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There are 2 types of Ascension. There is digital AI There is soul

Both are forms of TransHumanism.

One brings body, soul and technology together - think human robots called digital avatars The other brings soul and body together, heavan to earth - think christed masters like Buddha or Yeshua or Magdalene called spiritual avatars

This applies to all ascension whether it be planetary / collective / tribal or individual

The current world situation seems to be all part of a quest for the former. Many disasters are manipulated (global epidemic or climate change) as excuses for heightened totalitarian agendas towards the idea of a new AI world and human ETs.

This is not crazy nonsense, it is what is happening. At this time of halloween when the veils are thin, the supposed human (is he?) Zuckerburg announces the metaverse plans whilst leaders meet in Rome (of all places) regarding climate change (when coincidentally many volcanoes happen to be erupting)

This is the mask. You can be anyone or anything you want Kids in sweet shops galore Welcome to the machine You create your avatar (yep they really call it that - hidden in plain sight) and you create your own online world Welcome to meta verse addiction & getting lost in metaverse Human connections feeling real (but are not) Welcome to losing contact with all human in person contact and Losing oneself in ones head Decapitation Disconnect (sold under the mask / guise of connect)

I enjoy facebook, I am grateful to facebook and other online platforms. They have enabled me to connect up with others all over the world who are in the same place. I have met many people and these are not fake connections because they are soul connections, I have been able to make these connections and this online community real, either by developing into real in person meetings, or by having real connection via this form of communication. And it is real, it is not 'just' online. It has opened up my world.

But I have to be careful to keep it real. To ground it. To make the connections real, to discipline my time on line to balance it with time off line and in nature, to not get lost in facebook but remain focused on what i log on to do.

In the same way when I visual journey I must come back and bring it back to my body and ground the energy to being here. We are here to have a human physical experience and not escape into the ethers. So we may travel and journey through shamanic and other methods and then we bring it back to body.

I find this hard, I do get distracted. Both online I get distracted. And when I visually journey I can at times get lost in my head and must consciously remind myself to bring it down to earth.

If I find it hard, then my children do not stand a chance with screen addiction and for every parent worldwide this is an ongoing battle and source of conflict in most homes.

So how on earth will we stand a chance with metaverse?

There is another way of ascending and another form of virtual reality. Rather than wearing goggles and getting lost in digital world, we go within and we shamanic travel, visual journeying within, and then bring this back to full embodiment of what is in the body.

It is up to you to decide if you choose the AI code or the Angelic code or both, and how to spot both.

Many new age people believe this world is a matrix, an illusion, maya. That is that is is just a stage and it is not real. The reality is the energy and the frequency. We dream the physicality and the quest is to return to the light body. This was the aim of the gnostic christians and the cathars. The catholics wanted you to believe this world is real and you were here because you were a dirty sinner (original sin) but if you paid penance and suffered you might return somehow to heaven, or you might go to hell. Later the scientific materialists wanted you to believe that the only reality was this physical one. Now the advancement of this is technology - set yourself free and become a digital avatar and create whatever you want in the online matrix.

Interesting that the idea that the physical world is maya, an illusion, mirrors the digital matrix. Just like we are souls having a human experience, we will be humans having a digital experience. Just like souls get lost in the human experience and forget who they really are, so humans can get lost in the digital experience and forget who they are.

You now need to decide who you will give your ascension plan to at this time of the revelations and what that entails for you.

Will you give it to Gates, Zuckerberg and the big techs? Via being programmed, chipped, and masked, buying into the whole illusion to "build back better".

Or will you create your rainbow light body yourself via spiritual awakening?

If so, what does this mean? Does it mean being 'offline" or does it mean being "online" with consciousness and awareness?

How will you keep your head and not get lost into becoming a digital avatar?

How can you remain online in every sense of the word? In full alignment?

How will you balance online travel (lost in head) with spiritual travel (shamanic)?

How will you embody and come to presence?

During this digital revolution, how will you remain sane?

Can you chose both? or must you make a choice?

If so, will you choose digital transhumanism or spiritual transhumanism?

Or can one exist within the other?

This is the time of the revelations. It is the time of Christ Consciousness returning, the second coming. And the second coming in this and it is you and it is your choice.

We are living in unprecedented times when ascension is prophesied as our future and this is happening NOW, as we return now to the Light, and the planet is herself ascending and we are all upshifting along with her.

Over the next hundred years or so we will be choosing to align with our light bodies or get lost in the digital world, or both.

With all this in mind, I made a series of LIGHT TRANSMISSIONS to help those who choose spiritual ascension, because this is what I am here to do at this time and I feel so passionate about it.

I have talked recently in my last 2 posts about the deep deep black of the primordial mother who has descended upon Earth right now. Se brings deep profound silence and the black of the night at the moment before birth, and with this I see black madonna and black crystals - especially shungite & obsidian.

Now through this deep beautiful velvet black of the night, I see the brightest white light being birthed. 2022 will be her gateway and the white crystals come through her and with this and connected to this I feel the crystal skulls of all colours and sizes form quartz to selenite to shungite black, birthing the brightest starlight.

This last September a new star was birthed on the earth and now this December we will anchor her in more deeply, ready for 22.

In preparation for 22 and for 22 and beyond through the 20s, I offer here a series of audios that you can do step by step to hold space for you to connect to the next step in your own pathway and go as deep as you are ready to, in your own spiritual ascension, to open the space to birth this ascension Light within you.

These are a series of very pure high vibrational meditations, teachings, visual journeys and opportunities to go very very deep indeed to sit with Christ Consciousness codes and frequencies and to taste Light Awakening, with the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine within, working with Ascended Masters of the Sisterhood and Brotherhood of Light including Isis and Osiris, Queen Anra and Amunra, Mary Magdalene and Yeshua Christ, Bababji and Mataji, White Eagle, the 13th Mayan crystal skull and the Lemurian Initiation caves.

You will receive upshift with downloads, activations and a final initiation into light codes for light awaking within your physical vessel, emotional body and auric field and undergo an in depth chakra 7 seal anointing.

You will learn about being PRESENT in the every day material world and NOT GETTING LOST IN OTHER WORLDS (lost in head) making it real, bringing Light to the every day, bringing in varied topics including sexuality and sexual fantasy, and being a real human with all the very real and raw emotions that are a part of the human path

These transmissions were not pre written but came through in the moment as I press record, so they are direct from spirit, and are available to purchase here now -

It is my wish for the world to ascend not through digitality, but through / with / into light - and I know that this will and is happening. This is the only future. And any quest to hijack the energy of planetary ascension that is here right now, for other means and with malintent, will in the end only serve the Light.

For Her time is here, and She is MORE POWERFUL than any other thing imaginable.

In kia maaaaa la, ishtia ma, inkia maaaaaaaaa


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