Mary Magdalene priestess training




A year long training to become a Magdalene Priestess of the Rose


with Ishtara Rose


These Magdalene Rose teachings follow nature's wheel of the year, through the 8 pagan sabbats, and are transmitted orally with light transmission audio journeys, that will bring you back to yourself to access the knowledge you had in past lives that you have lived as a priestess. You are looked over by Mary Magdalene, she who is both the Black Madonna, Queen and Nazarene High Priestess, of the Waters and of the Isis-Ishtar Lineage, as you enter into the Rose Venus Temple of the 8 star. Here you will also work with many other teachers from the Light as you delve into the mysteries within.  


This is a unique and specific lineage of the rose, both utterly ancient and yet newly available in this way. The course is based upon the ideas that if you want to heal the Earth first Heal thySelf, for we are the Earth and the Earth is us. You will follow the path to Light through navigating the truths within, and this is the ongoing path of healing based upon the concept of "as within = so without" - that everything is a mirror from your self within. And so as you dive within to face your inner truths and wounds without fear, transmuting the 7 wounds through the 7 gates,  filling the deep deep well with Her waters of self love and self worth, you start to return from duality into oneness with Her Light Within.  Ascension is prophesied and Her time has come!

When we intend by our soul to walk in a temple like this, spirit then also brings the life lessons to us that we need to traverse, so all that occurs within the whole year is part of the spiritual journey in temple on the path to wholeness. This is the ancient path of 'gnosis' (knowledge in Greek) or 'manda' (knowledge in Aramaic) where we learn self mastery on the path of inner healing.

This is the very sacred, pure and particular gentle rose lineage of the pink rose of self love, by Mary Magdalene and other water Goddesses and teachers of this Rose lineage will come to you, such as Mother Mary, Aphrodite, Quan Yin, Isis, Saint Anandamayi Ma and many other teachers will step forward for you including those who represent the Divine Masculine as well as the Divine Feminine. The rose symbolises the Divine Feminine ray yet working and bringing her in, we allow the Divine Masculine to awaken so in the way of the rose we actually align and work with both energies to create Heiros Gamos - Christos Sophia - divine relationship -twin flame - our sacred marriage of our 2 yin yang energies within. 

Once upon a time, at the beginning of time, long long ago there was the Divine Cosmic Mother, centre of the galaxy, centre of all creation and she took her self and split herself into many pieces and placed these pieces into the hearts of the divine sisters and these sisters have been reborn again again and again. In some lives they have forgotten, in others they remembered. In Mu they took their vows. And these vows now are to be awakened in each and everyone of them. There are many of you. And you are all rose sisters. There are many circles of 12 and each 12 was held by a 13th and each of the 13 are also part of a 12 and each of the 12 had their own 12 and circles within circles... and each and everyone is important part of the crystal grid of the rose, and each and everyone is needed. These circles of 12 have lived on throughout time, through Isis and the Egyptian Mer teachings that more 'recently' Mary Magdalene and the water priestesses, or the Marys, belonged to. The roses are now walking the Earth holding the keys and the flame of the Divine Feminine, helping to anchor in the ascension light. So come now and awaken to your soul, to the rose within. Deep within you hold this Light, these mysteries, and it is now time to awaken to live fully unto your destiny and the truth of who you are.


Once trained you will be initiated as a priestess, hold the pink rose plus others that may come to you, and receive the blessings of the gold rose held by Magdalena-Isis-Ishtar. You will be able to run circles to share the ancient wisdom of the rose that comes to you, call yourself a Rose or Magdalene Priestess or use the full title of “Magdalene Priestess of the Rose”, and work as a priestess to channel in healings, meditations and ceremonies, however spirit personally guides you, with my continued support.  You may continue to do a High Priestess year long training the following year and after the completion of this you may go onto train others to become Magdalene Priestesses taking the course teachings and making them your own in the ways spirit has guided you during your training.


The ancient wisdom of the rose is already within you waiting to be activated and this Priestess course will take you deeply into activating it. It is a rite of passage, a year long activation through the 8 sabbats of the natural cycles, or wheel of the year, to collect 8 unique personal roses for you. The journey is a full integration into the pink rose of this lineage of self love, and in your initiation you will receive the gold rose of your sovereignty, awakening to your inner knowledge, your ancient vows and your rose lineage. This is your full and deep initiation into fully becoming the Magdalena Rose Priestess...

You may do this from anywhere in the world.

The current circle in this Rose Temple is now full, yet email me if you wish to go on the list for the next cycle Spring 2020



Please take time to commit to this course as a priority this year. This is not ‘just another self-help audio course’ to sign up to. This is a deep and powerful life changing certificated teacher training priestess course.

  • Opening light transmission into the Rose Venus Temple

  • Introductory information sheet on each Sabbat with course notes

  • 24 x guided audio journeys to have for life (visualisation and shamanic travel) with light transmissions - these are spread out over the year to follow the wheel of nature. There are 3 audio workshops each sabbat, and there are 8 sabbats in the year

  • Personal channeled feedback & guidance unique for you for each of your 8 sabbat workshops, and these will bring you personal messages and further exercises for your own growth to explore in your own time

  • One live zoom call for each of the 8 sabbat workshops, available on replay by audio

  • Ongoing  feedback and support by me and your sisters in our private sisterhood rose temple group, for all those in this priestess lineage to connect together... I check into our temple regularly to receive you there and you may share as much as you wish to

  • Extra meditations and themes are regularly posted in the group 

  • End of year initiation ceremony by audio in your own time after presentation of an essay of your journey

  • Once initiated as a Magdalene Rose Priestess you will be able to hold circles, ceremonies, healing and readings as a Priestess and continue to be a part of and receive our support in the group 

  • You may also have the opportunity to continue with the High Priestess 1 year Training if you want to dive deeper and be able to train other people to become Magdalene Priestesses if you are ready

  • Possibility of an optional retreat in Provence France in Summer 2021 to visit the Magdalene Caves together (not included in the cost of the course) wide situation dependant...


Places for the next temple training

September 2021 - September 2022 are now filled.



Places are only offered to those on the waiting list.

This temple is for all people of all backgrounds, ages, cultures and also levels of awakening.

Bonded by our mutual love of Goddess, we will have different outlooks on certain topics, and we respect that.

However you do need to be aware of the following before signing up on this course -

  • 1 am not a believer of Vack & Coco. You do not have to agree. Our focus here is on energy work, we change the world frequency through working with energy and through alignment to the rose. 

  • I do not believe in dark entities and teach that any such thing is actually simply negative energy and always bring it back to our own stuff within which we must take responsibility for. If this ethos challenges you, then this course is not for you.

  • If you have a history of mental illness / medication, please let me know. This is a mediumship course and thus you need to be in a stable place because you will be opened up.

  • If you are on another priestess training at the same time it is best you wait until you have completed before you commence this one (and don’t do 2 at the same time). If you have ever commenced or completed another priestess training previously I need to be informed who it was with.

  • I will support you this year as best I can from afar through holding the online group where we commune, but I am not a qualified doctor nor counsellor. So I will meet you and encourage you to open and share when and if things arise, so that we can move forward together, but you also need to take complete responsibility for yourself and to seek any further in-person therapeutic support, should you need it - for this reason you need to sign a simple disclaimer upon enrolment

  • This is an online course. You therefore need to be able to download files and store them, participate online, be active online in a facebook group, and take your own responsibility for all technological accessibility downloading and longterm logging and storage, this is up to you. If you have issues purchasing sabbats I can send to you by retransfer or aim to help as much as I can but I am not a tech consultant so it is your responsibility to download and store audios in your own ways for future replays etc 

  • Finally please inform me which hemisphere you live in because those of you in the southern hemisphere will follow the sabbat wheel of nature in a different order to those in the northern hemisphere.

rose venus temple




THE ROSE IS HELD BY THE DIVINE GODDESS  The Divine Goddess is Goddess of all the Goddesses, who are all aspects of the one Goddess, She is One Light and her main symbols of Divine Feminine are the Rose and the Ankh, and there are many others such as the stars, the vesica pisces and the fish.  Her Light is brought to us by Mary Magdalene as well as so many other Goddesses from the Rose who each hold her rays and many roses, each representing different aspects of Her, and many Masters of both Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine rays will come to you. 

This rose course is held in the light in a ROSE VENUS TEMPLE where you will visit often. THE ROSE VENUS TEMPLE IS THE PINK ROSE OF MARY MAGDALENE and all the Marys & the Great Goddesses, and the pink rose of self love is our grounding and it also brings in the THE GOLDEN ROSE of Sovereignty and divinity. But also you will find your own other unique roses each rose holds a flame or Light. You could be called to experience the red rose of womb honouring & sacred sex, the black rose of skull of death & mirror of truth, the blue rose of truth and speaking out and madonnas of Sirius and the waters, the yellow rose of empowerment and joy and warmth. It will become your path and your initiation. For we each resonate to different paths, or orders, of the rose - sometimes one, or for some it is many or even all of them.  This is the first Rose course of this kind. It is the path of the Golden Rose into your divinity and sovereignty, both very ancient lineage, way back through Isis to Ishtar the Golden one to the Great One Cosmic Mother, and it is also very new and unique to these times today. It is the ancient path of the rose that has come through since the beginning of time, known later as The Way by MM. It comes to you through the mystery teachings that have passed through to the pagan teacher (now passed to spirit) of my own teacher Margaret Hunt by word of mouth. And it also comes uniquely through me as Ishtara Rose from all my own journeys and visions direct from MM and my other guides and past lives during my own trainings,  in my crystal circle in U.K. and by the waters & sacred temples in France. Finally the teachings also come to you from your own shamanic journeys and thus become your own unique wisdoms. 



So the path becomes very personal and unique to you, as you will visually journey in a guided shamanic way, and everyone experiences the same workshop journey differently. You are guided to learn by experiencing direct contact with spirit, from your own inner wisdoms from your past lives & higher self, guided to your own source soul that knows everything within for within you have all the answers. You awaken to your soul Higher Self knowledge within. As you directly connect to your guides and higher self, you will open your channels of divination, empowerment and wholeness and becoming your own teacher - as you already have all the knowledge within. So you will open up your mediumship.


Yet the path of the priestess is also about the experience of your own self healing on this wheel of nature, which enables you to become the teacher and healer. It is about coming home to your whole self for the first time in many lifetimes, as you stand as a channel for the Goddess ushering in the new age. in order to do that you will need to experience directly how to work in self worth and love, without fear (which is now an outdated concept). You will learn to apply alchemical healing bu facing and transmuting shadows for yourself that stand in the way of your wholeness, which enables you to hold this for others and for the planet, with death and rebirth as the basis of all healing in your role as a priestess to transmute. And as you do, you will release and transmute old layers for yourself into birthing in the new light and connect back to the light of your higher self and soul.  The course is presented in a way that means that you work alone and thus learn to develop direct connection with MM, empowering you into the fullness of who you are. Events within every day life will also become part of the inner journey you follow and you will draw to you people and events that reflect what you need to learn. This is the foundation of gnosis, which means learning through direct experience. As you learn to navigate this alone, you will have the ongoing support of myself, the group and the teachings.


The teachings are transmitted orally. There are 8 sabbats based on the natural wheel of the year; and there are 3 audio workshops each sabbat for you to download and listen to in your own time, and you are responsible for ensuring that they are done in order and you have kept enough time to do the 3rd workshop on the correct sabbat ceremonial date. These connect you into nature and her rhythms, and the guided audio jounreys contain energetic transmissions of light and colour that flow into your aura, so as you listen you receive the flame and the codes of Mary Magdalene and the rose. This Rose Priestess course follows the pagan calendar from UK traditions but can be applied to anyone anywhere and you can easily bring your own cultural traditions to these teachings in your own ways. 

It is recommended to write daily in a journal throughout the year. There may be homework and ongoing meditations and journaling as you will wish to immerse within. So at times you will have lots on and others there will be more space, depending where we are at in the wheel of the year. The course is designed so that you may fit this in part time around other demands such as family and work. It is necessary to complete and write up each workshop and ceremony experience in this Facebook group and to do the homework to receive your initiation and certificate.  

Each workshop will bring the ancient mysteries of the priestess connecting you in a very profound way to the earth’s natural rhythms. As you work through each turning of the wheel at the corresponding time you will be naturally attuned to the changing seasons of the year.  You will journey through the aspects of the wheel of the year and through the different archetypes of the goddess; you will heal yourself at the same time as learning the ways of the priestess. The course can be commence at any point of the year, if there is space in the temple, but a completion of the entire 8 parts must be accomplished.  


Active online sharing in the private FB group is essential 

The temple is held in this private online group. I do not teach this training privately, so to do this audio course you have to be happy to be actively online and sharing in this facebook group with the others. The more you share the more you get out of it so I encourage you to share much more than the basic requirements of your course workshops and to connect with one another as much as you can, posting inspirations or request for healing and so on, for we all learn from one another. 

I cannot enter into individual email correspondence to provide feedback, this will only be done via the facebook group. As part of the course, after each workshop you must write up your workshop experiences in this private facebook group, and it is here that I will comment for you and help you to go deeper with the gifts and guides that spirit has brought you. This small group will contain only those who do, or have done, this course. It is therefore completely confidential for those only in this temple. The facegroup group is simply a tool we use to gather and stay in daily contact in our own different time zones, and it works very well for this purpose. 




You must keep a journal and notes of all your experiences to refer to at the end of the entire year as upon the completion of the course you must write a short essay of approximately 2,000 words on your journey. From reading your essay I will be shown if you are ready for your initiation as a Magdalene Rose Priestess. If you need more time to work with the teachings then this will be given.




The initiation will be done at a distance soul to soul with instructions given for the performance of the ceremony.  Following the initiation you can use the full title of “Magdalene Priestess of the Rose” and you can lead rose meditation, healing and ceremony and set up your own circle to share the ancient mysteries - the mysteries are already within you waiting to be activated. Afterwards I will continue to support you in your role as a priestess and teacher and you may lead ceremonies, meditations or moon circles, and work as a healer. If you wish to, you may then continue to the High Priestess 12 month Training which enables you to go deeper still and also to train others to be priestesses.



the 8 pointed star of the sabbat wheel

Please make a note of these dates as you will need to manage your time carefully

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 11.21.32.png

* Please note that the dates of the Sabbats can vary by 1 or 2 days each year. 

* If you live in the southern hemisphere please ensure that you let me know as I will send you workshops according your own seasons which differ to the northern hemisphere. 

Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 17.54.00.png
Mary magdalene cave in st baume cave



There MAY be an option to attend a Sacred Priestess Rose Gathering to visit the caves of Mary Magdalene in St Maximin la Saint Baume, as shown in the image above. This is not a part of the course and is not included in the cost of the training. This is dependant on the current world travel situation.

BY SIGNING UP TO THIS COURSE YOU AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING DISCLAIMER This will be a deep and wondrous journey into the rose. Part of this path is deep diving into your inner emotional wounds and so anything that needs healing or facing will arise for release. The guides, especially Magdalena, will hold you. I will be here to support you through out, to the best of my ability, on the fb group. However, if you need any further help healing or therapy outside of the supportive space that I hold for you, it is your responsibility to find that. And so, by signing up to this course you agree to take acceptance of this and full responsibility for your own well being. Due to the nature of this course, it is a requirement to ensure that you inform me before starting if you have ever suffered from any diagnosed mental or emotional condition or addiction issues with untreated substance abuse. This course aims to enable and encourage you to take full responsibility for your well being in ways you may never have done before, as you you dive deeper into yourself self worth and self loving, your empowered boundaries will become clearer and thus more radiant.


This path is designed to be done easily at home in your own time and fit around necessary demands such as work & family.  All you need to do is sit back and absorb the 3 AUDIO TEACHINGS OF THE 8 SABBATS, trusting in the process. However, a level of time commitment to your path is essential. In the lead up to the Sabbat dates you will have these 3 audios to do, and there are 4 quieter months that allow integration spaced through the year. During the year you will need to be prepared to -

  • Keep a journal

  • Do the 2 audio Light Transmission Star Journeys (approx one hour each) each sabbat on time for your 3rd audio of the Ceremony 

  • Try to attend the sabbat zoom call, also available on replay by audio

  • Write up a summary of your sabbat work in the private facebook group immediately after the ceremony

  • You will be given extra meditations in your own personal feedback and ongoing guidance

  • Regular participation, interaction and sharing in the online group is essential practise for your mediumship with one another

  • You learn through gnosis (direct knowledge and experience)and therefore your inner and outer life will become your classroom for the year, as you create a direct connection to MM within in your own space at home with a private Goddess altar 

  • At the end of the year you need to write an essay of your journey to be initiated 

It is your optional choice to delve deeper into research and meditations beyond the required sabbat workshops - either ones you find yourself or ones suggested on the PDFs.  The more you put in the more you get out, and it is up to you how much you become involved. Yet even if at times you do the bare minimum, you will still be held in the temple and undergo a beautifully powerful alchemical soul growth naturally over the course of the year as the course requirements contain more than enough to integrate the teachings. 


Isis Magdalene and the Rose