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Beauty Reiki

channelled by Hari Andri Winarso


Beauty Reiki has a high vibration and cleanses negative energies on all the bodies layers, especially the emotional layer; which influences your personality. When the emotional layer is cleansed, your personality will be cleansed as well.


There are 3 attunement levels to Beauty Reiki:


Level 1:

The body is cleansed and you have access to the Beauty Reiki energy


Level 2:

Beauty Reiki energy will now be increased to higher vibrations and then you receive 4 more attunements at this level: INNER PEACE, SELF CONFIDENCE, SUCCESS, RELATIONSHIPS. 


Level 3:

Finally, Beauty Reiki energy will be increased 9 further times and then you recive a further 4 attunements at this level: CLEARING EMOTIONAL TRAUMA, REMOVE BLOCKAGES, PARADIGM, HUMAN BALANCING


price set by founder to be between $15-$25


- distance attunement
- manual
- bonus pdf about Mindful Meditation
- certificate so you can pass this onto others


Please contact me after purchase to notify me and allow me up to 3 days to do yrou distant attunement for all 3 levels and I will email you when it is ready x


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