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I love this reiki. It was channeled by Reiki Master Stephanie Brail in 2007 and it can be used to call in a sacred beloved, to heal existing relationships, and it is not just for partners but for friends or friends, and to call in your soul tribe.

Twin flames are actually manifestations that occur when our own twin flame of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine is united within us. Yet this reiki is more about soul mates, it brings in the love within of yourself and allows you to draw in that energy of feeling loved by your family, calling in the one or ones to connect and hold and support and love you as you love yourself. So therefore Soul Mate Reiki is a beautiful, simple system to connect soul mates together, this energy works whatever your beliefs, whether you believe that everyone has just one soul mate or many soul mates throughout their life.  This is a very gentle, pure energy form.

In her manual to accompany this attunement the founder explains, “Soul Mate Reiki can also be used for non-romantic soul mate relationships, such as with friends or loved ones. A soulmate is somebody that is put into your life so that you can learn different lessons and involve your soul.


This is a one-level system that includes one soul mate symbol. You will also learn a simple technique to clear out negative energetic attachments that might be blocking soul mate connections. This system does not depend upon you believing in any specific philosophy about soul mates, it will work with whatever belief of soul mates that you hold, whether it is the twin flame, the one, multiple soul mates, soul friends, etc. Once you are attuned you can use the energies like regular Reiki energies, you can use the energies to connect you with your soul mate, you can use the energies to connect a client with their soul mate. It can be used to help existing relationships as well as being used to manifest new relationships.”


Although not required, some knowledge of healing and energy work is useful before taking this attunement.

- Soul Mate Reiki distance attunement via chi ball
- Soul Mate original manual by Stephanie Brail including a symbol to use
- Certificate and lineage only if requested
- Ongoing email support and advice if required

INSTRUCTIONS The information for the course (manual) will be available to download as soon as you purchase. You then need to email me to let me know & I will then prepare the attunement and send it to you in a chi ball. I will email you when it is ready. You may then sit in meditation to receive. 


I also offer this as part of the Sacred beloved course.


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