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Deep Restoration into Ascension Light 

30 minute audio healing & light transmission guided journey 

Transform anything that no longer serves

And align to the new ascension Light


There is a new Light entering the Earth and it is the Light of Ascension and it is coming in now in very new ways with very new energy. This light transmission audio is just 30 minutes and can be repeated often, or pause it and take much longer. Have your journal to hand as you listen. You will access your core wound and transform it in a cauldron of light in a healing chamber of Light, and the new medicine that comes to you will align you to the new ascension light.  This audio works nicely with the Healing Audio Light Transmission (if you like it and want another similar) and you can also return to this one often. It is short, easy and very affective. There are energies that transcend time and space that aid your process, so it is both a light transmission and an activation..


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