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Mary Magdalene Pink Bliss Divine Light Initiation

Channelled by Kim Ora Rose


Pink Bliss is offered in initiation as a healing modality and a deep connection to Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine. This energy was received through a connection to Mary Magdalene and she is the guardian of its energy.


If you are new to energy healing or have been initiated to reiki or angelic reiki or other reiki you will feel how this is different in its vibration, is pure and comes from the Divine Feminine. When you use the energy it will build more and more over time within you.


I Ishtara Rose am passing this beautiful initition on from Kim Ora Rose having known Kim for some years after we met through a Magdalene group. Kim says "I originally received this initiation directly from Mary Magdalene when I visited her holy cave at Sainte Baume, this is a cave in Provence. I visited there on 21st June 2019 as part of a Magdalene Pilgrimage. I may have been attuned to this energy in a past life for I know I lived alongside Magdalene and Jesus and was part of the very early church. When Mary was spreading the Way of Love, in those early years and after the cruxifixion"


I have sat in this cave several times and had profound experiences there. I love this initiation becasue it connects to the cave as well as filling one with beautiful feminine light in a lovely soft gentle way.


Kim says "This energy comes as Pink Bliss energy it’s not a ray or flame as I have received before, it is an initiation of the Heart and Higher Heart Centre, it is an expansion of the Heart and flows from the heart. Often the Heart Centre is felt in green or pink colours and rose quartz crystals blend so well with this energy. It is a very high vibrational energy that fills you will Bliss energy."


This is for a Distance Initiation using a Chi Ball method of receiving your Initiation


Included:  Manual, Lineage, Audio 1 Meditation by Kim, Audio 2 Receiving the Initiation and Affirmations by Kim.


The Manual includes all the information about how to receive your Chi Ball Initiation and how to pass this Initiation on to others either in person or via the Chi Ball method.  There are two symbols as the practitioner and four as the Initiator, all are included in the manual.


After purchase please email me to ensure I have notification and then give me 3 days to do the attunement when I will then email you to let you know it is ready and you can then proceed to open the manual and listen to the audios from Kim.



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