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Yesterday in my garden I ended up channeling MM with a lovely Language of Light transmission to awaken within the sacred light codes of Divine Feminine. I now realise that both MM and St Francis were present. Both shamans of nature, both lived barefoot in caves in the mediterranean lands. Same lineage - the way of Love and the way of nature. Please receive in sacred space sitting up so you do not fall asleep as it's ' nourishing'. A High Priestess of Sirius also comes in half way through for a few minutes to bring in some new Light frequency. As you connect to this Light of our Cosmic Mother and of Gaia you may also feel the orbs (fairies) dancing about in the sunlight coming through the transmission as I speak. Also Saint AnanadaMayi Ma is coming in here as I write this, she comes in the whites. Feel how your own garden within is so abundant right now just as you are, all of the real you is perfect right now. This is unedited as I felt the natural sounds of the breeze and so on were important. There are silences too. There is high energy travelling through even in the silences so please commit to full transmission in a sacred space and be open to what you receive, and go deep for this is as powerful as going for a reiki treatment, and the energies transcend all time and space. Listen as often as you want.  


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