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this is the same as the june moon transmission but is also provided with an extra activation


What was shown to be called 'The 13th Chakra' (words that came to me in dream space) came in for me unexpectedly yet very powerfully in June 2020 for June moon as a white rose and as Christed consciousness and then interestingly it came in another transmission as a Pink Magenta Rose. It links to the 13th Pyramid Rising (words that also came to me upon waking from a dream) which is within us all and yet is also connected above Denderah Temple the place where manna was made, and the place of the Golden Hathors, and it also connects to the 13 moons. 13 being the sacred Goddess number of Divine Feminine.


I say it came in June 2020 but in truth we have all been working with this rose for some time now, but it was only in June 20 that it was named the 13th chakra to me and I was shown that the 13th Chakra is the Golden Rose,  the White Rose of Christ Consciousness and the Pink Magenta Rose of Love, it contains all the roses, and it is waking now in all, it is from Venus, and it is the Rose Venus Portal. It is Mother energy and it is the Portal to the Goddess to the Mother.  The 13th Chakra is Love, unconditional Love and links to the other chakras, the heart especially and this is why it rises and opens after some spiritual work and some chakra clearing & realignment. Through this Rose Portal we connect to the Womb of the whole universe, Goddess Mother, we become one with Her Light and we allow Her to enter us.


I felt it in the womb area the womb portal where life is conceived, the portal to Great Mother, and also I felt it in the heart. I received information that for the majority (but we are all unique) it is in the heart for men and womb for women. If you had your womb removed it is still very much there for this is an energy. Yet I am also shown that is an all encompassing chakra that fills the whole aura and acts as portal to Divine Mother.

The Divine Feminine energy wakes up the Divine Masculine which in turn supports the Divine Feminine to wake. This is an energy not an ideology, it is an experience and not a rational. You feel it. It is the antidote to the fear based programs and the light holders / light workers are the ones holding the 13th chakra of the rose, whether aware of it or not.'Sacred' is the antidote to 'Scared'.  This is the energy that is the quiet revolution that is bringing in the new Age of Light. 

You may receive the 13th chakra activation through asking yourself in meditation, through any Rose Light work you do in any modality, and if you are interested in going deeper with guidance in this then I highly recommend both the following audios -

1. the June Moon Light Transmission of the White Rose Christed Consciousness 

2. Fruits of Life Chakra Sacred Activation & Light Transmission




This is a Sacred Activation for a whole body chakra clearing and alignment, it clears out old beliefs and it re-aligns and lights up all the chakras, simultaneously, on all levels and in all dimensions. It comes through the Sacred Activation Modality from Tamra Oviatt. However after it was complete, during the recording I was guided to bring in activation of a new 13th chakra portal as one of my own Ishtara Rose light transmission, so this is at the end. It felt like the chakras were being prepared for the 13th to then light up. We start with the main 7 chakras, and then we go beyond into energetic points and other chakra systems and there are various different ones. This covers them all, whichever system you follow or not.  Having your chakras cleared and realigned means you can manifest abundance must easier so expect big changes in your life.  The energy in this is super powerful and is the equivalent of weeks of healing. It can be repeated as often as you like for full body energy clearing and alignment, and repetition on this is highly recommended, but you follow your own inner guidance. The energy will only run if you are ready or need it, if it doesn't run it means you don't need it. Each time you listen it will be different experience for you too. Also expect possible detoxification for some of you either physically or emotionally in the days that follow, especially the first time in listening. Expect big shifts from this.

Some of you may also be also drawn to receiving this in combo with  

Mary Magdalene's light transmission chakra healing 

and the June 13th chakra light transmission.

However remember that this alone has super powerful affects and is enough, so just do as you are drawn.


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