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Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Once you open up and go into the cave to look, you will never be the same again.

Mary Magdalene at the Jesus tomb, Philip R Morris (1836-1902)

The Magdalene mystery is really your mystery, your story, not just your heritage. She symbolises your own psyche, whether a seeker on the path or not, through what is known as the 7 gates of Ishtar through the underworld, to self realisation and ascension light or enlightenment, as you reclaim your worth, your self, your sovereignty and restore yourself to your rightful place.

And the ultimate symbol of Mary Magdalene, wife of Yeshua and Christed Feminine and rightful Queen of Egypt, Persia and Rome (according to some such as Ralph Ellis through the tree of Cleopatra into Persia) is the skull.

Magdalene with the Smoking Flame, Georges de la Tour 1640

The Repentant Mary Magdalene, Daniel Kansky, contemporary artist

Magdalena by Emma Pastor Normann, 1871-1945

Saint Mary Magdalen with a Skull, John Baptist de Medina,1659–1710

The skull of Mary Magdalene is kept in the Basilica of St Maximin, not far from the cave at St Baume where she later lived. This is quite possibly the holy sacred icon of the templars, which they called 'Baphomet', said by some to be a word that is cryptic code for Goddess Magdalena. An icon is a transmitter of Light. This skull literally transmits the Light. Why is Her skull so important to occultists, templars, secret societies?

The relics of Mary Magdalene encased in a golden reliquary with 4 Golden Angels

The skull is symbolic of the feminine occult (hidden) truths of the Goddess - she represents a Priestess or a Queen because the bloodline runs through the female.

The skull has long been an important light transmitter in cultures throughout the world from sects in India to South America, and often used to drink the menstrual blood of women to access their Light, for the Light is contained within the womb blood. It is also of course the symbol of death and mortality, or immortality of the soul. It is also symbolism of the path of death, the dark night of the soul of wound clearing and shadow work upon the path of the 7 gates to enlightenment. Death to the old, bringing birth to the new.

"You must be ready to burn yourself in your own flame;

how could you rise anew if you have not first become the ashes?"

Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

"If you're going to bear Light, plan on burning"

Viktor Frankl

The poet Poet E M Faillon wrote about Magdalene in a poem mid 19th century:

Touchez cette Urne ici, la morte vous l’aprete,

Que ce beau pot en main, soit votre pot-en-tete.

Which translates as

Touch this pot the dead woman has prepared for you,

May this beautiful pot in your hand become your pot-of-the-head

This is a pun on the word 'potentate', meaning ‘monarch or ruler’ and thus Mary Magdalene is clearly shown here, hidden in plain sight for those with eyes, like most art work throughout ages, that she was indeed the monarch.

The Egyptian women were entrusted with the civilization. The woman (princess), and not the male, was the legal heir to the throne, and the man she chose to marry, would become the ruling Pharaoh

Historical Deception by Moustafa Gadalla

Mary Magdalene, as we all know, flowers the feet of Yeshua. Interestingly the feet have often been symbolic for male genitalia.

The skull is symbolic of the feminine occult (hidden) truths of the Goddess - she represents a priestess or a queen. The bloodline runs through the female.

And just like bloodline comes through women, like the Eguptian Amun wives chose the pharaohs, they were the queen bees, so it was that Mary Magdalene chose Yeshua and anointed him, she made him Christed - for she was the Christed one.

It's not just about the secret of the blood line continuation through their children, that so many believe was hidden. It is much more than that. It is the occult (hidden) symbolism to which we look. And that symbolism shows us the secret of the power of the anointed womb of the priestesses.

I want to repeat that as it is so important.

It's not just about the secret of the blood line continuation through their children that so many think was hidden. It is much more than that. It is the occult (hidden) symbolism to which we look. And that symbolism shows us the secret of the power of the anointed womb of the priestesses.

It was Mary Magdalene who was the Christed one.

The Cathars believed that the church of the Catholics was the church of the devil and indeed they are responsible for consciously and purposefully dethroning and reducing the Queen, the Christed Sophia of Magdalena, into a prostitute, alongside other atrocities such as several mass genocides along the way. Namely, viciously murdering every single Cathar man, woman and child, along with clear focused direct intent to remove all power away from women which included such evil as mass brutal torture and murder of millions of women in the witch hunts, alongside making an instrument of torture (the cross) something to worship. Fact.

The circle of the female, the circle of the ankh, was quite literally removed in a brutal way.

And this is important because the energy is what we are facing right now during this time of revelation, and every single atrocity of the world in which we live in right now, is a direct consequence to this imbalance in the world - and literally exists as an imbalance that needs healing within our own souls and bodies.

If we want to heal the world, we start by going within. It is all about energy.

Many of us know understand that the second coming is the resurrection of the Divine Feminine and indeed this is a ray within us all, men and women. And only our Divine Masculine can rise when she has anointed him.

Thus the literal story of Her anointing Him is also symbolism (again) of the Heiros Gamos within each one of us on this path. We must awaken Her within us (be we man or woman) to awaken Him within us. For yogis, this is the kundalini dance of ida and pingala up the spine and the sushmuna, and as seen in all ancient teachings and depictions.

Taking this further, let us look at the symbol of the pirates who sailed the seas - remembering that Mer (Mary) is title that means both Light and Water and is a title for a Light Water Priestess of Egypt. These pirates were of course Templars, loyal to the Goddess and to the bloodline of Mary Magdalen flying the flag of their allegiance the skull and crossbones, the ultimate symbol of the Magdalene.

Somewhere along the line the templars took the secret knowledge into patriarchal hands through secret societies that were not always of the Light but that is no concern for us. Our focus is upon her resurrection.

And so on this note may you always see this beautiful symbol now completely restored to Her true meaning, the symbol of our Beautiful Goddess of purest Light. Of course the Mayans knew all about the crystal skulls - and this is directly connected and relates directly back to the Egyptian roots of Magdalene as Priestess of an ancient lineage into Lemuria and Atlantis. The more you learn about crystal skulls, and the more you realise the power of them, you will realise that, as within the Priestess and Christ legends, the numbers 12 and 13 that are also key to skull legends.

At this time when it is difficult to travel, for those of you who wish to receive the medicine of the Holy Magdalene land of St Maximin, (both the basilica and the cave in St Baume), I made this light transmission whilst standing in front of the skull herself and also in the cave. Every time I have stood before this skull it has been extraordinary and whatever beliefs one may have, I have most certainly experienced and received light initiation from this most holy icon. The first time I ever went there was a wedding in process (beautiful symbolism again) and so the crypt was closed. So my friend stood guard whilst I crept down with my phone torch and found myself alone in the dark with Her. And I have to say it was one of the most powerful moments of my life. Bizarrely the same thing happened a few hours later when I went to Her cave for the first time ever, and the lower cave was closed due to a service, and again I found myself creeping down the steps with my phone torch.

I made this transmission in situ on a subsequent trip to share the vibrations. I do ask for money (it is for sale reduced from 22 to 12) but if you can't afford it I am happy to give it for free, just email me


Examples of recommended titles for further reading - Ralph Ellis,, William Henry, Ahmad Osman, Baigent / Lee / Lincoln, Margaret Starbird

The Cave of Mary Magdalene at St Maximin St Baume, Provence

Blessings to Mary Magdalene

May she now be restored to Her rightful and Holy Place of True Grace


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