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This is a reiki ray attunement that comes with the energies of the Lakota Goddess White Buffalo Calf Woman, that was originally channelled through by a lady named Jess Drury in Canada. 


Thank you to Miriam Ma for the last image.


My own channelings show me that White Buffalo Calf Woman is the same star light essence as Mary Magdalene, both living simply barefoot in harmony with nature, in accordance with the ways of the rose, the medicine wheel of the lakota traitions or the festive wheel of the pagans, or the 8 star of venus, it is all the same compass and wheel with the same essence - harmonised with her ways, the ways of nature.


This reiki brings in the very essence of that harmony of mother and of nature. 

It brings through a sense of walking barefoot in gentle nature held by the feminine.

It is soft, gentle, soothing.

Her energy comes through for all as pure soft love, no matter the traditions or culture you are in, it is beyond that, it is an all encompassing love.

It is the love of harmony and of softening into gentle rhythms of nature's songs.

And yet those drawn here will have some sort of affinity for White Buffalo Calf Woman for that is why you are drawn, perhaps you have had past life in a tribe living close to her ways or you are the same star lineage as well. Mother, soft nature's song, is calling you home again to harmonise ot her ways and song.


And as such, this ray she brings us, brings calm and peace and harmony just like the image used here of the prairie grasslands




- teach or share knowledge with others

- find harmony/ balance within yourself

- find clarity when you meditate on a difficult situation

- connect with nature

- deepen your understanding of yourself or your relationships

- stay grounded and calm


You do not need any experience with Reiki to receive this attunement or work with this energy. This attunement is based on the principles of the Kundalini Reiki system and doesn't use symbols like Usui Reiki or Karuna Kai Reiki or it has a simplified attunement process.


This reiki ray was received from Jess Drury and is priced in accordance to her offerings


Some of you drawn to this may also be drawn to this light transmission package of the medicine way


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