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Received March 4th 2020

“This is 2 ‘pyramids’ joined emanating Lemurian rainbow energies and it looks brilliant white and actually is filled with diamond. We can place these diamond pyramids in sacred sites by simply imagining them there. Place them in all the points where the Christ grids meet, upon grid lines and vortexes, above countries, and even in or on your own body and chakras. Whatever feels good. They are purest highest vibration and they clear purify radiate transmute all instantly to light. They can’t be destroyed they can’t be removed. They are very powerful and very beautiful. They came in through the collective powerful & beautiful energies of our priestess rose temple, and they are for anyone who is drawn to share and share... spread the light, place them everywhere! Get to know feel them for yourself and allow them to come in through you in the unique way they want to come in for you. There is great healing here”

This is an example but this is for you to play with.

Selection of comments from social sharing -

  • I'm usually shy, but have to share my first finished stained glass piece, finished last month. "Unity"...White diamond angelic beings, (Us) touching heaven and earth, supported/held/surrounded by the blue realm. This shape has become very important to me, since first visit to Shasta 2018. Peace and Blessings. (image of exact same shape posted!)

  • I have a double crystal pyramid that I use for sound healing.It is amazing how it makes the clients feel renew,revitalized,reborn,realign and clear…

  • Confirmation. I’ve been using these for 2 years thank you 

  • Wow such a beautiful confirmation of the trance work I’ve been busy with lately. Santa Maria. The Magdalenes. The Rose Shekinah. Isis and the Brotherhoods and sisterhoods of light revealing deep and transformative geometries for cleansings and blessings and protections Perfect!!! 

  • Stepping deeper in dimensions, aspects of creations, moving deeper, creating aspects of Merkaba. In energy work the symbols of joining triangle of feminine and masculine, such as the six pointed star. The vessel of receiving and the vessel giving. One triangle upon the other, when seen in dimensions is the pyramid energy intertwining, moving into manifestation, ultimately creating the Merkaba, sacred symbols, within energy frequency and vibration

  • Yes yes yes!! I call this the internal Compass and it came through to me whilst teaching my Light filled Yoga class back in 2013! It is the first thing I teach anyone and activating it - the North, South, East, West points are the square bases of the pyramid and the above and below points... the internal compass sits in the middle anywhere in your body and is like a healing sceptre - you are in the middle, that your internal Compass guides you and you can allow it to show you where to go or direct the energy into your body where you feel it needs to go. It is powerful protection that you can activate around yourself, or like you mentioned, can place them on anything. I too teach this for house/land clearing and protection - coming from the inside out, we are activating this powerful vortex of energy so it isn’t a ‘shield’ of protection which can be isolating. Ah, not sure why all this came out! This is awesome!

  • I LOVE the diamond light and use it soooo much! Maybe that’s why this came up in my feed!

  • Thankyou so much for sharing!  Yesterday I was driving and I got this message. All the pyramids are coming on line. Vortex equilibrium. Ra-in-bow. The earths magnetic key lines of opposing polaraties. The cure is centrecpoint**The 2 opposing tetras of magnetic force. SPinning by phi in perfect vortex equilibrium. As within, So without. Amazed to see this. Thankyou

  • This is a method I have been using with crystals for couple of years. This can be done on self or another, either seated or lying down. You only need 4 tumblestone size crystal pieces, lemurians or whatever. You place them at the imaginary 4 corners of the base of the top pyramid , and etherically draw a line clockwise in a square connecting them (with finger or crystal point) and then from each crystal up to an apex over the head. You can in turn draw one below. - this one is below the floor. You can invite the crystals to fill the shape with their energy, although it kind of just happens.You can draw a line from point above to point below if you like and as many other lines if you want to connect in further crystals. If it feels appropriate I then spin the whole shape, it goes very fast. You can sense it.At the end slow the shape down to stop in reverse direction and undo all the lines in reverse order you constructed them (as much as you can remember - intention is the key) I’ve just been doing this for a while now so sharing if helpful. It has always felt Lemurian to me xx (Caireen Todd)

Below are 5 further references for your perusal for travelling in the Merkaba as both the Star Tetrahedron and/or the Octahedron. Please note that these methods are all different. Most are based upon the Diamond Tetrahedrons - there is a base of 3, and 3 sides, making 4 points to the star. Where as Tom Kenyon describes the Octahedron, which is a Pyramid of 4 points to the base making 4 sides, and 5 points in total. Drawings are presented to make it clear and concise.

Each method is different and they are presented as examples, and I am told that you must go with what is right for you. The text and methods are presented for interest only, but ultimately you must meditate and receive the knowledge directly from your own guides as to what is your correct unique method.

You may also find that at times it differs for you. You may receive different colours and sizes and formations of ‘pyramids’ - thus as in these examples, joined as a tetrahedron (base of 3) or octahedron (base of 4). You may experience them within you, or you may experience being within them (Lazaris), or they may be from your chest to your knees as a joined rotating Merkaba (Drunvalo) and perhaps with this you may find each pyramid spirals in a different direction (Isis oracle).

You can play with them by using your imagination to build these around your body and you may also receive little ones to hold in your hand or place in your organs, above your chakras, imagine putting them in or above certain sacred sites, on the Christed grids for earth healing, above countries and continents, over animals, ideas, events, people, chakras etc

Follow the link here for a 44 minute guided audio journey to connect to these in a Lemurian Temple



1. Lazaris speaks of the Diamond Tetrahedron in The Sirius Connection - the Tetrahedron is joined at the base

2. Tom Kenyon talks about The Holon of Balance or the Diamond Octahedron with the Hathors - the Octahedron is joined at the base. Note this is the 4 base pyramid.


3. The Isis Oracle by Alana Fairchild talks about the 8 Star Tetrahedron Merkaba with the Chariot of Ascension card. The 8 Star Tetrahedron becomes one star around the entire body with base above and below head

4. Drunvalo Melchizedek shares an 8 Star Tetrahedron Merkaba Meditation whereby the 8 Star Tetrahedron becomes one star around the entire body with base at chest and knees

5. Astarea talks about what the 8 Star Tetrahedron Merkaba is, how to travel in it and much more



This is a short summary of one small section of the book Lazaris The Sirius Connections channeled through Jach Pursel. Please purchase the book if this method draws you.

In this book Lazaris shares about The Grand Opening of The Goddess The Vortex of Sirius, which occurred on April 23 1994 for the first time in 90,000 years, the last time being the precursor for birth of Lemuria. This has brought in a great wave of information which we can access through varied methods including ones suggested in the book. All of which Lazaris states are simply for inspiration, one does not have to do them all, one goes with what one is drawn to. One of the methods described is the teleportation machine via the double-tetrahedron. A tetrahedron is a 4 sided geometric shape, (as compared to a pyramid which is 5 sides). When a Tetrahedron is doubled to make a diamond shape it becomes a powerful device. It is to be created by one’s imagination only - not to be created physically and Lazaris is very clear about this.

In Lemuria the crystal climbers were the ones who could reach above the huge sheer pillars of rock to the crystal cities above, using these teleportation devices.

The technique is described in the book in detail. You are to imagine that you step inside this double tetrahedron and hold on to the bars. Imagine as you stand within it that you spin, it does not matter which direction. Then once you have got the hang of that, you can then imagine (with a bit of practise) that you rotate at the same time, again it does not matter which way.

Now this is a very powerful exercise and I highly recumbent purchasing the book for further investigation if drawn.

It explains why it is so powerful what it does to you body ad energy field, how it resets, tiggers and expands your brain function & hologram.

it also goes onto explain how after the spinning you may reconstitute yourself with you imagination, into a different space or place. This refers to a different emotional - mental space. Yet it also says in time this may actually also be a different physical spaces that some time in the future again it can be used to actually teleport - to disappear and then reappear in a different location. Yet this is not the important stuff, it says the important thing is the emotional - mental chests you can create with this. From being one person to another.

“This exercise, even just doing it, just spinning and rotating without any intent of going anywhere, aligns you in such a way that it is part of this preparation and continuation to receive the Light and the Information, to receive the Light Information an the Information Light, to receive the Light and Love of the Goddess.”


RECEIVED February 3, 2007

In this communication we wish to offer some suggestions for the management of your own subtle energies prior to, during, and after earth activity, such as earthquakes and volcanoes.

Due to the energetic patterns of earth itself and the increasing volatility of earth changes that are upon you, all manner of people are susceptible to the subtle energetic effects of earth changes that occur on the other side of the globe. Indeed, proximity to an earthquake is not the main factor when it comes to subtle energy. This communication is primarily for those who have sensitive natures. These would include spiritually advanced individuals, those in the conscious process of evolution, and this would also include children and animals whom we call “the innocents.”

Prior to a seismic event there are pressure waves emitted from the center point of that activity and along the corresponding fault lines. These pressure waves literally create changes in the subtle energy of the earth, and depending upon the strength of the seismic event, individuals thousands of miles away can be affected.

As we look at the earth grid and the fault lines running through the Ring of Fire—which extends from the northeastern coast of Russia, the coast of China and into Japan, down into Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand up into the west coast of South America, Central America and North America ending off the coast of Alaska, not very far from it’s origins off the coast of Russia—we see a tremendous increase in tectonic pressures. We also see an increase of seismic pressures in what is called the Yellowstone area of the United States. As we look at earth fault line activities we see the possibility for unexpected earth activity on the east coast of the US and Canada. We choose not to go into a detailed description of possibilities, for one, they are virtually meaningless given how quickly the state of things changes.

There are complex grid relationships between the Ring of Fire and other fault lines. These include apparently unconnected lines that run through parts of China, India, Pakistan, and into Turkey, Greece and Italy. Your geological science has not found a direct relationship between these, but in our way of viewing earth energies, we see a direct relationship, not so much through the classical fault line structures but through harmonic relationships between the various levels of the earth, such as its crust, and the lower levels extending to the mantle. These harmonic relationships are driven, not just by the tectonic plate movements, but also by solar activity. This is an energetic phenomenon and the sun is in an increased period of activity which we see continuing for several years, at least.

We have said previously that energy waves from deep space, related to consciousness itself, were striking your sun and from there into the mantle of your earth. Human consciousness has the potential to mitigate or transform much of these harmonics but it has failed to live up to its potential.

As we look at the probabilities we can say that you are, as the saying goes, in for a bumpy ride. There is not much that can be done to mitigate or change earth activities in this regard. The earth is on the brink of a self-cleansing action. What we wish to discuss here are the subtle energetics that you can affect.

First of all, as these seismic activities increase there is a tendency for agitation, erratic emotional feelings, disturbed thought patterns, short term memory difficulties, irritation, irrationality, a feeling of being in a vise, or a feeling of being trapped. Sleep disturbances are often a part of this, as is a general feeling of depression, despair or malaise, and sudden feelings of being drained. Generally speaking, these symptoms will be strongest for those closest to the affected fault lines, but sensitive individuals can be affected at great distances.

Along the fault lines that are affected, there are multiple frequencies generated. Some of these are ELFs, extremely low frequencies, that travel in a slow wave pattern and can move through the earth for thousands of miles. Other frequencies are in the high range and cannot be heard by the human ear, but some animals are capable of hearing them. However, just because one does not hear a frequency does not mean it is not affecting you. Indeed, these ultra high frequencies emitted from fault line activities are very disturbing to the subtle energy fields of humans and animals, as are many of the ELFs. During such seismic activities sudden unexplained headaches can appear and then pass for no apparent reason. As one moves into the actual seismic event, the pressure waves become translated into physical earth movement. There is no guess work here. It is quite apparent when you are in the midst of an earthquake. After a seismic event, there are all manner of complications harmonically speaking. Aftershocks are a part of this at the physical level. Another aspect, however, are complex frequencies generated from the fault line as it settles into its new configuration. Again, some of these frequencies are ELFs, and can be sensed thousands of miles away. Others are in the ultra high range and both will continue to affect animals and humans negatively.

On a gross physical level we have suggested that those living in possibly affected areas have food and water for such an eventuality, but these are practical matters, and it makes sense for anyone at any location upon the earth to have such things for volatile weather patterns will affect parts of the earth not touched by earthquakes.

What we wish to turn our attention to would best be described as hyperphysics, and the management of your subtle energies should you find yourself in or affected by a seismic event. We have given, on previous occasions, several descriptions of the Holon of Balance, the octahedron. It is simple but highly effective at balancing subtle energies. However there is another attribute to this geometry. It can protect you in moments of extreme earth change, but you will have to have mastered the ability to create it at will so that in such an earth event you can bypass your fear and go to the Holon. What we are about to describe is extremely complex, but we will endeavor to make it simple.

Your earth, as we see it, is evolving to another energy state. In moments of extreme earth activity the area surrounding the fault line becomes like a superconductor. If you have created the Holon of Balance, the octahedron, around yourself, there is a tendency to move through the superconductive state intact. This geometry also gives you greater access to the aspect of your being that is outside time and space and allows you to intuitively move physically to the most appropriate location.

For those who are located at a great distance from a major seismic event, some of the same principles apply, Although your physical body may not be affected by the earth activity, your subtle energy bodies may, and this will especially be true if you are of a sensitive nature. When you feel a disturbance, as we have suggested before, it is good to create the Holon of Balance in the moment, almost as a reflex. This will allow you to mitigate some of the negative effects for yourself.

For those who find themselves in extremely volatile weather conditions, this same Holon can have a protective effect. In such instances this superconductive state does not exist, since this type of state is created by fault line activity at the epicenter, but connecting you to your aspect outside of time and space, allows you to act more intuitively and in a balanced manner.

As we mentioned, in an extreme seismic event, the area around the epicenter tends to be superconductive. From our perspective, these superconductive states have geometries and can be viewed like flowers or snowflakes. Certainly they are highly destructive for those in physical matter on earth in their vicinity, but from space and from the perspective of interdimensionality, the complex geometries of these superconductive fields are beautiful, and we see a direct relationship between them and crop circles. Crop circles are a form of information, yet to be deciphered. Superconductive fields around epicenters of earthquake activity are also forms of information. They are not haphazard effects of tectonic plates smashing into each other. That is only one small piece of the puzzle. It is true that tectonic friction is a big part of it at the third dimensional level, but in other dimensions, other things are going on.

From our perspective superconductive fields related to the earth will be on the increase, whether they be seismic activity, crop circles, or electromagnetic anomalies. From our perspective these phenomena are communications from earth herself. The majority of the crop circles that are actually crop circles and not some kind of hoax, are interdimensional communications from earth. Some of these communications are actually interdimensional beings interacting with earth. These types of crop circles are signatures, a living record of an interdimensional conversation between earth and interdimensional visitors.

Earth, as a conscious being, is not only part of its solar system and the Milky Way Galaxy, but also deepest space in ways your physics does not yet understand. Earth is moving upwards in conscious awareness. She is like a serpent, a snake, shedding an old skin. Whether humanity will be a part of the new earth or not, is not yet clear. What is clear is that the earth is moving. For spiritually evolving individuals this is not something to be frightened of. It is an extraordinary opportunity to experience hyperdimensional physics in action, for as the superconductive fields increase on the earth in their various forms, you can ride these states of energy into higher and more exquisite states of consciousness. They are, in some very real ways, like doorways into the higher dimensions of earth. They are an invitation to leave your attachment to surface awareness, literally and figuratively, and to enter into the extraordinary mystery and the exquisite birth of a new earth.

At the moment of your own physical birth into this life, you did not know what was happening—only that a great pressure was upon you and a movement you could not stop. This is, in many ways, a similar event for the earth herself. There are new worlds emerging in the midst of the world that is right before your eyes.

The reason you are here is upon you.


Thoughts on this Hathor Message Tom Kenyon

There are several things that come to mind as I look at the Hathors’ most recent message. First of all, this is the most sobering message they have given about earth changes. They never give predictions about anything, preferring to speak in probabilities. They have told me time and time again that a situation can be changed or averted through the power of choice. And this certainly applies to what they are saying now. But the tone of this message is different, and it is highly unusual that they have given two planetary messages within about two weeks of each other, i.e. they have never done this before.

For some time now, the Hathors have been saying that we are in the beginning of the earth changes. And the recent increases in the severity of storms and the changing weather patterns worldwide would seem to point to this. Since the Hathors first started giving me planetary information to be shared with others, they have always held the contention that human consciousness creatively interacts with the subtle energies of the planet, and that these interactions to some extent affect earthquake activity and even weather patterns. This concept is very outside the views of modern science, and yet something about it feels right to me.

Since the Hathors seem to be keen on imparting the Holon of Balance, I thought it would be helpful to discuss this geometry a little further. We have gotten several emails from people around the world asking for clarification. Here is what the Hathors said about the Holon of Balance in their previous message, which came only two weeks or so before the current one.

“We suggest you experiment with this; play with this, and master this very simple geometry. Carry it with you in your conscious awareness at all times so that you may create it at will, as needed, both for yourself and those you are connected to.

It is called a Holon, and the specific one we refer to is the Octahedron, or the Holon of Balance. Imagine yourself surrounded by a pyramid of light that extends above you and a matching pyramid below you. These are square-based pyramids, one pointing up, and one pointing down. You are in the center of this. If you are lying down, you are on the square, where the two halves of pyramids touch, and the pyramid above you matches the pyramid below you. You make this as large or as small as you wish, so long as you are completely enclosed within it.

If you are standing or sitting, the axis of the octahedron extends through the center of your body, so that if you were to draw a line through the apex of the pyramid through the center down to the apex of the opposite pyramid, this line would pass through the center of your body. This octahedron balances energy. It is the balancing of the male and female aspect of consciousness. Do not let its simplicity fool you. It is a powerful tool for balancing subtle energies.”

The octahedron is one of five three-dimensional geometric shapes known collectively as the Platonic Solids. The octahedron has a total of eight sides, thus the root octa, meaning eight. The top pyramid has four sides and the bottom pyramid has four sides, and the bases of both pyramids meet to form a square. The Platonic Solids can be found occurring naturally in nature, especially in the form of crystalline structures, as well as atomic and molecular configurations. Esoterically speaking, each of the Platonic Solids has specific energetic effects. Some people have emailed us and asked if the octahedron is the same as the star tetrahedron, and no, it is not. The star tetrahedron consists of two triangular based pyramids, and they are not joined at the base. They merge into each other. The star tetrahedron also has different energetic effects from the octahedron.

There are probably several geometric patterns that the Hathors could have chosen to use, but I suspect one reason for choosing the octahedron is that they are pragmatists. The octahedron is easier to create in the imagination for most people than some of the more complicated geometries.

When I first received information about the Holon of Balance from the Hathors, I thought it was pretty simplistic. But sometimes the simple things are the best. There is no doubt in my mind that this Holon imparts a feeling of balance when it is engaged. In the previous Hathor message, I particularly found their comments about sending Holons to areas on the Earth, and/or to persons in distress most interesting.

But in this latest message, the Hathors are emphatic that we would do well to learn how to create these Holons in a moment’s notice, like a reflex. If they are right about what’s coming, then this is probably good advice.

In addition to their comments about earth changes escalating, I found one piece of information both interesting and problematic, namely that the fault lines of earthquakes produce superconductive states. Now I am not a physicist so I am at a quandary here, but as I understand it, superconductive states have to do with the conduction of electricity through metals. Normally, there is resistance to the flow of electricity in metals. But when metals are super-cooled, the resistance to electricity drops. In mercury, for instance, there is no resistance to the flow of electricity at absolute zero. Under certain conditions, superconductive states are associated with anti-gravity. Here’s the problem. Earthquakes are caused, at a physical level, by friction, the friction between tectonic plates to be exact. And friction creates heat, not cold.

Presumably at the epicenter of a quake, the heat would be very high indeed. So how could a superconductor state exist?

I went to the Hathors with this quandary, and they said that yes, heat is present as a result of friction. But there is a moment during a seismic event when the underlying interdimensional nature of an earthquake affects the electromagnetics in an unusual manner. The effect of shifting dimensions creates a kind of donut-shaped dimensional bubble that, for an instant, produces a very high superconductive state. In other words in the midst of high heat produced by rock grinding against rock, there is a short-lived moment by which interdimensional physics produces a superconductive state. And they, the Hathors, are saying that the Holon of Balance interacts with these types of superconductive states in a positive manner.

Finally, I was struck by their last line—the reason why you are here is now upon you. I wish you and your loved ones as gracious a passage through this eye of the needle as is possible. And let us remember, when the earth moves under our feet, either literally or figuratively, to seize the moment and ride the wave into the ecstasy and the grandeur that is always just behind every moment of our lives.

Further Elucidation on the Holon of Balance

We have received several emails asking us to clarify the Holon of Balance. First of all, this information is for those who have said they need a more basic understanding of this particular Holon (the octahedron). It is not intended for the advanced student of sacred geometry. I have purposefully kept this simple. And the reasons are two-fold. For one, you do not need to have a complex understanding of the Holon of Balance in order to use it. And two, many people are turned off by complex geometries. Since this Holon is highly effective and simple to use, I have chosen not to complicate matters. In other words. I choose not to go into detail about the subtleties between the various Platonic solids or the intricacies of working with them esoterically.

Here is a little sketch of an octahedron, since sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

An octahedron is basically two square-based pyramids joined at the base.

The Holon of Balance is created by forming an octahedron of light around you through the power of your imagination.

It doesn’t matter what color you make it. The color may change spontaneously, depending upon your state of mind. Personally, I make mine clear white light, but that is a personal preference, not dogma. In fact there is very little dogma around this, thank God, thank Goddess.

The main thing is to make sure that you are completely enclosed in the space of the octahedron. If, for instance, you are lying down, the base of both pyramids (where they meet at the middle of the octahedron) will most likely be right underneath you. But you could put yourself anywhere inside the geometry. You could hover up at the top, or sink down to the bottom, or slide over into a corner. It doesn’t matter. And you don’t have to orient yourself to any direction in particular, like north, south, east, west, etc. There are also no prayers, incantations or special breaths required. The whole affair is quite simple. And this may be one of its many saving graces, besides the fact that it works.

If you are standing or sitting, the axis of the octahedron (i.e. the imaginary line that runs through the top of both pyramids to meet at the center), would, most likely, pass through the central axis of your body (running through the crown at the top of the head, through the perineum). But you could imagine yourself up near the apex of the top pyramid or down at the apex of the lower pyramid. In other words, the central plane of the octahedron—the place where the two pyramids meet to form a square—could be aligned anywhere on your body. Perhaps you will have it aligned with your heart, or maybe your head, or perhaps your feet. It does not matter—at least as far as its balancing effects are concerned. In actual fact, some alignments of the center square with your body (i.e. where the square passes through you) may affect you stronger than others. So I say—experiment! Find out what works best for you. Although I am being redundant, let me say it again. It doesn’t matter where you put yourself in the octahedron, where you orient it, or what color you make it. The main thing is to make sure you are completely inside it.

One final point about the geometry, since some people have emailed us with this question—is the octahedron the same as the star tetrahedron? No it is not. They are distinctly different geometries. Since I am purposefully not going into the details of the differences, if you are interested in further information I suggest using your Internet search engine to explore the fascinating worlds of geometry and its complement—sacred geometry. There’s a whole world of information out there just waiting to be discovered. And it’s all at your fingertips with just a click of your mouse!

In the message of Jan. 18, 2007, the Hathors gave some information about sending the Holon of Balance to places or persons in distress—in order to impart a balancing energy. In this instance, creating the Holon of Balance (octahedron) is very similar except for the fact that you are obviously not inside the Holon—the person, persons or area of the world you are sending the Holon to, is inside the Holon. In other words, if I send a Holon of Balance to an area of the Earth, I imagine this area inside the Holon.

You can send these Holons of Balance anywhere on the Earth you wish—or anywhere in the universe for that matter (if your belief system takes you there). Sending Holons of Balance is a kind of benevolent act, but there is a caveat—don’t mess with other people’s reality. In other words, everyone has a right to his or her own suffering. Just because you or I would like someone to be in a more resourceful state, doesn’t mean that they want to be. We all have a right to be sad, angry, confused or whatever, for as long as we want. Sometimes it gets a bit fuzzy. Maybe we have a friend or a family member in distress, and we want to make things better. But to project our intentions on others when it is not what they desire, is, I think, a misuse of subtle energy. And so my suggestion is to send the Holon of Balance not as an imperative or an imposition, but as an invitation, a breath of fresh air so to speak. If we send a Holon as an energetic offering of balance to those who choose to accept it, without attachment that they do anything, then we are, I think, sending Holons into the world in the right manner.

My suggestion is to make learning how to create the Holon of Balance a game. Play with it. Spin it maybe. Make it different colors. Find where it feels best to you to place yourself inside the geometry. Practice it at odd times in the day. Create the Holon of Balance in all types of places. No one will know what you are doing. Do it when you are shopping, taking out the trash, feeding your pet, taking a walk, or during those damned commercials when you’re watching TV. The list of where and when you can take a Holon break is virtually endless. The thing is to practice it enough so that when you feel off-centered—emotionally or energetically off-keel—you can, without thought, create the Holon of Balance. Then it becomes a great ally. It will be one of your best friends, and unlike a dog, you don’t have to feed it, or take it for a walk, and it won’t chew up your newspaper.




(method of having the base below feet and above head)

Spiritual Work of the Higher Initiate

Your Soul wishes to travel more freely between dimensions of higher reality. This is to allow for conscious spirit communication, the free flow of Soul light into the physical body, and the joining in Divine Harmony of heaven and earth. It requires a powerful consciousness to do this. The Mer Ka Ba, Chariot of Ascension and Soul Fire is the spiritual gift to attain these Divine Purposes now, available to you as a High Initiate.

There are times when the Soul becomes ambitious and wishes to live its entire light in conscious oneness with all expressions of its being, including the physical body. It may wish to do so simply because it is the nature of all beings to eventually realize themselves as Divine, or because it needs specific new skills to be available to the human expression in the physical body so it can continue with its Divine Purpose. Those skills might be channeling Divine Energy or consciousness for healing, traveling easily between the worlds for conscious spirit communication, gaining greater artistic or creative ability because it feels wonderful to create or any number of other purposes.

This Oracle brings you guidance that a special spiritual practice has come or is soon coming to your attention that will help your Soul reach you more fully. It will be an advanced practice and it will serve you well at this time in your journey to reach the higher levels of capacity and spiritual responsibility that are available to you as a High Initiate. Peace to you, beloved. Your spiritual work on this planet is greatly supported.

The Chariot of Ascension also offers you a particular Sacred Teaching from the Priestess of High Initiates, Lady Isis. This is the practice of the Mer Ka Ba – ‘Soul Vehicle’ or ‘Chariot of Ascension’. This vehicle is an energetic structure of sacred geometry that strengthens and protects you allowing for your consciousness to travel instantaneously and freely between dimensions and realities without compromising your vibration or damaging your energy bodies.

Mer Ka Ba is a vehicle of great strength and power and is best used with a heart dedicated in unconditional love and service. It can be used to travel on the inner planes to stars and temples for higher guidance in an instant as well as to connect with other souls on the inner planes, at various levels of evolution. It is recommended that such a practice only be used with permission granted from the Soul in question and from a place of love and intention to be of healing service.

Mer Ka Ba allows you to travel without the usual restraints upon your energy field but like any powerful practice, there is a wise caution – you will travel and experience what is in your heart. Keep your heart open and clear and do not use Mer Ka Ba if you are feeling uncentered, ungrounded, disconnected or angry. It is a technique to use when you are feeling peaceful and aligned within yourself. At such times, great growth in consciousness is possible for you using Mer Ka Ba. The Oracle of the Chariot of Ascension is a gift of high-level spiritual training. Your wisdom in using what you have learned helps you make the most of this sacred gift. This Oracle is as much about receiving the training as it is about knowing when to apply it and when to have restraint.

The Oracle of the Chariot of Ascension is also confirmation that you are growing spiritually and becoming ready for greater tasks and spiritual responsibilities. If you have been considering taking a step to engage in teaching or healing, in studying or practicing at a higher level whether spiritually or in your chosen field or profession, you are encouraged to follow your heart and your destiny, and be bold. Say “Yes!” to yourself. The Chariot of Ascension speaks of rising destinies and success.

RITUAL OF THE MER KA BA This is an advanced healing practice. You are guided to complete the full practice if you are experienced in meditation and are able to remain grounded in your body even when in connection with higher energies. If you are unsure, start with the Incantation below and build up to the Ritual in time. If you feel unwell during the Ritual practice, draw it to a close immediately and finish your practice with the Incantation. An experienced spiritual healer will be able to help you adjust your vibration to a level that is ready to embody Mer Ka Ba over time if you do not yet feel up to this practice.

For this Ritual, if you can do so comfortably, sit on the floor in meditation posture. Otherwise use a comfortable seat and sit with your legs crossed underneath you or feet flat on the floor, side by side. Have your arms resting on your legs with your palms facing upwards.

Focus on your breath, allowing it to become relaxed, all the way down into your belly. If you tend to breath shallowly, do not start this exercise until you have learned to slow and deepen your breath to your belly.

Say aloud this protection mantra, “Goddess Isis that loves me unconditionally, protect me now, I rest in the heart of your love and peace, so be it. Master Serapis Bey will confirm.”

Once your breathing is restful and deep, become aware of a triangular pattern, the three points of the base forming a triangle, reaching up to a forth point above. The base of the prism easily sits well beneath your feet and the point is high above your head. Visualize or intend that the prism be formed of electric violet light, which is pure white light with flecks of neon violet in it and around its edges.

Take your time to build the prism with your intention until you sense it firm and stable, hovering around you comfortably.

Once the first prism is clear in your mind, a second triangular based prism forms. It starts above your head as a triangular base, tree points forming the triangle shape, and a fourth point of light deep beneath you forms the apex of the second prism, all three sides reaching down and converging at that point. The points of this second triangular prism are formed with electric violet light, joining each other with electric violet light, forming this second prism, with the base high above your head and the point deep below your feet with you fitting comfortably within it.

The two prisms intersect forming a star prism all around you, with the base of the first prism under your feet and its apex point high in the heavens above your head, and the base of the second prism at the top of your head, and its apex point deep in the earth. And they form a star prism with eight points in total, with you comfortably resting in the center.

Take your time and really sense these prisms of light around you feeling the beauty of the vibrant electric violet light flooding the points, sides and base of the prisms as they form the star prism together.

Stay with your breathing and allow the first prism, the one with the base beneath you and the point above, the begin rotating naturally. It will move clockwise or from left to right. Just let it spin, you don’t have to force it. It will happen naturally.

Soon after you feel comfortable with this, allow the second prism, the one with the base above you and the point below you, to begin rotating naturally in the opposite direction or anti-clockwise, from right to left. You can allow this to happen naturally.

As the two prisms rotate you will feel energy growing strong and moving yoru Soul body and physical body into greater connection. You may literally feel as if you are rising up off the chair – stay clam and keep breathing. Keep your thoughts clear and in your heart.

If at any time you feel yourself lifting aware from this reality and into a reality that you do not wish to visit, simply repeat the protection mantra in short form here, “Isis and Serapis Bey, into my heart without delay!”

Stay connected to your breath and allow yourself to experience the Mer Ka Ba for short periods of time until you become used to its intensity.

When you are ready, just open your eyes. Really take your time to ground and come back into awareness in your belly, awareness of the breath.

INCANTATION OF THE MER KA BA You can say this Incantation to gain strong spiritual connection and protection at any time.

Lady Isis and Serapis Bey, shining brought Support my Mer Ka Ba, build my body of light I am in your protection now and from harm I am free Align me now with my inner divinity Th