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This moon is said to activate the lucky star that brings in freedom, positive change and new opportunities and relationships. Moving from fire and Leo energy into earth energy and pisces energy as we enter Autumn. How do you stand grounded in the Earth whilst everything is in chaos around you?  There is a lot of energy going on this moon. In September we head into the Equinox which is the time of Mabon and the perfect balance. In what way are you balanced and in what way are you divided?


The name of this September moon is the Full Corn Moon because it corresponds with the time of harvesting corn, thus like the August moon it was also known as a Barley Moon, as this is a continuation of the theme of harvesting barley.  We have had the harvest in August with Lughnasadh and Lion's gate and this is the harvest moon that takes us into the Equinox on 21st / 22nd.  The full Moon that happens nearest to the September Equinox always takes on the name Harvest Moon, and so when September’s full Moon occurs early in the month, the full Moon of early October lands nearest to the autumnal equinox and it will thus take on the Harvest Moon title instead.  That’s the case when this transmission was made in 2020, and these special energies are in the transmission that is relevant for all times.

Now it is time to bring the 2 opposites together like never before. I awoke from a dream with the word ‘bifurcation’ which means ‘the division of something into two branches or parts’ and not long before I had awoken from a dream with a vision of a division of 2 separate lands, East and West, Atlantis and Lemuria, mountains and plains divided by sea, Male and Female. Yet I knew I belonged to both lands and it was time to connect to unifying them both after lifetimes.

The bifurcation continues. The 12 tribes have been separated. Polarity exists as it has done so for thousands of years. Polarity between the male and female (within each of us regardless of gender) and between races and class and countries and tribes….And as the masks fall away and we look at each faction - from environmental destructions & tribal wars (standing rock) to destruction of history (notre dame) to issues of gender (weinstein) to race (George Floyd & BLM) and now children (Pedowood & Maxwell)…. every single rock is being unturned and every issue raised. And regardless of who started the fires and their incentives, the destruction always comes for the highest good in the end. The root of the bifurcation is within each of us, it is a division within each one of us, of mind body and soul. It is a fragmentation that causes a core wound that then creates stories in our lives, and we can get lost in the endless stories or hall of mirrors (reflections of the wounds) always acting out from a gaping wound within, which is the foundation of materialism and capitalism. Today in the world without we see this bifurcation that comes out of the original wounding (separation from God) continue with - to mask or not to mask, to vaccinate or not to vaccinate, to test or not to test etc

Nothing is as it seems. Everything is crumbling. There is huge division and huge stress. Stress held by different opposing factions = division. 


So as we enter into this full moon period of September we are also going out into the world as schools commence. Yet September is the time of the Mabon Autumn Equinox which falls on 21/22, and the Equinox is a time when the planet is in equal balance. It is the time or date at which the sun crosses the celestial equator, when day and night are of equal length. And because this is all about equal balance it is of course an opportunity to find equal balance within. 


If we want to change the world without, we always go within

and do the energy work there first in the emotional body.


So this moon we are going to continue the work of the last harvest moon

To go within

This moon we are going to harness the light

This moon we are going to release all that must go and is time to go now,

This moon we are going to go into earth to ground as we enter the autumn and as the old leaves fall away we will stand clear like the tree

To see the good in the world and the positive opportunities now coming to light

And to shift the discord, dissonance and bifurcation

To instead create unity and oneness within us

To bring the 2 together

Using the symbol of the vesica pisces 

Thus activating your lucky star


Before listening to the audio, I invite you to journal now answers to these questions so that when you listen to the meditation you may have some key words and feelings about what you want to release now, stories in your life, emotions, reflections etc


  • Where are you opposed in your life? 

  • Where are you divided? 

  • What conflicts are in your life and in your emotions right now? 

  • What needs to be washed away completed and released for you at this time?

  • How do you stand grounded in the Earth whilst everything is in chaos around you? 

  • How can you hold strong and have faith in the divine plan whilst the world tumbles around you in confusion? 

  • How can you find positive ways around limitations? 

  • What limitations are you self imposing which you no longer need to carry around with you?

  • Looking out for good positive news - What amazing positive work and people do you see happening in the world on the political stage and in the covid situation, as well as in you own life?



You may then download the 51 minute audio meditation and the longer pdf version of this script here, for this months' teachings here


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