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note - I suggest a £33 donation for this program, but as always if this is not possible for you I am open to what is


This is a 5 part audio series that contains light activation in order to transmit certain codes of LIGHT, that come through light guides and beings to provide a special powerful space for you to be activated by Light. The audios are NOT just healings, 'hypnosis' tchniques to clear addiction and affirmations, but they ARE also transmissions of certain codes of LIGHT in and between my voice, that come through light guides and beings and they provide a special space for you to be activated by Light as is directly between you and the Light source, to MEET YOUR INTENTION TO TUNE TO A NEW FREQUENCY following the trinity of manifestation: 1.make intention, 2.clear the old, 3.activate & actualise the new.


So you are presented with a good amount of material to make this program work for you in your own ways, but not too much to overwhelm. It is made to be easy.


There are 4 audio light transmissions of different lengths: from 8 minutes, 25 minutes, 45 minutes and 1:11 hour. As well as with the 40 minute audio introduction, to help with release of any false desire, and the introduction sheet to help you work through your week. 


This is your choice in every moment and the space is designed to empower you in your clear intention. To address the root cause of the inner feeling and need for satisfaction using a false desire. The void within.


There is also a written transcript of some of the audios in case you wish to make them your own and record it in your own words according to your own personal beliefs and make this yours.


We are working on clearing all false desires and addictions that no longer serve and come from a place of trauma within. Clearing trauma is an ongoing path with many layers. At this stage we are looking at addressing the yearning and need trauma, that causes one to fill from without, that leads to addictive unhealthy substances or attachments to people as a from of co-dependancy, that you are now ready to clear. We do this by coming back within, to find peace with the presence, so we can align to a different tune within based on inner wholeness.


I have made this 4 audio weekly series audio program affordable because I am so passionate about it and I am also open to giving discounts if you need it (just email)


False desire is a yearning for something we think and believe we need but which actually comes from a place of needing to fill from without. Healthy desire is when we are whole within and then flow into creative expression and not being attached so we can take or leave things, because we are a source of self and not looking for something else to be our source. When we do the former it leads to addiction. When we do the latter it leads to expansion and illumination...


Addiction can be anything really. Addiction-clearing encompasses clearing any habits that we deem are not good for us, ie unhealthy things that can include toxic relationships, sleeping around, nicotine, drugs that are obviously wrecking our lives, as well as things that we deem are good for us, ie fixing and self healing (based on feeling wrong in some way), running, going to the gym, intensive yogic training, healthy eating. Anything one might use to be better than we already are, has an unhealthy root, or anything one uses to distract from emotional trauma, or that one might use to fill us up as a source instead of finding self as source.


Yet when one does these things from a place of knowing we are already whole and perfect, they hold a very different vibration - same thing different vibration, so it depends on how one approaches it, what and why one does it. Are we looking to use it to fill us? Or are we already full and then enjoy it from there?




To download after purchase -

  • INTRODUCTION AUDIO - run time 40 minutes.
  • AUDIO 1 - RELEASE, run time 1:11.
  • AUDIO 2 - ACTIVATE 1 long version, run time 45 minutes.
  • AUDIO 3 - ACTIVATE 2 short version, run time 8 minutes.
  • AUDIO 4 - RELEASE & ACTIVATE, run time 25 minutes.



If you want to go deeper still I also recommend many of my other light transmissions and especially the ‘ultimate healing’ audio to accompany this inner work.


Note that it is decreed that this audio program, like all my work and transitions in their entirety, can only be used for light purpose for highest good of all concerned in all directions of time and space.


I not not claim that this is THE thing that will heal you absolutely, for always! The path of healing is an ongoing lifetime practise. BUT if you firmly believe this will help you shift what you are ready to shift, AND YOU COMMIT TO YOUR INTENTION AND CHOICE, this program will provide everything you need to create the space and new alignment, and it will be so. There are MANY success stories that come from this most POWERFUL approach.


I have taken all I have learnt from my own deep inner journeys, through 45 years of inner healing and addiction, to share the best that I can offer, and something I made for my own self in the past that helped me. THIS IS AN ON GOING MULTI LAYERED PATH but in any moment you can decide to step into what has always been waiting for you right here within you. 


It is after all, your CHOICE in each and every moment.


With love to all xxxx


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