get close (or to make a baby)


The Platinum placenta ray is bringing deep feminine healing with the sound of water


It clears the emotions, reflects the light, making the energy field crystal clear.


It also connect to female grandmothers of divine wisdom.

You can activate this ray yourself by calling it in and seeing what comes. or if you want guidance please enjoy this Activation audio for £8 donation 


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