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R E S T O R E  T H E  D I V I N E  M A S C U L I N E

R E L E A S E  T H E  B O N D S  O F  P A T R I A R CH Y


This 60 minute audio ceremony is an exceptionally powerful energetic transmission for those working with wounded masculine imprinting, both within your own personal life as well as for the collective. It will transform old masculine patterns and bring in new ones. Performing this ceremony will also restore the Christed Masculine into His divinity, break all binds of patriarchy and bring on ascension.  We work with the Christed Sophia Divine Feminine, as She is the one who restores him into His grace.


A sister had a dream recently. It was all about being watched and she couldn’t escape, everywhere she went in her dream she was trapped.  Her captive was a lord or king who didn’t show himself he was very powerful and ordered his soldiers to keep her fenced in wherever she went. She did escape and managed to hide in a cove overlapping the sea. She then got discovered and she was in a woodland and everywhere she went in the dream fences appeared all through the wooded areas. A young boy with a stick came to help her and he found a hole and let her through.  They ran through the woods until they met a gated area and the other side were soldiers waiting to capture her.  They were holding a picture of Mary Magdalene. She then woke up.


This 60 minute audio IS TO BE PERFORMED AS A CEREMONY. It will take you into a Venus Temple and join a circle of priests and priestesses in white. You will end the patriarchy, release the bonds and transforming them into starlight, and see the old king and his soldiers transform into white dust; then you decree the rising of the Christ Sophia allowing Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine to take their rightful places.  You remove and transmute Set into the Light, install Osiris to his throne to meet Isis, you birth in Horus (ascension) Light Unity of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine - this will happen both within yourself and simultaneously without - we do this both for self and collective. It will therefore have ongoing affects upon your personal life as well as helping bring in ascension for the collective.


Please prepare before hand for this exceptionally powerful energetic 60 minute audio transmission, by feeling into your own personal male wounding.


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