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I love and accept myself as I am


Out of the dark deep black of mother's womb, she is birthed anew


This is a very powerful reiki attunement and energy ray to work with for self worth


You can receive, experience and feel the power of this energy attunement by distance or live on a zoom with me, as you prefer. (You can buy by distance here) You will also get a simple manual which contains an exercise to follow for 21 days for helping your relationship with yourself, and to increase self-esteem, security and self-confidence, as well as a bonus light transmission of 13 minutes to listen to during the 21 immersion. You work with the mirror and the shell.


The mermaids, Mary Magdalene and Aphrodite have all held the mirror as an important symbol. This represent both looking at all aspects of self as well as swimming through all illusions and separation, both on the inner as well as the outer matrix.


This is a very powerful energy attunement to help you to uplift at times when you have been looking in the mirror at your shadow self, or self reflecting on ways to 'self improve' after self criticism and fault finding, and feel a need to boost self esteem, to accept yourself as you are, right now. 


Especially good if you have been in relationship recovery (with a partner or a parent or friend) where you somehow lost your esteem or been put down and questioned your faults, or feel others have been putting you down, either overtly or covertly.


It is a wonderful way to accept your shadow self, and love yourself, all of yourself, complete self acceptance... to come into frequency of "I am enough as I am right now"


It is also very good for looking at illusions and helping you to see what is an illusion, to understand 'as within so without' what you feel on the inside is what you magnetise on the outside, it all starts on the inner. And with self worth.


You work with 2 symbols, the mirror and the shell, to embrace all parts of yourself to access a deeper embodied self esteem, self love, self belief, self worth, self value, for how you are right now. All of you. Look to the symbolism of these for you in your life, and journal about them. Also feel into how the pearl also comes from the shell as you rebirth anew filled with worth and confidence.

Overall, this is an energy attunement and a simple manual (also provided in italian) that presents opportunity for that and like all energy attunements, the ray is very powerful and can go deep into all the energetic cores on this topic. It is very good indeed to work with to aid your work with the theme of worth and "I am enough". 


Once attuned you can use it for yourself, with others in a healing session when applicable, and also attune others.


  • Immediately download & read the manual that comes with the instructions for the attunement and the simple 21 day exercise.


  • You will be given some Aphrodite images to look upon and each one is especially chosen to bring to you the energy of the attunement, so take time to reflect upon each image and journal on the symbolism and themes.


  • You receive a 13 minute audio light transmission with this package as a gateway into this, you can listen once during the attunement, or you may like to listen upon purchase, when you receive the attunement and daily or weekly for 21 days.


  • Once purchased I will take approx 3 days to do the attunement for you and I will email you when it is ready.


  • When it is ready, you can follow the manual instructions to receive the energy attunement (you may like to listen to the bonus audio after or during and you can listen to the audio at any time that suits you).


  • If you prefer to receive live by zoom with extra trance channelling and light activation please return to my page


originally channelled by Reiki Master Schiroli Daniela


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