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Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Channelled 14 Feb 2020 after my trip to LasTours

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“The Cathars are descended from the followers and beings that came over with Mary Magdalene and, they were what you call roses. There were those who wore the cloaks of the Nazarenes, either in black or brown, with large hoods, just like the priestesses before them from ancient times, that originated from Mesopotamia with Mandaeism when the Mandaean peoples came to Israel, Syria and Egypt forming both the Essences and also feeding into the Egyptian royal lineage and ways (for they were one and the same as the ways of the ancient ones which originate form the stars of Pleiades and elsewhere). The Mandaeans originate from Mespotamia from the Ishtar lineage. from there they came from out of space if you like, they came down from Pleiades and also Sirius and elsewhere and mixed. Also they formed the Lemurians. Mesopotamia is a gateway of many sacred portals where they come and go and this is why the current wars exist there and the islamic fundamentalists were funded by your governments to destroy these sites in brutal ways, for it is not about oil, it is about destroying these sites. Africa is also a great place of powerful energy and the people and lands there are of a very high and a sacred nobility, who were kept in slavery because of their great light energy and power. Egypt is the remains of something much older, once in water, and they do not tell you the truth of the age of these places, as some of these temples are actually from Atlantis.

But we come away from that as they will not succeed and light ascension is destined. The event that you talk about is a waves of consciousness of awakening. People remembering the truth in their soul. This is the second coming, you are the second coming, you are one of the 144,000 + remembering and aligning to the light. This is why it is essential now you all work together to help one another rise up and remember and trust and believe in all that you feel.

The portals exist in many places, there are many that you all know of such as in Egypt or Shasta, Russia, Mexico, India. In Europe there are many too. People talk of Glastonbury and Avebury an Stonehenge and in France there are some great and wondrous power places for this is a very sacred and most ancient land containing energy lines. Paris as you will know was a portal of Isis that connects to the portals in the South of France. Certain regions of France, those in the south, from Northern Italy and across to Provence then down to the Languedoc through the Pyrenees and to Montserrat, these places contain gateways to the upper worlds and to the inner worlds of Aghartha, there are many subterranean caves of crystals and adjoining tunnels.

Yes the worlds of Aghartha do exist, in many continents.

The people here are both 3d and 5d at the same time. Diet is thus very light and simple and even unnecessary for many light beings there. Crystals give out light. They are descendants of Lemurians who are the Pleiades and other beings.

There are many races but you are all Light. For instance there is a race of you who are priestesses or pure ones, and your higher self souls are very tall and clear, like a Princess or Prince, and you hold crystalline essence in you auric fields. In your lifetimes you have been the light in the world. You are all slightly different lineage and some will resonate with other archetypes, so notice what archetypes call you, and remember that you all contain star light energy and the same mission, to spread the Light.

One of the roses, Suzanne, mentioned a Cathar child who sang and when she sang she healed. She is one of these Mers of Light. A Star child if you like. There are so many of you stars now who are incarnate on earth from many different places and you all return with a mission.

You incarnate for many places and yet you are all of the race of Light and of Love. You come from the stars and you will connect with the Inner Earth peoples too fo they too are star people. And this is including under the waters too, for you are also the mer people. For the mer people and the inner cave people are the same. Lemurians once were half sea beings and able to live in land and on water. Hence the Mer kings. The mer kings are a race of priests, it is a Merlin Consciousness and there are many of these masters. This is why there are many links to the fish. The Merovingian kings were said to have descended from a Mer king (Merovech) just like Ishtar’s father Enki, and so on, yet the Merovingian kings were taken and mind controlled and owned in the same way that women were. There was a time when the church told women they were sinful if they did not sleep with their men, despite being run down from much childbirth and breastfeeding. Rape was acceptable, women could not own anything and if their men died and they had no sons they were thrown out of homes and the church took them leaving them to fend for themselves in the woods. This is an example of why the Cathars believed that the Catholic church was evil. Still today, in western societies, women believe they are free but are still owned by men. For example, in marriage men give their daughters away to other men, and the women then take their names. This is slavery of women and it happened because the women held the keys of truth of Light of Goddess in their wombs, their chalice.

As roses, you who read are awake or you could not read this, and you are the mermaids, the marys. You are the pure ones of soul who are in Mesopotamia and in Africa and in Europe, regardless of the colour of your human skin or hair or eyes, your souls are clear and of light and very noble. You are the priestesses. Water is always very important to you all, and this is also the same in the lives you had above ground as Essenes or Mandaeans or Cathars or any other group and you will start to see how water is sacred to so many cultures. You understand that water is Light Goddess essence."

I enter a pillared temple through LasTours and I am blessed with aragonite and I have engravings like henna tattoos all over my skin, long long hair like the fairy people, and a tall tall head. I am all in white. It is a little reminiscent of the princess of the faeries in lord of the rings, I see a city that is also like the underground city in matrix part 2, and I am told these films release information in this way. Then discard it as fantasy. There is so much clever disinformation that you cannot read or watch anything with your mind, only with your intuition.

I then go to Mespotamia and meet a Giant Ishtar in gold in a giant temple. I feel like a tiny little ant. She says she wants me to be as big as her. She says yes that Isis is the mother and she is the Queen. She says she is of Aphrodite one and the same energy. She is in a gold scaled suit a little like the feathered suits of the bird peoples and interestingly just like one I have Mary Magdalene painted in, for she is so often depicted in these gold amber feathered suits or else naked with long hair wrapped around her. Ishtar says it is time for us all now to rise. I notice the link of the gold with the 2 portals that came in holding gold - both Ur in Russia and LasTours, and she says, that yes gold is highest vibration which is why it is prolific in areas of portals. This is why they mined for it, to own it. Yet you cannot own gold. it is a vibration and an energy, not a solid thing. This is why the gold is at the end of the rainbow - gold holds the energy of Ishtar queen sovereignty, and you can own a lot of gold and have no real sovereignty, and you can own no physical gold yet be a true sovereign. For the rainbow is the path of the chakras and the gold is the enlightenment that comes to those who walk the path.

"When in your imagination,

you enter the underground tunnels of Lastours or any other sacred site,

you are faced with the truth of your soul.

Those who mine for GOLD cannot enter.

Those who mine for GOD will enter and be blessed.”



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14 minute CATHAR ACTIVATION MADE IN SITU on March 16 2021 here - here DNA Type X is explained - the Cayce readings the Atlanteans had been forced to relocate to various distant lands during the catastrophes, specifically to the Pyrenees Mountains (between Spain and France), Morocco (Atlas Mountains), Egypt (where they built the pyramids) and North America (where they formed the Iroquois nation). All DNA Type X locations.

Painter, Antonio Vivarini

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26. mar. 2021

I am connecting the dots of my entire life from my given name Christina Indraranee Catherasoo = Christ-in-her Goddess-Queen Pure-Jesus, to my life-long obsession with love, light, quantum science, roses, water, mermaids, the ocean, sounding, alchemy, birds, Merlin. And in the last decade - Mary Magdalene and the Cathars. Resting with all of this as I have been in boundless pain, rage, and grief heart-belly-womb-gut-wrenching loss, end of the road kind of chest pain. Eternally grateful for Matt Pepper inviting me to this FaceBook group. Bless you for this article. The first gift from your ‘Way of the Rose’ websiteI am receiving this morning. Feeling so much more to come ... a little of the darkness is lifting ... With…

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