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RECENTLY I had a message from a beautiful sister message me. She had been in regression and remembered an ancient Atlantis / Mu life with her circle of 12 priestesses whose job mission was to hide the codes of knowledge in certain vortexes because they knew the darkness would come. She was told that after the solar flash came, she would find again her sisters to resume the soul mission that was interrupted by the invasion.   On separate occasions other women have contacted me saying they had been starting a rose website / book / youtube channel / book etc and then come across Way of the Rose.... 


We are in ascension age now and no longer waiting, and so many sisters and priestesses are waking up. Some have been on the path for a long time, others are new and wondering if this is all crazy nonsense but can’t keep away from it as their soul pulls them back. But it is not new - they have also been on the path many, many lifetimes, all we roses have. There is no one more important rose, as you are all divine, important and needed each in your own unique way.


As the energies accelerate, more and more sisters will remember their circles of 12. The 13th being the Mer Rose teacher. There are 12 of circles of 12. And beyond that another 12 as each had their own 12. Many will feel deeply aligned to the Mer-ys, the Magdalene, Isis and the Goddess mysteries. Even if you did not have had a life then, they will remind you of your priestess roots so you will feel affinity. For there are millions of priestesses and priests awakening now from many lineages and they may first find these Magdalene teachings initially the most accessible introductory ones to the Goddess mysteries. Very often these 12 had a 13th who was the teacher guide holding the circle from the centre.


Mary Magdalene speaks now  -


“Yes there are groups within these priestesses that are deeply affiliated to the rose. You are finding each other now.

There will be more and more of you coming forward and remembering. They will find this site and others. They will set up their own sites and draw their own followers. Or work solely for a while. But it is important that each and everyone one, whether they have been on the path for a long time or not, is seen as an equal and important part of the soul family. You see you are all chosen ones. And we need you to rise together.  There are many of you, but in relation to the world population you are actually very few and so your numbers and family must be strong. You will need one another. So support one another please. Everything is as it should be and the right people are being drawn to the right groups. So keep following your hunches.  The rose sisters are unique.  I am not saying that they are more important than other priestess circles but I am saying that they are unique.  You know if you are rose.  The roses have dedicated themselves to specifically Divine Feminine energies, and to the implantation of light vortex, and often Divine Feminine vortex, into specific places. You are also to remove blocks and to open up pre existing pathways. 


If you want to do deeper work with this remembering, please download this audio meditation. I would like my channel to charge a small amount for this for her energies and also to ensure those who commit to this process are the ones right for it.  Dear ones, if you are rose and want to deepen your work you may do this audio or, as you know, you may drop into meditation with me in your own ways.  You simply ask to be a channel and I will be there for you to transmit for you. Directly. Or you may go to a channel to ask for her guidance.  Remember the more that come to you the better, you will attract those sisters that are like minded and from the same rose lineages and circles. You are circles within circles and every one is sacred. Please now is the time to remember dear ones, remember well and be blessed as you do….”

If you feel you are a Rose and meant to download this 30 minute awakening transmission, please do so here.

It is 30 minutes audio meditation and transmission to anchor within you your rose awakening - remembering your Rose vows taken in your circle of 12 in Mu.


Note that this is an attunement, awakening and dedication into your rose priestess frequency. It is not a certificated Priestess course. You may then continue on to do courses in certifying as a priestess if you desire, but this is the moment you take in the Rose frequency and awaken the frequency within you and make your dedication. You may do this whatever place on the path you are in this lifetime - whether you be a high priestess already in another lineage, or new to the spiritual path, this transmission is for everyone who is rose in their soul (and you will just know) to deepen and awaken a specific frequency of the ROSE.. So you have awaken to that frequency within you and it is from this moment that your soul awakens to being a Rose and as such you may find that magnetise the rose priestess journey ahead...or wherever Goddess leads you on your Rose journey. 

If you are meant to do this you will know.

The main awakening activation is 30 minutes, but please take an entire afternoon or day for yourself to dwell in the vibrations and do other mediations with it. You will also draw to you other meditations, groups / reachers etc that resonate and accompany this, as you have now awakened to the rose energies.

* This is nice to also do along with the Rose Venus Temple Transmission, both of which will be given to those who enrol on the Way of the Rose course.


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