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A mini script and 32 min audio for inner quantum travel to the cosmos


The constellation of Andromeda and the stars call us for there are times where we need to ascend into the cosmos and draw down the heavenly light from the stars and receive the teachings from the teachers and the stars themselves. This brings the blending of heaven and earth.


Andromeda was the daughter of Cassiopeia and it is interesting that Cassiopeia is the constellation which belongs to Mary Magdalene. The meaning of the constellation of Andromeda is the chained woman, a woman in chains who is ultimately freed so what better symbolism we have for finding the inner freedom as we work with unchaining and restoring our inner Goddess.



Draw down the star light knowing that it is filled with the vibrations of Venus, the vibrations of love and wrap the star and/or moonlight around you to create a Goddess robe of light around you.... prepare yourself to travel out into the universe and make your intentions on the route you are to take which is to the constellation of Andromeda....


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