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This is a 24 minute audio transmission to open the gateway to the gold rose and the golden ray which will then flow to you in your own individual unique ways in the coming days, weeks, months and years. We are all on different intimate paths with the rose and some of us have dived deep and some are new, and wherever we are on the path, this transmission brings you the golden ray to the level that you are ready to receive it, unique for you xx 




THE GOLDEN ROSE symbolises the perfect balance of Divine Masculine Divine Feminine. The gold rose holds them both, it is symbol of Christos Sophia. It symbolises your sovereignty in your soul, the path to becoming fully yourself, connecting to the truth of your divinity, that you are fully God/dess realised already within and thus hold all the wisdom within you already. It is the path leading you home to God/dess and your connection to the Great Sisterhood and Brotherhoods of Light.

The Golden Rose is a very special very beautiful wisdom and lineage that is coming in now in brand new ways more readily available now than ever before. It is an energy and a resonance. This gold rose symbolises the pathway to Divine Grace within. It comes as a rose to teach us of the grace and divinity as Goddesses we have as women in our sacred rose. To show us we are divine within our womb, hara and hearts. The rose path is now shining with gold for in the gold light we are a thousand glittering stars each one ready to be awakened, and it is time now to awaken them. This is a most sacred and most powerful rose only there for those who are ready and thus drawn.

The Golden Rose is primarily a Divine Feminine path looked over by Isis Ishtar Aphrodite, and the Marys, Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary bring it forth. Yet the Golden Rose enables the Divine Masculine to emerge and as he does, he then enables the golden rose to thrive, in the beautiful dance of the Christos Sophia. 

This is thus a ray of the Divine Feminine and yet to hold the gold rose that is now streaming in upon our planet as the roses awaken the Divine Masculine with the Golden Ray of the Christ comes forth.


He is here to hold you as you rise. He is your inner masculine energy to hold and protect and ground you and He is also awakening in men around you as Divine Feminine rises. Look around as the old patriarchal ways fall, the ways of dominance, aggression, and force and goal orientation now outdated are crashing down within us and without us. And out of here will step forward the Divine Masculine with the golden Christ ray.  Many many masters come forth with him in a circle surrounded by a circle of Divine Feminine Goddesses enabling them to rise. It is because She is rising and risen, as the Rose and in the Rose grid now reawakened, that the gold brings him in and then He can rise and as he does he simultaneously brings in the gold. So the golden rose contains and brings in the union and dance within of the male and female, the Christos Sophia.

"The Path of the Golden Rose comes in many many layers, and at the time when you are ready it will come in for you deeper and deeper yet again in new ways each time."

THE GOLD ROSE has been arising for so many recently although it is an ongoing process to receive this gold rose, anyone can begin to bring it in now in meditation just by intending it, and then the journey will take you where you need to go. As there are so many layers to deepen it, to truly receive it one must take the journey delving deep within and allowing the lessons to unfold without, as one crosses deeper into and through the 7 veils or stars, to become fully divine and connected to your higher self, through the pathways of healing deeper and deeper wounds. The path of Golden Rose comes in many many layers, and at the time when you are ready it will come in for you deeper and deeper yet again. There are many paths into the Golden Rose. The Golden Rose is the path that I teach in my Priestess and High Priestess training and also in my many transmissions and so on. It is the lineage that I bring forth in all my work as an energy.  It is the Mary path primarily anchored in the PINK ROSE OF SELF LOVE which leads to the GOLD ROSE of sovereignty with MM Isis Ishtar. There are many many sharing and walking this and many do not even realise that is the Golden Rose. The Divine Masters will bring it to you in ways they wish when you are ready and there are many many ways to receive it.

This gold transmission is in 2 parts to the level you are ready to receive it. You work alone and you may listen & repeat every day if you wish for 2, 4, 8 or 12 days.


You may then repeat it at various intervals through your life and each time it will be different as each time you will be in a different place. 

1. THE GOLDEN ROSE In the first part we connect to Divine Feminine masters of Isis, Ishtar, Aphrodite, MM and Mother Mary, which is your Divine Femininity bringing inner sovereignty and divinity and is MOST sacred. She awakens within us as a wave of pink rose of self love and then with that flow comes her golden rose of abundance and sovereignty and inner empowerment. Once we have connected to Divine Feminine we bring in Divine Masculine, and with the support of DM we are able to allow DF to flow in, and stand in our sovereignty of the golden rose


2. THE GOLDEN RAY in the 2nd part we then connect to the golden ray to invite in the Divine Masculine ray to come in. Lighting us all up like the beautiful golden sun. Bringing in great light and warmth. Divine Masculine comes in with Merlin, Metratron, Babaji from the Divine Brotherhood of Light, to release the patriarchal dominance and realign in the divine masculine golden ray. With these 3 kings then comes Jeshua the Christ, and Lazarus & Lord Krishna with their beautiful blue and white light. El Morya comes also present in his turban and 3rd eye jewel, he flows in with the rose.  (5 minute part of this is on my youtube channel for free)


Love to you on this beautiful sacred path xxx


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