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In the French revolution nothing was as it seemed.

In the French revolution nothing was as it seemed. Bad people masked as good, whilst good people were called bad.

The propaganda was orchestrated and planned by secret societies for some time. Marie Antoinette (born 1755, or 855, venus numbers) was aware and many times attempted to warn her ‘brother’ friend, the king (whom she married at a mere 14) but he was not able to hear and was so heavily influenced in court by some suspicious characters.

So that by the time it came, she was not surprised but he was completely taken aback. She chose through out it all to stay by his side despite many opportunities to escape. They had loyalty towards one another that was god given. He gave his blessing to her love for Axel Von Fersen and their children since it gave him relief of having to fulfil those duties of love of which he was not capable.

There were many secret societies, some for the light some on the bad sides. It was all topsy turvy, she was set up time again (such as the saga of the necklace) and the vile untrue rumours continue in historical accounts to this day (propaganda movies or incorrect sayings that she never said, like 'let them eat cake' and so forth). Just like the Cathar were accused of being evil by the ones who orchestrated carefully their horrific demise, wise women called witches, or the war upon natives who are the guardians of the sacred lands.

Marie Antoinette remains one of the most misunderstood women. She was a t totaler (yet loved chocolate) preferred to be left alone the countryside in peace, was devout to goddess ways, a rose, she was very sensitive and private, she was a writer and a poet, and also loved beauty, fabric, fashion, crystals, and most of all she loved flowers and her private garden as an amateur gardener and it was here she found peace. Her feminine ways and love of nature, meant that she was only happy in her cottage where she escaped often (and did not even want to see servants there), and even this led to more smear campaigns accused of inappropriately emulating peasants. She struggled immensely with the courtiers, the gossip and being a public figure.

But one of the biggest mistruths about Marie Antoinette was the suffering at the end. Actually she held on to her faith in the light to the very end and she was protected in that. So much so that I even wonder if like her son, she was swopped and got out at the last, because I feel very much she was protected, not as fantastical wishing, but it is what I get. I see her walking away in light, despite her choice to stay to the last and do the right thing. There are many stories of people being swopped over, and of course there was the power to do so and it often happens through history and wars. The evidence of dna tests is said by many to be falsified to dispel rumour and there is nothing online about her survival although plenty of different intriguing information and misinformation regarding her son’s survival and life in America (many imposters also) such as the claim that Prince Louis Charles became Daniel Payseur of the Payseur family or in the book Louis XVII Survived the Temple Prison, the DNA proof, by Charles Louis De Bourbon.

There are many stories of aristocrat’s escapes to America and hidden pockets of Europe. For example, a woman nicknamed the dark countess (given that no one ever saw her) who was a french aristocrat and very wealthy, who appeared from nowhere and used a false name, lived alone in a castle in Germany with a male servant and never ever saw or spoke to anyone. Some presume it was her daughter who swopped with her illegitimate twin, (portraits of her drastically changed before and after the revolution) or perhaps it was even MA herself, it would put her as arriving to the castle aged around 50 and dying aged 80. Other examples are the rumours that she lived on at the mansion in Pennsylvania called the French Azilum. But there nothing much online about her survival.

One thing is for sure, that the story of her life is all about deception, the danger of unfounded rumours, misinformation, propaganda, illusion, gossip... as well as a story of a noble rose who held the light through out it all.

Today the echoes of this same war are rife, with good people heavily demonised by people masking to be something they are not. Yes sure no doubt that are unsavory characters in the elite and as spiritual cult leaders who need to be exposed. Yet at the same time, this demonisation of elite and spiritual teachers and so forth is very dangerous indeed, there are elite members and spiritual teachers who are not at all what they are accused to be, by groups such as q anon, and who are good innocent beautiful people.

This is a time to have your wits about you and not succumb to demonisation from clever propaganda nor to get sucked into sensationalism of fear drama, suspicion and gossip.

Truther channels giving truth on the one hand but horrific mistruths on the other (ie Icke) seeding much suspicion and darkness that comes with that. Innocent people taken in and believing awful things that are not true. Thinking anyone working with an eye or the 13 is evil, but this is continued demonisation of the Goddess. Yes these light symbols and goddesses have been hijacked by unsavory people and groups, yet there are plenty of good beautiful people working with the true origins of these symbols in the light.

Let us be very careful in these times when everything is topsy turvy, when goddesses are attempted to be witch hunted again by certain groups like q anon, let us check the energy of things and not get sucked into hearsay and false accusations. As we all know, anything these days can be faked to look real with advanced tech & AI, you can even make someone appear to be saying something with their lips. So we must trust our own inner knowing which is beyond the rational mind, especially in a time of topsy turvy propaganda.

The ones who pay the karma of blood on their hands for the innocent beautiful souls in the cosmic wars in these ways, are those who orchestrate the propaganda and yet be aware of those also who have been sucked into the narrative, buy into it and thrive off it, and fully believe in it and so demonise good people in their own illusions, since that enables them to project their own wounds without, remaining the victim of something ‘out there’.

In the end there is a choice. Do you spend your time suspicious and accusing and looking for bad people, bad things, or do you spend your time, focused on the light. Not in a blind way like the french king, but in a way that is aware of the energies, very aware, and then choosing what to plug into and what to unplug from.

In the end there is a divine law of karma. There is no 'right or wrong', morality is a human concept. There IS energy - what one projects, comes back. You reap what you sow. What one gives out, or buys into, is what one gets back. What you search for, you shall find. We are all energy balls of frequency and what we focus on is what we find and manifest. Those who focus on the heavier energies are in that reality, those who focus on the light are in the light. As said, this is not bypassing, we have our eyes open, and choose through it all to take self responsibility and focus on the deeper paths of ascension.

Did those who orchestrated the revolutions behind the scenes, the ones who exploited the innocents (the innocents being both royals as well as every day people and the so called 'peasants' who were misled by them into rebellion), did they win that war? No they did not. For there is also an after life and this is just one plane of existence. What you give, you get back. If you dedicate your life to light and love, you will be held in light and love, through it all. You make a choice what energy to dwell within and that comes back time again, life after life. This is the lesson of Marie Antoinette, and also of Mary Magdalene and all the other women who have been demonised in her name, yet continue through it all to shine the light.

This time around, light wins on the material planes. There will be a crumbling. So hold fast through it all, there will be much finger pointing and accusations of who is evil and demonisation, much correct, and yet much incorrect. A lot of strange events causing much rumour (ie at time of writing, missing Kate and ironically her constant bandaged fingers).

But through it all, through all the intrigues and rumours,

there is only one ultimate truth.

That is, that there is nothing but light.

Hold true to that.

Blessing prayer for Marie Antoinette and Mary Magdalene


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