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Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Received 25 December 2018 (and this is, I am told, relevant for you regardless of time, if you find yourself here NOW)

The Mother Goddess Ishtar by Evelyn Paul 1916


(this is written for sisters but please also brothers please sit and also receive the gold, pink & blue vibrations as you read making it relevant to your male sexual organs)

I am here and I am ISHTAR Goddess of the Gold, Goddess of ancient times ancient Babylon and way way beyond, I am so old and I have been called many names and here I am in all my glory as Ishtar Warrior Goddess of the Gold and of the ankh. I hold a long long rod with an ankh on top of it and it is very very important. I am all powerful and I am here to impart a message to you all this solstice period - you all know it is time to rise, and you who are open to these messages are leader of this new era that you are now entering and I will be returned to my former glory as will all the other Water Goddesses and Priestesses. I rise now in full power, huge and glorious, in rays of gold, and I send you who reads this a golden ray to take deep into your heart and arise as queen. Arise as Queen. There is a new age coming and it is prophesied and it is now here. These times of great spiritual famines are going but a new last one is now to come too, and yet the light will prevail and so bring the light into your aura to ensure your rising and teach others the same, we need you to rise, we want you to rise, we need you to reclaim the power. And so it is now I invite you to take a gold ray now deep within and feel gold, and hold gold, and let gold enter you. As you do sit with me and allow my frequency to merge with you and I may share any messages with you that are relevant.

And now you have received the gold bring in the pink, the pink crystalline quartz of both self love and of sexual feminine Goddess love - by imagining placing a beautiful pink crystal egg in you womb radiating out to all this area and the sexual organs, and then place a giant pink crystal egg in your heart.

Finally once you have filled with the pink and you feel ready, bring in the blue and here those creator masters of the blue along with me, will also bring their beautiful blue rays to you - the Marys, the Christ, Krishna and Ganesh, allow this beautiful blue to flow in to you. Yogananda is here with Anandamaya Ma, receive their blessings. I am also the blue. Look at the gate they made for me, of Lapis Lazuli, this is the stone of the Goddess, this is the most powerful and sacred stone and inset with gold. Take it now into your soul.

Now you have the gold, the pink, the blues Now take them deeper into you As they merge like a river flowing through you they become a brilliant luminescent white light take this brilliant light now into the centre of your head and let it shine so bright and sit with this a while and allow this very very special frequency to fill your aura and you will never be the same again you hold the ray you are a chosen one simply holding it within you is enough for now. Keep meditating on the feeling of it within you. Be blessed and shine, shine, shine. Holding the gold, the blue, the pink. You are a keeper of the new age, and by meditating upon this you take in my GREAT LIGHT.



The sisterhood of the rose has returned now and been fully anchored into each and every one of you. Some of you fully awakened for some time, some of you just slowly starting to feel yearnings for the Marys or the Rose, all of you equal, all of your souls are Goddess of Rose. So now together as you awaken I bring to you this beautiful large pink crystal. In a post from ISHTAR last week you received this pink, the gold and the blue. Now I ask you to take the pink in deeper with this beautiful pink rose crystal. Take the light into your womb and your heart. Then when you are ready again bring in the blues, and be held by the soft Blues. Finally you will receive the GOLD. The gold rose will return to you fully when you have undergone certain life initiations or steps that prepare you. If you read this you are most likely ready for the journey of the gold to commence its anchoring into you. The gold is your inner sovereignty. You may meditate upon it and MM will guide you. Start to meditate on gold and take it into your aura, you may take colloidal gold too, or pass gold over your aura, or put a clean gold coin into water and after an hour drink it. But in these new times we can use ethereal medicine through the power of imagination and so you can simply use your imagination to fill with gold.

So now I bring you a pink crystal rose goddess, a light overlooking the rose sisterhood of the path above as well as all the other rose sisterhood paths as they are all connected. Can you feel her? Let her come to you now. Can you feel your inner beauty as she sits with you reminding you of your ancient rose connections? She works for the Magdalena awaking us all who are of pink rose. And with her comes Anandamaya Ma also overlooking the Christed Sophia Light with her luminescent WHITE ray.

Finally again I get the gold. The gold says RISE UP TO BE YOUR INNER ROSE.


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