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Rise and align fully to your inner compass, as the oracle.


Quite a few people seems to approach me with past life memory recall of running with scrolls and other sacred items (book of love, crystals, golden discs, staffs, wands, amulets) to take them to safe places. 


This might be France at the time of the Cathar to which is the focus here, but it might also be other places: Egypt, Indigenous tribes (all over the world), Atlantis etc

So we work across many timelines / lifetimes, also with vast and ancient sites and civilisations underground, to access the energy and return all aspects of the Goddess civilisations and truths to consciousness.


This is often women priestesses but also male priests and brothers who protected them.


This is both literal and symbolic of taking things deep below the surface to hide.


When we go there again, we find in the shadows both the trauma form the persecutions, as well as our true gold and radiance. 


It is now time to go there.


It is time to access this place again.


It is time to re call and re member.


It is time to emerge tall in truth of who you are and activated within the light of your soul.


This is a powerful activation cermeony in a 72 minute recording that took place during the solar eclipse on 4th December in 2021 the year of the cathar prophecy, and it is available as replay for all times ahead, to help you to recall your memory, to alchemise any trauma, and reconnect with the gold.


Key symbols coming in are the golden 8 infinity, the golden shen ring, the wheel of life in the 8 star and 4 directions of the Cathar / Hopi / Gnostic cross that will spin through you with diamond light to re activate you into becoming a living portal and light transmitter.


Bring your intentions to the audio before you press play. 

Listen in set dedicated sacred space with respect.

if you need to complete early do so with respect.


Pause where and when you need to to go deep, journal afterards and do share with us in the facebook group about anything that arises if you wish to share there. Each time you listen something new will arise.


Rise and align fully to your inner compass, as the oracle.



First 3 priestess images -

Queen Eleanor by Frederick Sandys 1858

Vestal Virgins by Jose Rico Cejudo 1890

Tapestry artist unknown


Last image of a Light symbol by Helen Grant-Johnston. This is a "mandala to enhance energy fields reconnecting her with lost aspects of the Galaxies & Universes... laying a new foundation ...increasing the awakening process ...reclaim the greater remainder of our selves"





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