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Today as you read this I bring to you the white I bring the white to you all And I radiate upon each and every one of you that reads These words A luminous white light A brilliant white light The white of the snowdrop The white of the snow The white of Divine Source The white of purification And the Light This is the bright white of the new This is the bight white of the Christ The white of Isis and the white of Quan Yin This is also the bright white of the saint Anandamaya Ma Who comes here with this white

“I bring you my blessings and my love, for these have not been easy times for you, and I bring you the love, just pure love, and more…” she smiles, no more words, just purest beautiful rays of love

Divine ones, fill with this white ray today Just sit and fill with the White Light

And be blessed And be blessed And shine


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